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Mardi Gras in Mobile

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is that Mobile, Alabama has been holding a Mardi Gras celebration since 1703, fifteen years before New Orleans was founded. While the New Orleans version of Mardi Gras is larger and more famous, the rituals of the Mobile one are just as rooted in history and tradition, including the fact that it is basically a ...
. Carnival and Mardi Gras in Mobile have evolved into a citywide multi-week celebration across the spectrum of cultures. The city has declared official school holidays 4 for the final Monday and Tuesday (some include Wednesday), 5 regardless of religious affiliation. Although Mobile has traditions of secret mystic ...
Drick's Rambling Cafe: Mardi Gras - Cajun Pick-Me-Ups
Long before the parades start to roll, even as far back as to when crewes and captains, debutantes and bachelors, even the kings and queens are finalizing plans for the carnival season, many households are preparing for the three to four week long party. A party that officially starts on the Twelfth Night, ... market research, surveys and trends
Review of Crazy Heart by Robert Denerstein - Movie Habit
When journalists write about Jeff Bridges, they often insist on telling us that he’s underrated. Maybe, but I can tell you I’ve never underrated him. Bridges is a terrific actor with a standout resume. Sure, there are signature performances — the Dude in The Big Lebowski or Duane Jackson in The ... market research, surveys and trends
All these wonderful things: Full Frame 2008: Sundance Faves BIGGER ...
We're just days before the 11th edition of the prestigious Full Frame Film Festival kicks off in Durham, North Carolina.  This year's fest is the first without festival founder Nancy Buirski in the captain's seat, although Buirski is programming the "Inhabiting Space" Sidebar (you can read her ...


General Facts about the Gulf of Mexico | GMPO | US EPA
The Gulf of Mexico, the ninth largest body of water in the world and referred to as the "Mediterranean of the Americas," is located at the southeastern corner of North America. The Gulf is bordered by the United States to the north (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas), five ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mobile: Information from
, serving as a major industrial, shipping, and shipbuilding center. Located on the Mobile River at the head of the Gulf of Mexico's Mobile Bay, it was an important maritime site during the Civil War and both world wars. The area that is now Mobile was France's first Gulf Coast settlement, and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
B-VIEW - 2/2005
Toomey's sells about 48 million strings of beads alone during the Mardi Gras sea - .... 1866: Joseph Stilwell Cain revives Mardi Gras in Mobile after the Civil War. ..... than $50 billion annually. The Chamber also supported the U.S. - ...
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before seeing it. I grew up in Mobile, Alabama, another Gulf Coast city, and we've always looked at New Orleans as a big sister: our town was actually the first capital of the Louisiana Territory and is home of the original Mardi Gras (look it up). That said, as an NPR junkie I had already overdosed on its phenomenal Katrina coverage along with CNN's back in 2005. That along with my numerous calls home to friends and family for up-to-the-minute updates after the storm, I was not particularly blown away by When the Levees Broke -- Lee's Emmy and Peabody Award-winning first post-Katrina documentary. Though it was ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Mobile Mardi Gras permit fee doubles to $1000
Maskers in the Crewe of Columbus throw treats to the crowd along St. Francis Street on Friday, Feb. 12, 2010, in downtown Mobile, Ala. The Mobile Police Department has doubled the parade fee to $1,000. MOBILE, Ala. -- Mobile Mardi Gras groups hoping to parade next year will have to pony up $1,000, twice the previous fee for a permit, a police spokesman said Monday. Some mystic societies saw the increased fee as welcome news. After all, it could have been much worse. The department sent out letters in May, warning parading groups that they would have to pay the full cost of police protection along the parade route, an average of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Although they marched on New Year's Eve and not Fat Tuesday, they were a true antecedent of Mardi Gras in Mobile and the first mystic societies, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
ITT Bus Trip to Mardi Gras in Mobile - February 13 We will leave ...
ITT Bus Trip to Mardi Gras in Mobile - February 13. We will leave the ITT parking lot at 7:30 a.m. and return at 10:30 p.m. Cost is $25 per person. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Mardi Gras in Mobile : Travel : Commercial Appeal Page 1 of 4 .... ht1p://www. commercialappeal.corri/ne\vs/2008/jan/13/mardi-gras-in-mobile-s/ ...
Alabama: Mardi Gras in Mobile (Local Legacies: Celebrating ...
A celebration preceding Lent, Mardi Gras culminates on Shrove (or "Fat") Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. For nearly 300 years, Mobilians have observed this pre-Lenten celebration. The first carnival observance occurred at 27 Mile Bluff in the year 1703, continuing the cultural traditions settlers ...
Encyclopedia of Alabama: Mobile's Mardi Gras
Mobile's Mardi Gras celebration was the first in America and remains an important part of Alabama's Gulf Coast culture. Mardi Gras was first observed when Mobile was a French colony, a century before the founding of Alabama . Today, thousands of Alabamians and visitors come to Mobile annually to ...
  1. profile image Diva_Esquire #random Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL or Baton Rouge, LA is NOT Mardi Gras
  2. profile image feeslist Recommend Margaret Brown's THE ORDER OF MYTHS, screening 3p thru Mon @MoMAPS1, docu on Mardi Gras in Mobile AL
WikiAnswers - Did Mardi Gras start in Mobile or New Orleans
When did mardi grs start?  Were did mardi gras start?  Did mardi gras start in france?  Why did joe cian start mardi gras?  Does new orleans have mardi grass?  Where and when did madi gras start?  Did mardi gras began in new orleans?  Did mardi ...
Mardi Gras at AllExperts
The annual Carnival that is held at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil also has relations with the Mardi Gras. Actually the celebrations of the Carnival ends on "Mardi Gras". This festival is an annual event that is held 2 weeks before the traditional Christian fasting of Lent. Thousands of people from across ...
WikiAnswers - Mardi Gras Questions including "What is Mardi Gras"
Mardi Gras, meaning "Fat Tuesday" in French, is also called Shrove Tuesday. Held the day before Ash Wednesday, which is the beginning of Lent, a period of fasting in Christianity, Mardi Gras is the last day of the three-day Carnival Festival. The most famous and elaborate Mardi Gras celebration is held ...