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Special Report on

Mobile Ad Marketing

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which is available to any Admob account owner. It was quite interesting to read this report, knowing that the FTC has approved the deal and so from now on AdMob has become a Google property. But it turned out that I couldn’t find any bias within the metrics presented in this report. Nice. The report provides a measure of mobile Web and application usage from AdMob network of more than 23,000 mobile websites and applications. There are several interesting trends, that I’ve noted: The iPhone and Android platform unique devices chart clearly shows that the majority      (75%) of Android devices are located in North ...
Marketing in a Mobile Age: Trucks Add Fuel to Advertising
LAS VEGAS, NV –- June 1, 2006 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Mobile Ad Marketing Inc, a new Las Vegas company, offers the chi hair iron discount largest inventory of mobile advertising media in America, and a simple plan to make advertising more effective and affordable. Mobile Ad Marketing (MAM) believes that, as far as advertising goes, bigger is better. And, in the ad space business, a semi-trailer is about as big as it gets. “With over 300,000 trucks, buses and ad trailers in 300 markets and 48 states, we can reach and saturate any size U.S. market,” says Daniel Sage, President of MAM “We have fleets of trucks and trailers ... market research, surveys and trends
The Death of Websites | Silicon Central
Over the past few days we have talked a lot about the next gold rush.  By now, anyone reading my material knows my prediction for mobile devices.  With 5 times the traffic of the Internet, mobile devices are going to be the next major boom for all of us in this business. One of the reasons that mobile is going to be so attractive is that for the first time ever, it engages women.  Demographics has long indicated that the Internet is primarily a male dominated platform.  That’s not to say that women don’t participate or do well, but they just don’t dominate the way the men have done so far. With mobile devices, ... market research, surveys and trends


Stats-CPM - Mobile Ad Marketing
According to the American Trucking Association - The Average Delivery Truck Makes 16 Mil. Impressions a Year. Average CPM (Cost Per Thousand) Media Comparisons | OutDoor Assoc. Media Reports -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADULTS 18+ NEWSPAPERS Half page B&W $23.32 Quarter page B&W $11.66 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TELEVISION :30 prime-time spot $20.54 :30 prime-time network $11.31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- industry trends, business articles and survey research
MAM Brochure - Mobile Ad Marketing
According to the American Trucking Assoc. - the Average Delivery Truck Makes 16 Million Impressions a Year. In the past 5 years, Billboards and Outdoor Advertising have grown in popularity. Part of the reason is - Billboard costs are lower, there is no cost to the consumer. They don't have to buy a paper, a magazine or cable TV. Outdoor ads cost 80% less than television commercials, 60% less than newspapers, and 50% less than radio ads. And even though billboards are seen as a non ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Will Apple's stingy data sharing hurt iPad ad sales?
Can Apple have its high prices and hold on to marketing data too? The success of the iPad — and its ability to get users to pay for newspaper and magazine subscriptions — has kept publishers beholden to the terms Apple sets for iPad apps. But advertisers want more data from their digital ads than they are getting, according to AdAge . And unlike publishers, advertisers have a little more freedom on where they spend their money. The iPad presents an interesting model for brands and publishers. But the high cost doesn't necessarily bring with it more information. And for advertisers that have become used to getting detailed ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Apple's iAd now allow in-app downloads
introduced its mobile ad network for iOS devices called iAd. According to Steve Jobs the new interactive ad network for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad would provide developers an additional source of income and enable them to develop more free apps by integrating iAds. The initial launch was criticized for low fill rate and only the big brands were included in the network. iAd aims to provide a very interactive experience for the customer to learn more about the advertised product. Apple has been successful in marketing their mobile ad network to a large number of brands which include Nissan, AT&T, Best Buy, Chanel and many more. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


2009 Mobile Marketing Association. Table 2: MMA Mobile Web Ad Guidelines. Mobile Web Banner Ad Units in 4:1 Aspect Ratio. Name. Technical Specifications ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Mobile Marketing Association Privacy Committee
Mobile Marketing Association Privacy Committee. Statement on Behavioral Advertising and Mobile Devices for the FTC Roundtable “Rethinking. Privacy” ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Advertising and Marketing Industries
   Wharton SEI Center s Future of Advertising Project and Empirical Generalizations Conference. 2008. | HOOVER'S ONLINE .    Includes key companies and people. OUTDOOR ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, INC . Facts & Figures. | THOMSON RESEARCH  Investment analyst reports.     Search on: advertising in Title | Limit to "Industry Reports." STANDARD & POOR'S NET ADVANTAGE.    Industry Surveys (US) Global Industry Surveys (Asia & Europe) Print: S&P Industry Surveys 1941-2003: | HG 4921 S672 ...
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  3. profile image CareerAndBizOps Apple's iAd now allow in-app downloads: Touch ReviewsApple has been successful in marketing their mobile ad networ...
Yahoo Mobile ad's
What would typical CPM rates be for mobile advertising? | LinkedIn ...
The two things that affect CPM rates for Myxer (a relatively large publisher with tens of millions of impressions a month) the most are (1) targeting options (either by user demographic or by content channel), and (2) integration with a larger marketing campaign. We work with most of the networks for filling remnant inventory (Millenial, Quattro, AdMob, TSM, etc.), and we see rates of something in the $5-$8 range for this undifferentiated, remnant inventory. But if we do a direct sale to an advertiser like Volkswagen or Adidas, and we are able to integrate web, wap, and sms ad spots in addition to providing custom mobile content ...