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Special Report on

Long Island Advertising Agency

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Julie Gross Gelfand, Executive Vice President and Director of Public Relations at Harrison Leifer DiMarco (HLD), has been elected president of the International Association of Business Communicators - Long Island Chapter (IABC-LI), effective July 1. The Long Beach resident also received the chapter�s 2009 award for Achievement in Communications. A member since 2002, Gelfand was elected to the Board of IABC-LI last June and previously served as an IABC program panelist. IABC-LI is an organization of communications professionals dedicated to the education and professional development of its members, networking among colleagues ...
recognized by the NHL in its history. The future of the team, according to many commentators, depends on the success of the Lighthouse Project development plan, which would include a new arena for the Islanders. They have not won a playoff series since the 1992–93 NHL season . Eight former members of the Islanders have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame , seven of whom— Al Arbour , Mike Bossy , Clark Gillies , Denis Potvin , Billy Smith , Bill Torrey and Bryan Trottier —were members of all four Cup winning teams. Pat LaFontaine was the most recent inductee, having been honored in 2003.
New York: Four Legislative Specials
David Weprin is trying to keep the streak alive. For almost 40 years, the state Assembly seat in Queens' 24th Assembly District has been held by a family member -- first, his father, Saul Weprin then his brother, Mark Weprin. Now, David Weprin, is hoping to uphold the family tradition and win the seat in a special election Tuesday. ... Standing in his way is civic activist Bob Friedrich, longtime president of the Glen Oaks Village co-op, who says voters are ready for change. Republicans and Democrats both are defending seats on Long Island, as the Long Island Press notes: In the 15th Assembly District that covers Nassau ... market research, surveys and trends
Legislative Gazette: New lawmakers take their oath
Four new lawmakers took their seats in the Assembly Chamber yesterday following special elections in New York City and its suburbs last week. The GOP gained ground by picking up two new seats in four special elections held on Feb. 9 and the only Democrat winning last week, David Weprin, will take over a seat formerly held by his father and his brother. This November the new legislators will need to be re-elected to keep their seats. “It was a great day,” said Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, R-Canandaigua. “Obviously, we are very happy with our success on Election Day, and we are looking forward to November ... market research, surveys and trends


Long Island ad shop has good year despite economy | Long Island ...
After leaving RCA Records as director of co-op advertising in 1985 and spending six months as associate publisher of an ill-fated magazine called "Video Now," Ernie Canadeo decided to strike out on his own. He opened a Long Island advertising agency, but the early going was full of ruts and potholes. "I'd follow up leads, go on appointments and not get anywhere," he recalled. Then Canadeo got a call from a Garden City businessman who wanted to discuss a deal. Canadeo took heart and went to see his prospective client. There he discovered a man working out of his house who didn't have a nickel to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
American Chronicle | UBMI Publications As a physician focused on medical weight loss, it is often very surprising for me to see the millions of individuals out there rushing to large commercial weight loss programs that offer one form or another of calorie restrictive weight loss options. Firstly, calorie rest... Though much of weight loss is physical, many believe that the primary obstacle to overcome during a weight loss program is the psychological one. As will be noted below, coming to terms with the psychological aspect of weight loss is the only way to ensure long-term succe... ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Atlanta Marketing Agency Hosts Coffee Concert For Good Cause
with 100 percent of profits going to fight modern-day slavery and human trafficking around the world. MLT Creative’s picturesque, tree-canopied Clarkston campus will serve as the backdrop for the event, which will feature musicians Jonathan Kingham and Ryan Shea Smith. Plans for the concert came together several months ago, when Storyville Co-President Ryan Gamble reached out to MLT co-founder and Creative Director Billy Mitchell. “Gamble had done some homework on us,” Mitchell said, “and he came to me prepared with an idea he thought I’d be interested in. And he was right.” Gamble wanted MLT ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
In the Battle to Save Forests,
The image of rainforests being torn down by giant bulldozers, felled by chainsaw-wielding loggers, and torched by large-scale developers has never been more fitting: Corporations have today replaced small-scale farmers as the prime drivers of deforestation, a shift that has critical implications for conservation. Yet while industrial actors exploit resources more efficiently and cause widespread environmental damage, they also are more sensitive to pressure from consumers and green groups. As a result, activists have more power today than ever to affect corporate behavior and slow the dizzying pace of tropical deforestation ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


General Newspaper Advertising Information (PDF) - General Information
Jan 1, 2009 ... The advertiser and the advertising agency jointly grant to The Times ..... GI 2008. Regional Advertising Offices. Long Island ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
tobacco advertising targeted at youth took to the skies over Long Island,. New York beaches. The battle began .... of the international advertising agency ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Spies for Hire: Advertising by the Pinkerton Agency
By the early 1890s, the 2,000 active agents and 30,000 reserves of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency were larger than the standing army of the United States. In the 1880s, the Pinkertons provided services for management in 70 different labor disputes. The agency’s success depended on both armed guards and the clandestine efforts of secret operatives like James McParlan, who had infiltrated Irish anthracite miners’ organizations in the mid 1870s. McParlan’s testimony (which historians have largely dismissed as fabricated) at the sensational “Molly Maguire” trial of 1876 helped send ten men to ...
Advertising Copy: How to Write Headlines That Get Read
In fact, David Ogilvy, famous ad man and author of Confessions of an Advertising Man, has said that four out of five people only read headlines. Nothing more. And if people DO choose to read the rest of the ad, they make that decision based on the headline. That's a big job to put on the shoulders for what amounts to a few words. But before you start despairing over your headline-writing skills, take heart. There are several "headline types" that have proven to sell products and services over and over again. Below are four of the most powerful and the easiest to implement. 1. How to. Everyone ...
What made the creators of the satirically popular paper "The Onion ...
Joe Berlinger is a filmmaker who makes documentaries that tell important stories with integrity, while still always entertaining his audiences. Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1961, Berlinger studied English and German at Colgate University, and got his first taste of the movie business while working on TV commercials at an advertising agency in Frankfurt. After deciding he wanted to make films, he moved to New York City, where he got a job working for the Maysles brothers. Berlinger’s first foray into directing was the documentary short Outrageous Taxi Stories (1989), and he made his feature debut in 1992 with Brother’s ...