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Special Report on

Issue and Advocacy Advertising

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A wide-open presidential race and a willingness by candidates, interest groups, unions and corporations to buy TV time will lead to historic spending for political and issue-advocacy advertising in the 2008 election cycle, an analysis shows. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has spent the most on TV advertising so far among presidential contenders. The cost to try to influence the 2008 election could exceed $3 billion, according to TNS Media Intelligence/Campaign Media Analysis Group, CNN's consultant on political television advertising. This is nearly twice as much than what was spent in 2004 when political and ...
AAPC recognizes work in the newspaper, direct mail, phones, internet, fund raising, radio, television, and student categories. The Pollies are the most prestigious awards in the political campaign and public affairs industry. It recognizes the best in the business in over 100 political campaigns and public affairs categories. The first was held in 2007. The Pollie Conference is the nationally recognized meeting place for those interested in the latest political trends and cutting-edge technologies.The award is known as the Emmy Awards of Politics. In March, 2008, the Pollie Awards and Conference took place in Santa Monica, ...
Kinds of Advertising
The basic function of all types of advertising is to inform and persuade the people but the ways in which people are influenced has given an opportunity to classify advertising into various forms. Advertising can be classified on various bases e.g. on the basis of: Scale of Advertising What is being advertised? Who is the advertiser? Purpose of advertising Type of media used for advertising National advertising refers chiefly to advertising done by a producer to get people to buy his branded goods , whenever they are sold. The term “ National advertiser ” is usually used to designate the type of advertising which is done by a ... market research, surveys and trends
The Essentials of Advocacy Advertising | Blog Universal
What is advocacy advertising? How is it used? What makes for an effective advocacy advertisement? The basic elements of an effective advocacy advertising campaign were discussed by a panel of seasoned lobbyists at Advertising Week DC’s panel discussion, “Advocacy Advertising: Public Opinion to Public Action,” which took place September 18, 2007 in the Washington, DC area. Advocacy Advertising: Defined Porter Novelli Partner and Managing Director Carolyn Tieger introduced the session by explaining that advocacy advertising almost always is related to a specific public policy or upcoming legislation. The ad ... market research, surveys and trends


GUEST EDITORIAL Why George W. Bush Is a Unilateralist and How It ...
dependent expenditure and issue and advocacy advertising for some of the ..... spend $15 billion to fight AIDS in Africa. Compare that sizeable contri- .... America, a vision shared by a large percent of the American populace who ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Issue Advocacy Advertising During the 1996 Campaign
Issue. Mentions in issue advertising. Percent of issue advertisements ...... The group spent $2 million on issue advertisements in October and November of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
93-Year-Old Junior Leaguer Recalls 'Mad Men' Era
reaches fever pitch, Westchester residents are tickled about tuning in to the fourth season of a show set in their backyard. The AMC drama, based in the early 1960s, is about the world of advertising on Madison Avenue and features Ossining-based Don and Betty Draper as two of its main characters—Don, the successful ad executive who commutes daily to midtown Manhattan, and Betty, who raises their two children and devotes herself to the Junior League. The show is infamously meticulous about historical details—from cocktail party chatter to civic causes of the day. And as Patch found out from 93-year-old Lucia Maloney, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
House Approps Chairman Supports Funding for 'Civic Activism' on Climate
The leader of the House appropriations panel that oversees U.S. EPA's budget said he would support additional funding for efforts to spur "civic activism" on environmental issues, including climate change. Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), chairman of the House Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee, met with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and other agency leaders today to discuss the Gulf spill response, outreach programs and other agency initiatives. Moran also hosted a town hall session at EPA headquarters, where he said authoritative science and outreach efforts are key to environmental protection. The ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


2007 AND 2008 POLITICAL, ISSUE AND ADVOCACY ADVERTISING 5 (2007), http://www.tns - [hereinafter TNS 2007/2008 ANALYSIS]. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Advertising Health: The Case for Counter-Ads
Fox, K. F. A.: The measurement of issue/advocacy advertising effects. Current Issues and Research in Adver- tising 1986, vol. 9. The Division of Research, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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WikiAnswers - What is the meaning of advocacy advertising
Advocacy advertising can be directed at either specific targets, or general targets, such as political activists, the media, consumer groups, government agencies, or competitors. It can be sponsored by any type of advertiser (businesses, consumer groups, special interest groups, political parties, or even individuals). such Advocacy advertisement is concerned with propagating ideas and elucidating controversial social issues of public importance in a manner that supports the interests of the sponsors. (Sandeep S Zala) First answer by TopSavings.Net . Last edit by TopSavings.Net . Contributor trust : 401 [
What are the differences between 'advocacy' and 'communication ...
In communication, one must first listen. In advocacy, one starts by proposing. The difference is in the degree of shift that is allowed, and the energies that must be dedicated to argumentative defence. posted 5 months ago Change Mentor & Expert Facilitator, bringing Clarity, building Options and driving Action! see all my answers I'd say that communication is a process that, to be successful, needs to involve listening and giving information. Advocacy involves pleading a case posted 5 months ago Programme and Project Management Consultant see all my answers In simple terms, advocacy involves the promotion of a viewpoint, ...