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Los Angeles Advertising Agencies Directory

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agency providing marketing, creative, media and public relations services. Experienced in the general and Hispanic markets. Accentmarketing A full service advertising agency specializing in the US Hispanic, Caribbean and Latin American markets. A member of the Interpublic Group of Companies. Acento Advertising Full-service advertising agency specialized in targeting Latin American markets and US Hispanic markets. Al Punto Advertising Hispanic advertising agency that markets to the Hispanic consumer segment. Aragon Advertising Full-service advertising ...
first in films and later television, appearing in 52 movie productions and gaining enough success to become a household name. Though largely a B film actor, some of his most notable roles are in Knute Rockne, All American and Kings Row . Reagan served as president of the Screen Actors Guild , and later spokesman for General Electric (GE); his start in politics occurred during his work for GE. Originally a member of the Democratic Party , he switched to the Republican Party in 1962. After delivering a rousing speech in support of Barry Goldwater 's presidential candidacy in 1964, he was persuaded to seek the California ...
Entertainment Advertising Agencies Los Angeles
Complete Range of Services Launched in 2009, the Los Angeles Digital Directory is a directory editor-moderator of Southern California, the processing of their projects, vendors, freelancers, concerts, jobs, job seekers, recruiters, internships and technology and events Press. They help you make good decisions and find everything you need in the local community and provide the best opportunities and benefits for you and your business. Two and business partner Sam Moon and Robby Berthume launched the Digital Directory Los Angeles. They are also co-owners of the Company Epsilon Concepts Web Development and Marketing Luna Berthume ... market research, surveys and trends
7 Things the Successful Voiceover Artist Knows (that the Rest of ...
Making money as an actor can be a tough gig – but voiceover work is one of the few ways you can top up your acting income without resorting to a ‘proper’ day job. This short article gives you 7 tips to getting more voiceover work. Many actors achieve great success in this industry. Its fun, they make great cash, and they keep getting work over and over again. Then there are others who are struggling to even get one gig. After many years as a copywriter working with successful (and a few not-so-successful) voiceovers, and founder of online voiceover directory – I’ve been studying what makes certain ... market research, surveys and trends


Advertising Agencies in Los Angeles,California|Los Angeles,CA
Need a shortcut to better Pay-Per-Click Advertising Conversions? You've got it! Get five of our proven Landing Page & Email Templates free. Detailed Contact Info for Advertising Agency Decision Makers serving los angeles Over 105,000 contacts for advertising agency decision makers. Register for a Free Trial of The List and Get New Business. Advertising Red Books serving los angeles Agency-to-Advertiser Relationships. Try a Free 7 Day Trial Today! Perfomance-Based Print Advertising serving los angeles Pay for print advertising in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Orange County advertising agencies defy industry recession with ...
While the big dogs of the Wilshire corridor and Madison Avenue advertising worlds howl over potential employee cutbacks and revenue declines, the firms that make up the Orange County ad scene seem to be asking, "What recession?" Officials of many of Orange County's larger agencies report increased billings and few layoffs, despite the bleak reports in advertising trade magazines. Local ad agency officials insist that, at worst, billings are flat. "Things are going great," said Jim deYong, executive vice president and creative director of DGWB Advertising in Irvine, which has seen a 33 percent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How Wells Fargo Became a Banking Leader in the Asian-American Market
Each year I review the advertising, marketing and communications work of several large corporations. For my annual top 10 list of the best corporate marketers in the U.S. Asian market, I focus on companies that truly "get it" when it comes to in-culture advertising and marketing. The companies I ultimately pick have a distinct creative approach, a sound market strategy, culturally relevant messaging in their ads and communication, and culturally appropriate design concepts that take into consideration the unique characteristics of Asian-American consumers. The corporations I have chosen don't need to be convinced ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
BUESCHER: "Crazy Loose" Truck At Nashville
• After a week promoting a very special event to raise funding for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Middle Tennessee, James Buescher made his fifth career start at Nashville Superspeedway and finished the evening of racing in the 16th-position. • Buescher was the last driver to take to the track for his qualifying run on Saturday afternoon and, after two laps around the 1.33-mile speedway, positioned himself to take the green flag in 13th-place. • The field slowed to a caution pace for the first time on lap three when Buescher reported that he was "tight high," but his Turner Motorsports truck turned well ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


ADVERTISING AGENCIES. Gianfagna Marketing & Communications, Inc. CALL CENTER/ .... Decipher – Los Angeles. 1106 N Hudson Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90038 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Authors, Writers, and Editors
Online publications and services are growing in number and sophistication, spurring the demand for writers and editors with Web or multimedia experience. Authors, writers and editors produce a wide variety of written materials in an increasing number of ways. They develop content using any number of multimedia formats that can be read, listened to, or viewed onscreen. Although many people write as part of their primary job, or on online chats or blogs, only writers and editors who are paid to primarily write or edit are included in this occupation. ( News analysts, reporters, and correspondents , who gather information and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Latino Directory: Organizations & Associations
"Since its inception in 1917, AATSP has promoted the study and teaching of Hispanic, Luso-Brazilian, and other related languages, literatures, and cultures at all levels. Through an exchange of pedagogical and scholarly information, the AATSP encourages heritage and second language study and supports projects to that end". Subject Category: Education; Schools & Educational Organizations   ASPIRA Association Founded: 1969. Description: "The ASPIRA Association promotes the empowerment of the Puerto Rican and Latino community by developing and nurturing the leadership, intellectual, and cultural potential of ...
Do you currently use an outside company for social media ...
If at all possible, you should try and maintain the day to day social media functions in-house. The costs to outsource a fully integrated social media program can scale quite quickly. It doesn't take a tremendous amount of social media activity to quickly require a dedicated FTE. So because agencies usually mark-up their staffs 2 or 3 times salary to cover overhead/profit -- you can see how having an outsourced FTE dedicated to your efforts can get expensive really quickly. A better option might be to outsource the strategy and initial training. This is usually done via a fee for training and then a retainer for ongoing ...
Does anyone know of consulting firms (actual firms, not ...
Zintro has quite a number of Experts who might be willing to take a call on this topic. Go to and Zintro will help you find Experts who are both qualified & interested. Your identity will not be revealed and doing a search is FREE. Regards, Stuart Lewtan Zintro Inc. posted 5 months ago FORE Networking, B2B Prospect Marketing see all my answers Lisa is working with a firm in Santa Monica. Perhaps she would be able to help you. posted 5 months ago Certified SharePoint Architect | Best Practices | Planning | Training | Speaker | Deployment | Adoption|Open ...