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Motorcycle product advertising

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Our first round of Facebook ads for (a sister company) used the logo as the graphic element and copy was about a broad range of motorcycle products and accessories. In this second round, we wanted to test an ad for a specific product, rather than the broad "motorcycle stuff" copy of the first round ads.  We also wanted to test the effect of adding the price and adding free shipping copy to the ads.         (mouse over for ad names) MC Radar w/logo and TPX no price, no shipping are identical except for the use of the logo vs. a product image.  Headline and body copy are the same.  (TPX is ...
Gel Factors - Part 2: Easy Sales | One Stop Invention Shop Blog
As anyone who has studied inventions knows, inventor success isn’t always a case of having the best product or the best strategy.  Often the difference between a successful inventor and an unsuccessful one is that one inventor chose a market that has outstanding characteristics, or what Don likes to call them, outstanding GEL Factors, (Great Customers, Easy Sales and Long Life) and the other one didn’t.  If you idea doesn’t approach a market with excellent GEL factors you will have trouble introducing your idea and should consider a different idea or market.  To learn more about GEL factors look into Don’s book  Business Models ... market research, surveys and trends
How to be successful with banner advertising!!! | Web Design Resources
Banner advertising is a great way to advertise your business, product or service. It is quite inexpensive and can be quite powerful if done correctly. There are several steps you should follow if you are considering using banner advertizing as a method of marketing for your business. I will be taking you step by step on how to set up your banner advertising campaign. How to be successful with banner advertising? Alright let get busy… First what is banner advertising? A “web banner” or “banner ad” is a form of advertising on the Internet. This form of online advertising entails embedding an ... market research, surveys and trends


2008 Motorcycle Owner Survey - webBikeWorld
May 21, 2009 - The Motorcycle Industry Council today released the results of their 2008 U.S. motorcycle owner survey. The report, entitled "Motorcycling in America Goes Mainstream" is bylined "The Industry�s Census Shows More Riders, More Households, More Women and More Young Buyers" Here is the press release from the Motorcycle Industry Council: Motorcycling is growing and rapidly becoming more mainstream at the start of the new millennium, says the latest census of two-wheeling. The number of American households that own motorcycles jumped 26 percent from 2003 to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Motorcycling in America Goes Mainstream Says 2008 Motorcycle ...
May 21, 2009 ... used in America grew 19 percent to approximately 10.4 million. ... magazine editorial and product reviews and the Internet are also important ... companies, advertising agencies, insurance firms and consultants. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Scott Cole & Associates Says Apple iPad False Advertising Continues
OAKLAND, Calif., Aug 16, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Apparently undeterred by a rash of consumer complaints and the filing of a national class action lawsuit, Apple, Inc. has continued to market its iPad tablet as an outside computing device, according to Scott Cole & Associates, APC, the law firm that filed the lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco on July 23, 2010, alleges that Apple engaged in a marketing campaign that promised functionality of the iPad outdoors and/or in warm conditions indoors, yet the computer routinely shuts down quickly in such situations. "Apple ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Showcasing Durability in a Soft Economy
RIPPING up the merchandise is not typically the first approach a company uses to promote its brand. But Dickies, the longtime maker of work wear, does just that in a new advertising campaign in which two motorcyclists, revving their engines, strain to tear apart a pair of its “Original 874” work pants that are suspended between them. In a campaign called “874 Versus” for Dickies, the longtime maker of work apparel, two motorcycles try to rip apart a pair of “Original 874” work pants. The campaign, the first the Fort Worth company has done with an advertising agency, is meant to showcase the durability and value of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


2008 Dealer Study - Motorcycle Dealer Study
brand or product from what the customer was looking for ... motorcycle sales. Customer referrals. Repeat customers. Advertising. Location. Dealer web site ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Motorcycle protective clothing –fashion or function
An informal review of advertisements for motorcycle apparel in Australia suggests that .... protective performance of motorcycle clothing products. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Advertising's Role in Marketing Chapter Outline Key Points
A marketing or advertising activity makes a product more valuable, useful or appealing. A Motorcycle is a Motorcycle… But a Harley is Something Different ...
How to get sponsors for solo motorcycle road trip? | LinkedIn ...
Have planned a solo motorcycle ride of about 2000kms over 15 days in India. Anyone to sponsor? Anyone who could help get sponsor/s? it's a 400kms/per day, 5 day one side. 5 day rest between To and Fro. Yes, it'll be leisure for me, but then isnt it the reason one rides :) Location specific: India posted 4 months ago in Travel Tools | Closed Share This International Hotelier, Public Speaker, E-Commerce & Web 2.0 Marketing Whiz see all my answers This was selected as Best Answer @Bryan: Have you ridden a motorcycle in India before? Depending on the route, 133 clicks a day is plenty, trust me ;-) Manish, I did this in ...
Google Answers: US Motorcycle Market - Demographic Data and Market ...
I am trying to put together a situational analysis and marketing plan for how harley-davidson can market to gen y and x' ers. I need to find marketing and demographic data to support my analysis. Below outlines the premise of the discussion, and I need some hard data to proceed with my analysis and aid in my strategy formulation and conclusion. I am rather intrigued by the Harley-Davidson marketing and new product development approaches which in many cases seem to be so intertwined as to be almost inseparable and unrecognizable as unique stand alone strategies in their own right. As stated by Joanne ...