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In Advertising, Consistency Pays Off

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For what seems eons, advertising has been bought and sold based on eyeballs — audience size and demographic composition. Does your brand need to reach women, aged 18-35, who live in the suburbs? No problem. No wait, actually there is a problem. All programs aren’t created equal, even when viewership and demographics are the same. The fact is that some TV programs are more engaging–much more, and some less–much less. Some authors have recognized the problem, as in the recent ” Let’s Kill the CPM ” post on Tech Crunch , but few know how to solve it. Does Viewers TV Show Engagement Matter? ...
Internationally, there are over 3,300 Papa John's establishments, including over 2,600 in the U.S. and more than 500 in over 30 other countries.
twitter technical issues | Twitter Wizardry
As the marketing world changes and new tools such as social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and others emerge one has to wonder whether the marketing and lead generation tools of the past are still relevant in the new electronic age. Recently, I was asked whether the “old standby”, telemarketing was still considered to be an effective lead generation tool for professional service firms (law firms, accounting firms, etc). I thought it would be interesting to analyze the telemarketing process to determine if it still can be effective for professional service firms, and if so, how specifically the process should ... market research, surveys and trends
Move Traffic To Your Site By Using Social Bookmarking Communities ...
You need good exposure to promote your online business and generate profits. What good is creating your website and spending all that money to make it look professional and of high quality, if you can’t get the traffic to flow to the site? So, it is better to concentrate 99% of your efforts on converting that traffic. Social bookmarking is one option that pays off in both the long and short terms, and gives you results you can count on. Employing such websites will bring you the spotlight to your website and attract the valuable visitors. Many marketers don’t appreciate the time and enthusiasm needed for social bookmarking. It ... market research, surveys and trends


Nintendo Wii marketing to exceed $200 million | Joystiq
You better bring it! After taking a pounding in the last console generation, along with pre-E3 cries Nintendo would become a third party developer like Sega, Bloomberg reports Nintendo will spend in excess of $200 million marketing the Wii to make sure they don't come in last again. The $200 million will be spent over the next year and is the largest advertising campaign in Nintendo's history. You can expect to see Wii commercials starting this week. The message will focus on Wii being family-friendly and easy to use, but the main demographic being targeted is adults. 80 percent of the budget will be spent convincing ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
(CAB�) brand, with sales of more than 584 million pounds, hit the highest mark in its 29-year history for the year ended Sept. 30. Its 14,300 licensees helped the original premium beef brand achieve an eighth consecutive year at more than half a billion pounds sold, setting records in every division. A record 13.5 million identified Angus-influence cattle saw an acceptance rate of 16 percent, for a net 2.15 million certified cattle with an average carcass weight of 808 pounds. The enhanced CAB specifications, implemented in January, improved product consistency by eliminating outliers � extremely fat or heavy carcasses and the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Training workers to leave for a better job
NEW YORK ( -- After 12 years on the job, Derek Christian tired of selling cleaning supplies at Procter & Gamble and yearned to become an entrepreneur. So in 2007, he acquired My Maid Service , a cleaning company in Lebanon, Ohio, that catered to the needs of an affluent clientele in Cincinnati. The company already had healthy sales of $260,000 a year. But Christian quickly zoomed in on the major obstacle holding back higher revenue: staff turnover. No one grows up wanting to clean houses for a living. My Maid Service's employees lasted an average of just four months each. That led to customer dissatisfaction, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Russia Profile Weekly Experts Panel: Russia's New Foreign Policy Doctrine
Last week the Russian Newsweek magazine published a leaked Foreign Ministry document, snappily titled the "Program for Effective Utilization of Foreign Political Factors on a Systematic Basis for Purposes of Long-Term Development of the Russian Federation." The document, prepared in February 2010 and sent to President Dmitry Medvedev for approval, is nothing less than a conceptual blueprint for a new foreign policy doctrine that seeks to improve Russia’s relations with the West, particularly with the EU and the United States, in order to secure technology transfers, attract Western investors and create favorable conditions ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Consistency pays. The positioning for this American. Express Card campaign is lOyearsold. It won the 1973 ... In finan cial advertising it pays to build a bond of /rurf.This .... falls off rapidly up to fifty words, it drops very ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
From the Examiner's Desk
The primary focus of this article is on the analytics used in determining an FTC Act violation, rather than on actual practices. However, it is important to note the following about practices observed specific to overdraft protection programs and services. Though the FDIC has previously issued substantial guidance relating to unfair or deceptive overdraft protection practices, 5 the most common FTC Act violations identified by FDIC examiners during this 18-month UDAP survey involved overdraft protection programs and services. The following were typical overdraft protection practices analyzed by examiners and other FDIC staff for ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
UW-Eau Claire Marketing Researchers
EAU CLAIRE — Spending millions to advertise in the Feb. 6 Super Bowl will pay off for some and be wasted dollars for others, say marketing experts at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, who have been researching Super Bowl advertising successes for five years. Advertisements during the high-profile game — the best-rated TV show every year since 1995 — are selling for an average of $2.4 million per 30-second spot, a record amount for the National Football League's championship game. Among those most clearly benefiting from advertising during the game is Hollywood's movie industry, said Dr. Charles ...
What Wikipedia Teaches
Content-driven AdSensers sometimes bemoan Wikipedia. They seem to imagine that it ranks well for so many terms because it just has so many pages, and so many contributors, and is so well known. The wiki-mystique blinds people to the fact you can rank higher for terms by just doing some of the same things Wikipedia does. Have definition pages. If your site is about widget repair, and some of that involves widget lock washers, why don't you have a page devoted to explaining what "widget lock washers" are, where to buy them, and so on? Why does that matter? It gives Googlebot pages whose primary topic is easy to grasp. It ...
Is it possible to be nice to the team member always & get the work ...
Yes. I would even point out that being courteous to members of the team is a pre-requisite to leading the team to a successful goal. There is never a need to be discourteous (aka unprofessional) to a team member. We are all human and sometimes lose our cool, but by communicating clearly, understanding the employee's issues and working as a manager to eliminate roadblocks we enhance our chances of success. I remember a Fortune 2000 CEO presenting his org chart upside down, emphasizing that his management levels were there to support the employees in their work, not to "boss them around". That having been said, if an ...