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MySpace Canada Launches Social Classifieds

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MySpace continues to clean up the look and feel of its site with the launch of a new profile and editor. It’s not ready for mainstream U.S. use yet, so they’ve unleashed it on Canadian users for testing (anyone can try it out though, see below). This is the next stage in their ongoing effort to make the site more usable for people who aren’t comfortable with a no-rules, add-your-own-html interface. In June they launched the first part of MySpace 2.0 , which reduced clutter on the site significantly. The new changes give users much more control over their profile. Instead of having to add html and Javascript to ...
in April 2008, based on monthly unique visitors. MySpace employs 1,000 employees, after laying off 30% of its workforce in June 2009; the company does not disclose revenues or profits separately from News Corporation. The 100 millionth account was created on August 9, 2006, 1 in the Netherlands. 2 Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
the year in social media: 2008 - the meat and potatoes
Like with those, I dug through our archives and picked out a number of highlights from the social media industry. It was a huge year for social media and not every single story is covered here, but you should find most of the meat and potatoes. January Facebook joined the Data Portability Group along with along with Plaxo and Google. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared on 60 Minutes, he found more investors, and Facebook's news feed would start treating apps differently. MySpace got a little more Facebook-like with Friend updates and announced safety principles. Google was testing a new AdWords feature to target ads ... market research, surveys and trends
A History of the Social Web
Trebor-- this is one of the best-researched, most clearly-communicated articles I"ve read on the topic. It's a helpful gloss of all the important steps and players along the trajectory of the social web. Keep going! Loving it. Looks good. Interesting narrative, and some non-obvious connections being made. Some things you might consider: 1. Networked sociality didn't start with the telegraph either :). "Networks" are a way of looking at things (paying attention to the links rather than the nodes) and so have always existed. Perhaps you mean "social networking technologies." The distinction gets to the whole confusion of ... market research, surveys and trends


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is an online social networking service, allowing users to share messages, interests and photos with a growing body of friends. Users can send emails, post videos, listen to music, and write blogs; the site also includes classified ads and posting of events. Currently one of the top ten Internet sites, MySpace was founded in July 2003 by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe. Last updated: April 27, 2006. MySpace, Inc. 407 N. Maple Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 CA Tel. 310-969-7400 Type : Subsidiary On the web : Don't want people getting all up in your space? Then maybe you shouldn't join ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Facebook launches French version - web - Technology -
Facebook has begun offering a French language version of the popular social network site, joining the Spanish and German language versions the company introduced over the past month, it said on Sunday. Facebook relied on French-speaking members of the site to translate the site to French from English, as it has done with previously launched Spanish and German versions. Facebook has enjoyed spectacular international growth in the past year, despite being published only in English until recently. Roughly 60 percent of Facebook's more than 67 million users live outside the United States. France is the sixth most active country ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Facebook tops 500 mln users despite ranking poorly in consumer satisfaction survey
said, Wednesday, it has "served 500 million customers" and is on its way to breach the 1 billion mark, shrugging off a consumer survey report that it sits at the bottom of the heap in terms of user experience. The Facebook logo is displayed on a computer screen in Brussels, April 21, 2010. , founded 6 years ago, said it has over 500 million users to date and now aspires to reach the 1 billion member mark or connect one out every seven people on this planet. To celebrate the occasion, Facebook has launched an application called Facebook Stories, which allows users to share a post with everyone using the application, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
5 Tips for Managing Your Company's Brand on the Web
a leader in helping organizations improve business processes, increase employee productivity and enhance stakeholder engagement inside and outside the organization using social technologies. Brand management in the current era means not just keeping an ever-present eye on the social web, but also engaging in meaningful ways with brand advocates and detractors. Professionals in the field have come to accept social media as crucial to their jobs, but most know that managing a company’s brand on the web is so much more than setting up shop on social sites like Twitter and Facebook . Here we’ll give you an inside look at ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Microsoft PowerPoint - Webtwopto2006
Nov 8, 2006 ... Community / Social Media — Likes of Wikipedia, MySpace, .... Over 9 Years, Ratio of eBay US Listings to Newspaper Classifieds ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
AOT in Action issue 315, 051010_2
Air Canada to Launch Montreal-Phoenix Winter Non-Stop Flights; Double Daily ... Social influencers cannot be ignored. They band together -- billions strong -- and can make ... MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and others -- remain staggering. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Social networks like MySpace and Facebook describe their services ..... brand companies attending the [Facebook Ads launch] announcement said they viewed ads ..... complaint against Facebook in Canada likewise focuses on the site's col- ...
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"Today we're announcing many more ways to interact with your network on LinkedIn... it's a new way to create projects and collaborate, share information, customize your profile, or gain key insights"   MySpace MyAds Self-Service Advertising "On Monday, the popular social network is officially launching a self-service advertising program called MySpace MyAds that lets small businesses and individuals create ads tailored to the personal information on its users' age, gender, location and interests."   Facebook Sets Up International HQ In Ireland "We looked at a number of different ...
How many people use the Facebook online social network?
Facebook is the most popular social networking site in several English-speaking countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom. However, in the United States, it has only 36 million users compared to MySpace's 73 million. The website has won awards such as placement into the "Top 100 Classic Websites" by PC Magazine in 2007, and winning the "People's Voice Award" from the Webby Awards in 2008. In a 2006 study conducted by Student Monitor, a New Jersey-based company specializing in research concerning the college student market, Facebook was named the second most popular thing among ...