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Music visualizer and effects toy

music visualizer and effects toy special research report Photo by
Luz can use any combination of Wiimotes, Wacom Tablets, MIDI keyboards and sliders/knobs, gamepads and joysticks, and laptop touchpads (as X/Y pads) to create any sort of interactive visual toy you want. Hand the devices to your friends, attach them to music instruments, gather around the screen (or projector!) and jam. Luz can use all of OpenGL’s features, and lets you connect any device input to any effect setting. Luz is getting quite mature and has already been used for many house parties, live shows at the Hawthorn Theatre , and at Reed College’s end-of-year campus party, Renn Fayre. And now it’s way ...
convinced the studio to begin work on a feature film in 1975. A series of writers attempted to craft a suitably epic script, but the attempts did not satisfy Paramount, so the studio scrapped the project in 1977. Paramount instead planned on returning the franchise to its roots with a new television series, Star Trek: Phase II . The box office success of Close Encounters of the Third Kind convinced Paramount that science fiction films other than Star Wars could do well at the box office, so the studio canceled production of Phase II and resumed its attempts at making a Star Trek film. In 1978, Paramount assembled the ...
[TOOL-TOY] Remix on your iPhone with BT & Sonik Architects' Sonifi ...
Sonifi won't sync with an older OS and won't install. I wish at least an error message could've come up to inform me of the obvious. I've tried a variety of other remix apps with different usability approaches. Some are oriented towards taking raw components to create an original composition. Others, like Sonifi at present, are about your interpretation of an existing work. What's fascinating about the iPhone/iPod Touch is how alternative inputs like the accelerometer come into play , and how other remix apps have generally neglected them. With Sonifi, you actually shake your iPhone ... market research, surveys and trends
Music Reviews 3/26/2010
In a music world dominated by Lady Gaga, pretty pop songs with electro beats and esoteric sex references aren’t exactly a revolutionary concept. Since Goldfrapp released the hugely successful Supernature in 2005, the rest of the industry has caught up to the innovative duo a bit: Acts like La Roux and Little Boots are getting attention, and electronic influences are sneaking into the Top 40. On Head First, we find a Goldfrapp that is no longer making bold musical steps forward but resting in their sweet spot. There’s nothing revolutionary happening, but there’s plenty to love, if also plenty to wish for. Unlike Goldfrapp’s most ... market research, surveys and trends


IPad - Apple News
week in Apple, but it has certainly been a contentious one. Other smartphone makers aren't very happy that Apple dragged them into its own antenna mess, and the white iPhone 4 has been delayed again. Still, the company reported record results this quarter. Read on for the weekly roundup: Liveblog: Apple FY2010 Q3 Earnings : Apple reported another record quarter, with huge Mac, iPhone, and iPad sales. In fact, the company sold almost as many iPads as it did Macs during the third fiscal quarter. RIM, HTC, Nokia want no part of Apple's "self-made debacle" : Apple's competitors are displeased at having ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Dangerous Music Products: Users
a Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment Company that specializes in video games. Duman has over fifteen years experience in game audio and has worked on over 75 games for many of the top companies in the industry including Interplay , Shiny and Rock Star . Duman is currently in the midst of creating audio for "War in the North," a Lord of the Rings themed game that is highly anticipated by fantasy game players. It features all the latest in graphics and sound technology, including the audio in 5.1 surround. At Snowblind Duman has recently installed the Dangerous Music 2-Bus LT analog summing amp and the Dangerous Monitor ST/SR industry trends, business articles and survey research


Full-text PDF - The 1990s: information systems and computer ...
and play back CD music records, digitized photographs, or computer data in other formats. .... special effects. They may provide all the tools available in the photographic darkroom ... Undoubtedly Nintendo, or others in the toy and .... The Information Visualizer is a new operating system and user environment ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
DIIA Blog » Apple
a UK company that specializes in growth opportunities across the telecom and media sectors, smartphones will comprise 23% of the mobile phone industry by 2013. Tech Radar points to the rising demand for multi-media applications which is driving other brands such as Nokia, Google, et al to jump into the applications arena. Currently, Apple Apps dominate the market at over 300 million applications and counting. That’s a lot of apps. I love TR’s elegant, techy description of smartphones: “personalized internet-centric mobile computers.” Dick Tracy would surely have been an early adopter… Tags: mobile ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
After Effects Portal: Links
a blog by digital filmmaker Stu Maschwitz, mostly deals with technical issues of compositing, and also features general book recommendations. Scott Squires of ILM and Commotion fame has his own podcast on Effects Corner . Alex Lindsay holds forth as part of the MacBreak team and lead on This Week in Media . Toolfarm uses blog software daily to relay news and marketing info. Motionworks has a blog, gallery, and tutorials. AE Portal News has occasional news on After Effects and the world. Adobe blogs can be interesting: see John Nack of the Photoshop team and Bob Donlon’s Digital Video Blog. Steve Kilisky , the AE product ...
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Experience a world of sleek and powerful portable gaming and so much more. Nintendo DSi builds on the DS Lite with a succession of new and enhanced features designed to appeal to both gamers and casual users. At a mere 18.9mm thin, the almost effortlessly portable DSi fits conveniently into your pocket and your life, making it easy to play games on the go, take a quick mental break in the middle of your busy day or even share favorite photos and music with friends. The 3.25" screen of the DSi brings images to life with even greater depth and clarity for intense gaming or convenient photo showcasing. Two built-in cameras, one on ...
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will the DSi will be like a ps3,360, wii and etc, for example it'll have update patches for it? meaning i have to update my R4i or AK 2 or w/e? and will it brick my DSi. im currently playing pkmn platinum on my R4 ds. if i buy Acekard 2i, can i still use my game save? i curenntly own a DS lite do you guys think its worth buying a DSi? annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd DS and DSi will both have same games right? Experience a world of sleek and powerful portable gaming and so much more. Nintendo DSi builds on the DS Lite with a succession of new and enhanced features designed to appeal to both gamers and casual users. At a mere ...