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McDonalds advertising/design goodness

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A recent Harris Interactive poll measured what companies Americans dislike most. Perhaps not surprisingly, nine of the ten most disliked companies were taxpayer bailout recipients. 10. Delta Airlines 9. Bank of America 8. JP Morgan Chase 7. General Motors 6. Chrysler 5. Goldman Sachs 4. Citigroup 3. Fannie Mae 2. American International Group (AIG) 1. Freddie Mac Source: Huffington Post According to a Harris Poll , there are generational differences in how Americans are cutting back during our crappy economy: Gen Xers (those aged 34-45) are more likely to brown bag lunch and cut back on hair styling. Matures (those aged 65 and ...
comic series are well developed. Through the serial nature of publication of these fictitious adventures several heroes have been developed. The chief among them is the Warrior Nun Areala, Sister Shannon Masters. Behind her are her fellow Christian soldiers, who like her have devoted their lives to the service of God and His Church. They are her friends and through trial and tribulation have become the family she otherwise would not have. That is seen in Sister Shannon's foster sister joining the Warrior Nuns and her looking at her fellow Sisters as just that, sisters. Initially uncertain of herself she has developed as a ...
La Vida Locavore:: McDonalds is a Blood-Sucking Parasite on the ...
Now, if you go to that link, you'll see the particular ad (claiming that the French fries are made from local potatoes) is located in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard, a neighborhood I've visited. And I'd like to think that Ballard residents are smarter than that, given that they've got a kickass farmers' market, a restaurant with a roof garden , and a really awesome group called Sustainable Ballard . Sounds like a bunch of French fry eating, drive thru shopping McDonald's customers, huh? That particular McDonald's campaign seems to be confined to a small area, but around here I've ... market research, surveys and trends
Fridae | McDonald's French gay ad won't air in US‎
McDonald's gay-themed ad in France which has become a viral Internet sensation in recent weeks will not be aired in the US, says its President and Chief Operating Officer, who identified himself as a Christian although he wasn't asked about his religious beliefs, in an interview about how he intends to further grow the company. The 47-second ad shows a gay teen seated in a fast-food restaurant, talking to his boyfriend on his mobile phone. He promptly hangs up when he sees his father returning with a tray of McDonald's food. The father, unaware of his son's sexual orientation, ... market research, surveys and trends


Media - Conceptual Trends and Current Topics
before I did in the early 1980s. We never worked together, or were close friends, but I really dug her writing. It was telegraphic, lyrical, abbreviated, evocative, extremely personal and mystical.  She wrote in short bursts. Like proverbs from a secret bible. Brian Eno noticed her stuff works really well on t-shirts. It was not like any writing I had encountered.  (She came up with the phrase "practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty" which later became a meme.) Readers loved her; but publishers did not get her. After one book of her work that sank on the marketplace, she disappeared in the mid ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Apple's holiday not looking great, could be worse | Apple - CNET News
sales seem healthier thanks to Apple's latest crop of notebooks, but aren't growing as fast as they were last year. Piper based its outlook on surveys it performed inside Apple retail stores around the U.S. during a 25-hour period in November, counting the number of Macs and iPhones sold inside each store. It supplemented those expectations with data from market watcher NPD for sales of both the Mac and iPod for the month of October. With $24 billion in the bank, no debt, and products that still appear popular with the public, Apple is in excellent shape to ride out what is expected to be a rough couple of quarters for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hot 20 Under 40 Reader's Choice: The Top 20 Finalists
You hear that the Bay Area is a hotbed of creativity and innovation a lot. So much, in fact, that it's easy to get a little jaded on the subject. But it's true, we live in a community brimming with do-gooders, entrepreneurs and risk takers, as evidenced by the extremely impressive group of Hot 20 Reader's Choice nominees below. So read their quick stats, get inspired and then vote on who you think we should feature as the Readers' Choice Winner in our October Hot 20 Under 40 issue, an annual celebration of the city's 20 most up-and-coming movers and shakers under 40. (Check out the 2009 Hot 20 Under 40 class market trends, news research and surveys resources


Advertising in Duopoly Market
the goodness of one product holds a major role in the marketing before mass ..... McDonalds and KFC can also be seen as competition of duopoly market in .... into account when we design the marketing and advertising strategy. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Environmental Health Perspectives: Modeling Mesothelioma Risk ...
Unit of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, Department of Medical Sciences, University of Eastern Piedmont and CPO Piemonte, Novara, Italy, 3 Interdepartmental Center ‘G. Scansetti’ for the Study of Asbestos and other Toxic Particulates, University of Turin, Turin, Italy, 4 Medical Statistics Unit, Department of Public Health and Microbiology, University of Turin, Turin, Italy, 5 Department of Statistics ‘G. Parenti’, University of Florence, Florence, Italy; Department of Statistics, Biostatistics Unit, Institute for Cancer Prevention (CSPO), Florence, Italy Environmental asbestos pollution can cause malignant mesothelioma, but ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Handbook of Biological Statistics: Two-way anova
The nominal variables (often called "factors" or "main effects") are found in all possible combinations. For example, let's say you are testing the null hypothesis that stressed and unstressed rats have the same glycogen content in their gastrocnemius muscle, and you are worried that there might be sex-related differences in glycogen content as well. The two factors are stress level (stressed vs. unstressed) and sex (male vs. female). Unlike a nested anova , each grouping extends across the other grouping. In a nested anova, you might have "cage 1" and "cage 2" nested entirely within ...
Do athletes feel no shame when promoting unhealthy products?
Since there is a ton of money to be made from endorsing these products, I think the dollar signs trump the ethics unfortunately. For some of these celebrities/sports stars anyway. I’d whore myself out selling Big Macs for a few million dollars and I’d sleep like a baby at night. They don’t force feed anyone, there is always room for some personal responsibility. That’s a pretty broad brush you’re using. Pablo Escobar (remember him?) became one of the world’s richest men from his control of the Medellin (Colombia) cocaine cartel. Big Macs and Coke for a few million dollars? It ...
What is the actual relationship between supply chain mastery and ...
The previous posts give excellent examples of the link between SC mastery and business success. W-M and the US Military have managed to do at least two things very well. 1. Strategic Supply Chain Vision that is relevant to their situation, and 2. The ability to execute almost flawlessly with the appropriate urgency. As an outsider looking in, my impression is that information is gathered, decisions are collaboratively made, plans are set and committed to, and everyone is mutually accountable, so the organization moves forward in lockstep. One common, unifying goal. "One band, one sound" Dallas & Stone, 2002). Proven? Can you ...