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Measure Online Video Advertising

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The Visible Measures top viral video ad campaigns chart focuses on brand-driven viral video ads that appear on online video-sharing destinations. While we are constantly monitoring for new campaigns, you can also tell us about your campaign in order to ensure that it is tracked completely. If you have questions, please see our FAQ section below. What is the Online Visibility Audit? The Online Visibility Audit helps you understand how a website's home page appears to both search engines and site visitors. It offers guidance for making the page reflect accurately what the site is about. Keyword Analysis We determine which ...
The model seeks to explain how populations are propagandized and how consent for various economic, social and political policies are "manufactured" in the public mind.
Press Releases - BrightRoll - The Largest Video Advertising Network
SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – June 17, 2010) – BrightRoll, the leading video advertising network, today unveiled a new reporting suite that offers advertisers more meaningful ways to measure the ROI of their online video campaigns. The new suite of reports leverages the best measurement and analytics tools from research partners that include comScore, Nielsen, Vizu and InsightExpress. “comScore measurement tools quantify the impact of online ad campaigns using relevant metrics that reflect actual consumer behavior,” said Graham Mudd, VP of Search & Media at comScore. “Together ... market research, surveys and trends
Data Reporting Tools That Aid Media Planning | ClickZ Rewind | Web ...
Media planners, online and off-, base their decisions in large part on data. Online planners have the luxury — or curse — of lots of data and many ways to slice it. Data reporting tools help. Some of these tools are free, some come with limited free access, and others have price tags associated with them. Here are the main players (listed in alpha order so as not to discriminate) and other resources out there, so you can look before you leap. The Players Alexa . Around since 1996 and acquired by Amazon in 1999, Alexa draws from aggregated user data collected from its downloaded toolbar to rank and provide ... market research, surveys and trends

MEASURE ONLINE VIDEO ADVERTISING | Online Video Distribution, Analytics and ...
Brightcove is an on-demand software platform that media companies and marketers use to publish and distribute video on the Web, mobile devices, and Internet-connected TVs. Brightcove has more than 1,400 customers in 45 countries, which operate video across more than 5,000 websites, including many of the most popular news and entertainment destinations on the Web. TubeMogul is an online video analytics and advertising platform that processes billions of video streams every month from the Internet’s top publishers. Over 175,000 users rely on TubeMogul’s distribution and analytics, and hundreds of marketing agencies and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
YouTube Tops 14.5 Billion And Sets New Record Says comScore
It’s certainly long in the coming. YouTube, well technically the Google sites, topped 14.6 billion video streams in May according to comScore. Yes, those computators of computationals are back with their latest stats set, this time it’s for May 2010. What have they to say? Hear ye, Hear ye, comScore has announced the video online is officially back! Well OK, they didn’t quite put it like that, but that’s the long and short of it. More Americans watched video online (183 million) than even thought about doing some good for the environment. OK, they didn’t really say that but I have a sneaking ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
More viewers turn to Web to watch TV
While shows like "American Idol" still bind us culturally -- Mom can watch it live on TV, Dad can catch the digital video recorder (DVR) version and Junior can download it days later online -- the desire to go to the Web for programming is driving a cultural shift. The mouse will never replace the remote control as everyone's favorite clicker, but Web-based entertainment has improved and expanded so greatly that some people have begun canceling their cable subscriptions to watch original and recast programming online. Nearly a decade ago, Web-based entertainment was little more than the hamster-dance video ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Behind the internet's surging rebound
Online ad revenue rose for six straight years, many of them by double digits, before falling in 2009, hurt by the recession that battered the media economy generally. But 2010 is looking quite promising. Already first-quarter ad spending jumped 7.5 percent over last year to a record $5.9 billion, and now eMarketer has issued a forecast projecting digital ad revenue will climb 10.8 percent this year, to $25.1 billion. That's up from an earlier forecast that called for growth of 5.5 percent, following a 3.4 percent decline last year. The recovery will be driven by the continued strength of search advertising as well as the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Eyeblaster Research Analytics Bulletin Online Video Advertising ...
misses much of what online video advertising is all about – conveying branding messages. In this research, we use several metrics to measure the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Effect of an Online Video-Based Intervention to Increase HIV ...
Blas et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Effect of an Online Video-Based Intervention to Increase HIV Testing in Men Who Have Sex with Men in Peru Magaly M. Blas, 1, 2, 3 * Isaac E. Alva, 1, 2 Cesar P. Carcamo, 1 Robinson Cabello, 2 Steven M. Goodreau, 4 Ann M. Kimball, 3 and Ann E. Kurth 5, 6 1 Unit of Epidemiology, HIV and STD, School of Public Health and Administration, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Future Of Media Measurement
online video ads ($870 million in 2009 growing to $3 billion in 2014) has galvanized media measurement creativity.4 Marketing leaders surveyed rated TV ads ...
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Users turn on sound for what percentage of online video ads ...
I haven't seen any data on this, but I suspect it is related to the relevence of both the media placement and the level of engagement the ad offers. No one wants to be tricked into viewing something, but people seem to be open to being lured into finding out more information--especially if the message is rewarding. The majority of people probably don't turn on sound for the average video ad because the majority of advertising is just plain not worth it. posted January 4, 2007 5% of the time. If you're lucky 10%. If you're a frickin' genius 15%. posted January 4, 2007 hi David, I do not think anyone ...
How to Measure Your Social Media Advertising
Brands can benefit from advertising in social-media space. The approaches offer a means to engage consumers, enhance brand reputation and image, build positive brand attitudes, improve organic search rankings, and drive traffic to brand locations, both on- and off-line. The steps in any advertising campaign will begin with setting campaign objectives and end with assessing the effectiveness of the strategies and tactics to determine the degree of success in accomplishing the stated objectives and to inform the next campaign. The challenge is to develop a set of measures to assess success and plan for future ...