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Jewellery advertising under the spotlight

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In what it’s calling an “unprecedented initiative in a time of unprecedented change,” De Beers announced it will double spending this holiday season to remind consumers that diamonds have enduring value in what it says is its “strongest holiday program ever.” During the holiday season, 97 million American consumers, half the adults in the country, will be reached six times each with the diamond message. And that message will be in a new language to suit the new era. “We have an opportunity to tell a story that is different to mere luxury,” explains David Lamb, chief strategic officer of ...
Entrepreneurs Discover Benefits of Incorporating in Delaware While ...
He may now live in Los Angeles, but Musical Comedian Evan Wecksell is returning to his Long Island performing roots in a big way. From Saturday, April 15 to Saturday April 22, Wecksell has announced his "You Can Go Home Tour," an eight-show stint across Long Island and New York City's clubs, colleges and radio stations. At 27, Wecksell is young, but his experience is beyond his years. Last year he performed over 175 shows across the country and made his television debut on VH1's "I Love the 80s 3D." Earlier this year he appeared on VH1's "I Love Toys." As the new season approaches, a ... market research, surveys and trends
Tongue in Chic - Top 10: Multitasking Models
Though most models primarily function as clotheshorse - providing the framework to execute the vision of designers, there are those who break the mold and showcase an aptitude for talent beyond the runway. These are the models who inspire equal parts awe and envy - beauty, brains and savvy skills in a lanky frame - it seems almost unbelievable and unfair that such genes exist within a single person. Here are the 10 most industrious models, who could very well be the image that accompanies the definition of "multitasking" in dictionaries across the globe. #10. Coco Rocha MET Ball 2010 Move over Bryan Adams and Michael ... market research, surveys and trends


Body Jewelry and belly button rings information
All you need to know about Belly Button Rings, Navel Rings,Eyebrow Rings, Gold Plated Rings and Nipple Rings. Helpful information on sizing and materials used in body jewelry From traditional, custom and ritual body piercing, today boys and girls are trying to glide with the latest fashion trends, by piercing different unlikely parts of the body and wearing body part jewelries. Another reason, which has urged these people to wear body piercing jewelries, lies with the celebrities, models, sportsman, film and rock stars, who sports these body piercing jewelries and average onlookers also tries to match them by wearing similar ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Anti-Aging Market - Latest Findings From TriPollar(TM) Stop(TM ...
For further information on TriPollar(TM) POSE and the STOP(TM) in UK: Katie McConkey, kmcconkey at, tel: +44(0)207-861-3145; Gabriela Davies, gdavies at, tel: +44(0)20-7861-3106; Or send E-mail to: info at Filed under Business , Consumer Products , Cosmetics and Personal Care , Health , Health Care / Hospitals , Surveys / Polls / Research | Tags: Israel , Tel aviv | Comment Below Fountain Healthy Aging Inc Announces Agreement to Acquire Natural Planet USA September 13th, 2009 LOS ANGELES - Fountain Healthy Aging Inc. announced on September 14 2009 that it had entered into an ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Oh Lord, the prime minister is a woman
Julia Gillard is the new chief executive of Australia. She's a youngish, unmarried, childless redhead with a razor-sharp brain and the patience to wait in the wings for the top job to be delivered into her lap. History has an almost complete doppelganger in the figure of England's first chief executive, the woman who turned a failing European backwater into the most powerful of the Renaissance nations. Put to one side a couple of minor differences between Gillard and Elizabeth I - virginity, a royal father and the divine right to lead - and Thursday's tumultuous events in Canberra are an echo of the day 452 years ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Kylie Minogue: I am still so lucky
In the past Kylie didn’t want people to decode her. She was comfortable being ambiguous. Which made people want to reduce her to an equation: Neighbours, I Should Be So Lucky, Michael Hutchence, hotpants, Can’t Get You Out of My Head, cancer, survivor, icon equals Kylie. Before cancer, and even coming out of it, being known was just a little too invasive. She never wanted people knowing her business, even though her business is show. Slowly that’s changing. Her illness — early-stage breast cancer, diagnosed in May 2005 — changed all that. It stripped her, forced her to let people in in a way ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Jewellery advertising under the spotlight
May 11, 2007 ... Jewellery advertising under the spotlight. As the rush to buy Mother's Day presents intensifies, Australia's consumer protection agencies ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Greenversations » 2010 » May
Environmental progress is based on people. People willing to do the right thing, to make a different choice, to try a new behavior. And that kind of sea change takes something more than regulations. It takes a shift that comes not just from the head but from the heart of millions of individuals, desiring a better life and a healthier environment. Helping us make that leap into people’s hearts is The Ad Council , a non-profit organization that serves as the charitable arm for the advertising and media industry. The Ad Council recruits the best talent in the communications industry, who volunteer their expertise, to shine a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Academy of Art University: Spotlight News
In September, Macy’s Passport 2006 Gala Fashion Show premiered in San Francisco before opening in Los Angeles.  Special guests included Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon Stone, Priscilla Presley, Brooke Shields, Jimmy Smits, John O’Hurley who is most recently recognized from his well-publicized stint on Dancing with the Stars, Italian pop opera star Vittorio, Sean John designer Sean Combs, and Heatherette designers Richie Rich and Traver Rains. Nine School of Fashion students and one Fine Art Sculpture student saw their collections featured on the runway with fashion labels such as Hugo Boss, Sean John, Heatherette, American ...
Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals: Rough Gemstones, lapidary shops, rough ...
We are collectors, hobbyists and dealers in memorabilia and antiques - especially antique vintage and costume jewelry items. For 10 years we owned an antique shop here in Central Florida but retired and reopened a site on the internet that specializes mostly in antique jewelry and accessories such as perfume bottles, etc. Bill is informed on general antiques specializing in china and silver or sterling tablewares while Sally tends to jewelry and paper/advertising ephemera. We receive a lot of general questions from our site and would be glad to try and answer or give direction not considered for official appraisal purposes, i.e. ...
Were there junk mail in old days?
I've been in the direct marketing industry for more than 25 years and there's a whole generation of people who were in this business before I was even born. Of course, the industry and technology has changed immensely in the time I've been around it, and there's been even more change since the beginning.   The industry's start is attributed to a few people and the debate continues as to who was the "father" of direct mail/marketing. I think they should just share in the spotlight. One of the early pioneers was Claude Grizzard. Today, there are several businesses which were started and spun off from ...