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Special Report on

Mobile Brand Advertising

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On the heels of Google's acquisition of AdMob and Apple's launch of its iAd mobile advertising business, Greystripe CEO Michael Chang explains why fledgling mobile ad companies like his aren't screwed. Yes, Google and AdMob are two of the largest mobile ad networks. Yes, their combination will position the company as a market leader in terms of revenue (estimated 21% market share by IDC’s estimates in November of 2009). And yes, Google’s acquisition of AdMob will create a MORE competitive marketplace. With Google setting the stage for brand ad dollars to flood into mobile, what will this mean for ...
Content Publishers - These companies provide the subscribers (the "inventory") and can contribute data to increase advertising relevancy. Advertisers - JumpTap provides advertisers - brands, agencies and mobile shops - with targeted advertising solutions so they can reach their audience with relevant advertising. JumpTap enables operators to fortify their position as the sole provider of mobile marketing and generate revenue by maintaining control over subscriber traffic. Mobile operators are entrusted with enormous quantities of private customer data, which can then be leveraged to sell highly-targeted mobile ...
The Siren Song of Ad Mediators in Brand Advertising
You’ve all heard the promise and perhaps you’ve fallen pray to the hype and actually implemented a mediator for mobile brand advertising. If so, you are probably rethinking your decision now as the mediator’s promises of the “highest CPMs possible,” have not materialized. And, in fact, while your fill rate has increased your average CPMs keeps dropping precipitously. Annoying you mobile users with more ads, and less relevant ads just to keep up to the revenue goals you were originally sold. What happened? The mobile advertising mediator said that “when networks compete publishers win!” Seemed to make sense. Then they said they ... market research, surveys and trends
The Next Mobile Wave: Brand Advertising
European research firm Vanson Bourne was commissioned this summer to report on 50 global brands’ attitudes toward mobile marketing. More than two-thirds expected to spend up to 10% of their marketing budget on mobile messaging campaigns within two years. MediaPost reports that “some 28% of brands were considering implementing SMS or MMS campaigns during the next 12 months–double the 14% that had considered the option last year.” Other key findings: Mobile spending : 58% said that their mobile marketing campaign would use up to 15% of their total ad budget by 2012. 32% said this would happen in the next ... market research, surveys and trends


AP-AOL Instant-Messaging Trends Survey: Mobile IM Use Up ...
The proliferation of cell phones with full keyboards has made it easier to send mobile instant messages; also, the major instant messaging services let users have their instant messages forwarded directly to their cell phones; moreover, IM users are instant-messaging from within their social-networking profiles, the survey found. Instant messaging is popular not only at home and on-the-go but also at the workplace: More than one in four (27 percent) users say they use instant messaging at work, and half of at-work IM users say that instant messaging makes them more productive at work - a 25 percent increase over last year. The ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mobile ad companies ramp up platforms to compete with Google ...
Mobile companies, from mobile marketing specialists such as Hipcricket to mobile ad networks such as Millennial Media, Jumptap�and Greystripe, are enhancing their offerings in a bid to compete with giants Google and Apple. With Google�s acquisition of AdMob having been completed and Apple�s acquisition of Quattro Wireless likely to be approved soon�along with the impending launch of iAd�there are two clear market leaders in the mobile advertising space. That is not to say, however, that independent players both large and small are not innovating and punching above their weight. "We believe both mergers are strong validation of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How RIM Can Save Itself
broke the story, which said seemed to indicate that the reason for making the break was an existing market of applications. However, I think that’s only a minor factor. The real story is the same strategy currently driving HP (HPQ) — the dream of having intelligent devices that will talk to each other, creating a compelling reason to stay within the webOS environment it acquired with Palm . The difference is that, in the case of QNX, the extended market already exists. Around since the early 1980s, QNX has been one of the standard choices for embedded operating systems, meaning the lightweight packages that run the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
RadioShack Field Report (Aug. 20, 2010)
RadioShack activated its sponsorship of professional cyclist and cancer-survivor Lance Armstrong this summer as it continues working to contemporize its brand image. In May, the consumer electronics chain extended the partnership, which also includes sponsorship of Armstrong's American Pro-Tour cycling team and his Lance Armstrong Foundation -- also known as Livestrong -- a nonprofit that works to improve the lives of people affected by cancer. The retailer first signed a sponsorship deal in July 2009. (See "RadioShack Turns Down the Radio" in Related Articles.) The chain presents Armstrong as embodying the power ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Mobile Brand Advertising
The Mobile Brand Advertising report analyzes the still-developing ... -What is mobile brand advertising and how is it different from direct response? ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Statement of the Commission Concerning Google/AdMob
May 21, 2010 ... currently are the two leading mobile advertising networks, ... as the goal in brand advertising is to put the advertisement in front of the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Global Branding and Advertising - Moon - The Global Business ...
Marketing has entered an exciting new age. New social networking technologies make marketing truly interactive and allow for the development of relationships. Consumers control what they watch and when, but marketers have the ability to tailor their messages very precisely and can leverage these technologies to build communities. Amid the rush to use these new technologies, marketers must not forget that the key to marketing remains people; specifically, understanding their lives and needs and being able to connect with them emotionally. Today's new tools and technologies are simply a means to build a relationship and ...
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What's the best way to build a brand through mobile marketing ...
In my opinion, mobile marketing in itself has no purpose in building brands for advertisers. Mobile devices are largely used by individuals and is considered to be a personal device. As such, the probability that mobile handset users will accept and respond to unsolicited marketing programs delivered on their handsets is likely to be low. That said, the mobile device possess functions (manay described by other members to your question) that can be leveraged by savvy digital marketers to augment their brand building programs. The key is to define a strong enough reason to get users to pro-actively engage with the brand on their ...
Brand Building Book - Which one would you recommend? | LinkedIn ...
I am looking for a good book about brand building process - the best if the book includes information about building brand for "online" products (e.g. Google, Facebook ...). Thank you. posted 26 days ago in Internet Marketing | Closed Share This Web Strategy Consultant see all my answers This was selected as Best Answer "Brand Simple" is the best branding book ever written. A great handbook would then be "Designing Brand Identity" Good luck! posted 26 days ago Email & Online Marketing Professional see all my answers I haven't read this yet, but Unmarketing by Scott Stratten seems to be good. Either way, following Scott ...