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Special Report on

Mobile Advertising with Millennial Media

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Millennial Media is the disruptive force behind the rapid growth of mobile advertising.  Our management team comes from the leading online ad network, top mobile carriers, large brands and mobile technology companies. We have the deepest combined mobile, media and advertising experience of any mobile ad network.  Millennial Media isn’t testing mobile – Millennial Media is Mobile. Delivered. Founded 2006 by Paul Palmieri and Chris Brandenburg Ownership Millennial Media is a privately-held corporation. Investors NEA Charles River Ventures Columbia Capital Bessemer Venture Partners Acta Wireless Employees As of November, 2009, ...
A generation can also be a stage or degree in a succession of natural descent as a grandfather, a father, and the father's son comprise three generations. A generation can refer to stages of successive improvement in the development of a technology such as the internal combustion engine , or successive iterations of products with planned obsolescence , such as video game consoles or mobile phones . In biology, the process by which populations of organisms pass on advantageous traits from generation to generation is known as evolution .
Communication Microsoft advertising network Millennial Media ...
According to foreign media reported yesterday, sources in the past two months, Microsoft has been under negotiation mobile ad network Millennial Media, and claimed the two Dell Inspiron 9400 Battery have agreed on basic terms, but has yet to finalize a definitive acquisition agreement. Prior to the industry have been rumors that Microsoft intends to buy Millennial Media, to expand its mobile advertising business territory. If Microsoft negotiation regarding the latter is true, then Microsoft, then into Google (Google) and Apple’s footsteps, became the latest in mobile ad network recently acquired a large company. ... market research, surveys and trends
Mobile advertising metrics: Millennial Media releases April report
Millennial is one of the largest mobile ad networks in the world – it claims to be able to reach 82% of all US mobile internet users. That’s over 60 million people, folks. And like AdMob, it gathers data from every single ad it serves, giving us an interesting snapshot of the smartphone market. What’s the story? Millennial calls its report “ S.M.A.R.T ” – which stands for S corecard for M obile A dvertising R each and T argeting. It’s an 8-page report that you can access here , but we’ve pulled out and discussed the highlights below: Retail and Restaurants get keyed in to mobile: ... market research, surveys and trends


Millennial Media: Apple OS Grows By 36 Percent In June, Android Up ...
which claims that its network reaches 82 percent of 72 million mobile web users in the U.S., is reporting that globally, Apple OS requests are up by 36 percent in June, after dropping 33 percent in May. Android requests continued to rise, and grew another 23 percent month over month. Android is now up a whopping 439% since January. iPad requests are also increasing at a fast rate, growing 206 percent in June, after rising 160 percent in May. RIM ad requests increased percent month-over-month, posting a 41 percent increase in requests since January. In terms of ad impressions, Apple’s OS remained the leading Smartphone OS ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Entertainment top vertical in mobile ad spend: Millennial Media ...
The entertainment industry, an early innovator in mobile, remained the top vertical in terms of mobile advertising spend in the third quarter, according to Millennial Media�s U.S. Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (SMART) report. The consumer packaged goods (CPG) vertical jumped from sixth in mobile marketing spend in the second quarter to the fourth spot in the third quarter. In addition, Apple drove Samsung out of the top spot for number of ad impressions among device manufacturers. �According to Nielsen, the U.S. mobile Web now reaches 64.1 million users, which offers an even greater opportunity for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
iOS vs Android
Up until now, 120MB of PlayStation 3’s 512MB of RAM were dedicated at all times to the operating system, while Xbox 360’s OS consumed only 32MB. This means that the PS3 console could come up short wen it Despite a laundry list of problems with Google’s Nexus One that users have been complaining about, there was one feature that of the phone that kicked the iPhone 3GS’s buut: the gorgeous, 800-by-480 pixel Yahoo Inc plans to integrate Twitter into its collection of websites, as the company seeks to enhance the appeal of its online properties with popular social networking features Intel recently reported to the U.S. Securities ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
iOS vs Android: The Latest Numbers
Mobile advertising firm Millennial Media has just released its Mobile Mix report for June 2010, highlighting some of the latest trends in the world of mobile and connected devices. The data shows that while Android is gaining, especially in developer adoption, Apple continues to make the biggest gains in the smartphone space. The iPhone 4 was only available for one week in June 2010 so its impact on the survey results was not directly addressed. We wrote about Millennial’s May report and it is interesting to compare and contrast the two data sets month to month. Overall, Apple remains the leader amongst both smartphones ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Millennial Media's Mobile Mix™ tracks and reports monthly mobile ...
Apr 12, 2010 ... Millennial Media is the proven leader in mobile advertising. With the largest mobile media audience in the U.S., ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Testimony of Tony Bernard, Useful Networks
Feb 24, 2010 ... Examples: AdMob, Quattro Wireless, Millennial Media. 2.3. Ad Servers .... launch location-‐based mobile advertising campaigns – at scale. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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DoubleClick Mobile Integrates With Mobile Ad Networks
DoubleClick, a premier provider of digital marketing technology and services, today announced that DoubleClick Mobile, the company�s advertising delivery system for mobile devices, is integrating with mobile ad networks including AdMob, Google�s AdSense� for mobile content, and Millennial Media�s premium MBrand network as well as its Decktrade� performance network. This upgrade helps mobile publishers fill more of their available inventory and ultimately earn more revenue. Now, publishers using DoubleClick Mobile can sell mobile display inventory indirectly, through automated access to one or more networks of mobile advertisers. ...
What is your company doing to bridge the multi generational ...
I've been doing research on the multi-generational workforce and trying to understand how social media can fill the communication gap between these groups. You've got: Baby Boomers Gen X Gen Y Millennials All these generations have there own styles and traits on how they conduct business and they are all in the workforce today. I worked for IBM for almost 10 years and I certainly was exposed to all of these groups and there really is a big gap of understanding between the Boomers and the rest of the generations. (I'm in the "Gen X" category) With the Boomer generation making up the majority of executive leadership ...