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Mobile Advertising Book

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It is always fun to work with friends esp. on long projects like writing a book. I was fortunate to work with Joe and Victor on the Mobile Advertising book. Here is some more details on their backgrounds. I have known Joe since mid- nineties when we worked together at CTS - one of the the most brilliant minds in the industry. Victor started thinking about mobile advertising much before it started getting into the industry consciousness. He is awesome in communicating complex issues and problems into simple words. I had a chance to work with him when he was CSO at Infospace. Actually, the seeds of this book were sown then. We ...
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urges mobile operators to start acting like media companies, and gives them 2-3 years to get their act together before the Googles, Yahoos, Microsofts and Nokias of the world change the rules of the game – forever. Of all the podcasts I’ve produced to date, this has been the toughest. The material was just too good to cut – but I had to in order to deliver the length you have told me you prefer. So, I do have a podcast of less than 15 minutes. Fortunately, Chetan understands my dilemma and is intrigued by the idea of coming back to MSG for a series of podcasts to deep-dive into the exciting mobile advertising ... market research, surveys and trends
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Given the high-tech nature of the film, it was a natural promotional fit for launching a new, premium mobile phone, and not surprisingly, augmented reality was the technology chosen. In this article we see how LG Mobile Phones teamed up with Marvel Comics , Paramount Pictures , and Total Immersion to execute a campaign utilizing both mobile-based and PC-based AR. Mobile Augmented Reality has started to become fairly widespread recently, largely based on the popularity of AR systems such as Layar , Mobilizy , and Junaio . These systems make it fairly easy to link images and information to a physical location, and then allow ... market research, surveys and trends


Always On Real-Time Access » 2008 » July
At the turn of the year, we asked a number of industry insiders to opine on upcoming trends for 2008. Below is the summary of survey. Full results here . Perhaps, it is time to revisit. Updated comments in italics. 1. Will Google introduce a Google Branded Phone in 2008? Will it? Won�t it? 44.5% gave it a 75% or higher chance of happening while 40% thought it ain�t happening. GPhone is a temptation Google will find hard to resist though a lot will depend on how various initiatives and partnerships shape-up on the ground. In any case, expect another major announcement in the next 2-3 months. Opinions were mixed. Given the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Jeff Bezos on The State of Kindle
As someone who likes books, especially the old fashioned kind (you know, the ones printed on paper), I was predisposed to disliking (and dismissing) Kindle, the e-reader developed by Amazon. So when Amazon sent me a review unit of the new Kindle 2.0, they were taking a big risk, since I have been vocal about my skepticism in the past. Surprisingly, instead of hating the device, I suddenly understood the disruptive nature of Kindle and its impact on the printed word. When I received the device, I downloaded a few books, signed up for a couple of magazines and The Wall Street Journal. Call it luck, but I fell sick right in the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Apple hones new iAd mobile advertising network
is closely examining music, video, book and application downloads to create �behavioral profiles� to improve targeting for its new iAd mobile advertising network on iPhones. Profiles include demographics, application preferences, musical choices, movie and TV genre interests and location. Currently, the iTunes digital storefront serves more than 150 million customers. Bloomberg quotes Rachel Pasqua, director of mobile marketing firm ICrossing, who stated, �Apple knows what you've downloaded, how much time you spend interacting with applications and knows even what you've downloaded, don't like and deleted." One ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Why Google Musn\'t Let the Government Peek Under its Hood
Can you imagine the reaction Google's leadership had behind closed doors to the New York Times' editorial that suggested the company let the government take a peek under its hood? It really is a "when hell freezes over proposition." The venerable Times suggested , among other things, Google let the government check to see whether the search engine algorithm tweaks are benefiting Google's other businesses: Still, the potential impact of Google's algorithm on the Internet economy is such that it is worth exploring ways to ensure that the editorial policy guiding Google's tweaks is solely intended ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


MM ad book final
Welcome to the first edition of Mobile Marketer's Classic Guide to. Mobile Advertising. Targeting advertisers, media planners and buyers, agency execu- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Beyond Voice: Mapping the Mobile Marketplace
Self-regulatory and legal constraints on mobile advertising to children . ...... number to the device's address book, and call the restaurant .86 With ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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   Wharton SEI Center s Future of Advertising Project and Empirical Generalizations Conference. 2008. | HOOVER'S ONLINE .    Includes key companies and people. OUTDOOR ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, INC . Facts & Figures. | THOMSON RESEARCH  Investment analyst reports.     Search on: advertising in Title | Limit to "Industry Reports." STANDARD & POOR'S NET ADVANTAGE.    Industry Surveys (US)    Global Industry Surveys (Asia & Europe) S&P Print Surveys 1941-2003: | HG 4921 S672 ...
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There are the obvious traditional answers: find an agent, find a co-writer who has established relationships, publish some articles in periodicals and build off that, and use your "offline" network to see if you have a connection to get a response. There are the obvious on-line answers. Develop and utilize a blog to create awareness and brand; contribute to such sources as,, and for similar impact; unusual promotion vehicles like myspace pages, youtube videos, etc. Using Linkedin, you can mix and match at least three types of search. First, search for "literary agent" ...
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I'm just getting started on a research project on alternative forms of pay per performance advertising such as pay per click or pay per call. I'm trying to identify companies or business models that have successfully built (or are trying to build) on pay per click/call/acquisition, etc. and would like to ask for your advice and opinion on this business segment. Dave's Answer: This long, detailed query arrived as a priority question , and the response was sent along within one business day. If you have a pressing issue, then please do consider paying the fee for a priority answer and helping support the Ask Dave ...