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Ocean Aerial Advertising

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John Atkinson of the Ocean Alliance helps guide its research vessel Odyssey down the railway at the Gloucester Marine Railway yesterday evening. Scientists and crew members will take the ship to the Gulf to determine the effects of the oil spill on 1,600 sperm whales in the area. Kate Glass Engineer Rick Walker ties off the Ocean Alliance’s research vessel, the Odyssey, at the Gloucester Marine Railway yesterday evening following the boat’s launch. Ten scientists and crew members will be taking the ship to the Gulf to study the impact of the oil spill on 1,600 sperm whales in the area. Kate Glass PLEASE NOTE CHANGES IN POLICY: ...
This area was the first section of Miami Beach to be developed, starting in the 1910s, thanks to the development efforts of Carl G. Fisher , the Lummus Brothers, John S. Collins , and others. The area has gone through numerous artificial and natural changes over the years, including a booming regional economy, increased tourism, and the 1926 hurricane , which destroyed much of the area.
Plan a Sunsational Summer at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort and ...
Beachgoers will be treated to colorful and exciting banner advertising again this summer, as Arnold Aerial Advertising takes to the skies. While beachgoers enjoy the fun and unique advertising overhead, advertisers find comfort in knowing that their aerial advertising works. The greatest advantage of aerial advertising, says Michael Arnold of Arnold Aerial Advertising, is its ability to lure the target audience easily. Specifically, studies show that people remember aerial ads long after they are gone. They retain the information from the ad much longer than they do after viewing a traditional ad. Click here to read more… ... market research, surveys and trends
Atlanta Fashion Designer Releases City Senorita Collection
The popular Celtic Rock band, Stand Easy, has announced its new CD release, "Tainted." The band's newest CD, "Tainted," includes 11 tunes, ranging from the powerful "Western Thunder" to the haunting "Leaving Lismore." More details and MP3s are available on the website: Stand Easy's self-titled first CD has been heard on over a hundred commercial radio stations in the U.S.A., Scotland, Canada and Mexico. Stand Easy is a Celtic Rock band led by Los Angeles-based John McLean Allan, an award-winning bagpiper, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. ... market research, surveys and trends


Blue skies are the medium for aerial advertising | ...
MIGUELJUAREZ staff Pilot David Coleman, of Aerial Advertising Agency, Eatontown, hooks up a banner that is to be displayed over Jersey Shore beaches. EATONTOWN — You can turn the page or change the channel when you don’t want to read or watch a commercial, but there’s not much you can do to avoid an advertisement flying overhead. "When you’re lying on the beach, there’s nothing you can do but watch that sky," said Robert Squillare, owner of Aerial Advertising Agency, Eatontown. "You can’t flip it and you can’t switch it. You’re all mine." According to Squillare, who operates a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Lakewood Airport remains hub of activity | ...
Opened in 1945 on Cedar Bridge Avenue by William C. Applegate, the 239-acre airport was located on the outskirts of town amid chicken farms. Today, at 192 acres, it is the center of the state’s second largest industrial park. Members of the authority overseeing the airport aspire to the same success, according to Lakewood Airport Authority Chair-man Richard Orne. “The image we’re looking to present would be consistent with the rest of the industrial park,” Orne said. “We want the airport itself to become a destination either by road or by air (for those who want) to have dinner at a restaurant on ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
It's a bit sharky at the Shore, mate!
An alleged cell-phone photo shows what may be an alleged great white. Maybe not, though. Some people say the photo is a fake. Either way, I think I'll go for a surf. I was up at the beach  checking the surf the other day when I ran into a local surfer of my acquaintance.  He pulled out his cellphone and showed me a photo that he said had been taken by a friend of his off the pier in Seaside the day before. The photo shows what appears to be a small great white shark, about 10 feet long, he said. I guess that  makes it a not-so-great white shark, but I imagine if could still take big bite out of a bennie - or ... market trends, news research and surveys resources Get Onboard With Stock Brain!! NTMG,SITO,BMOD,SNSR:: Sign ...
LAS VEGAS, NV, Jun 25, 2010 -- NT Mining Corporation (PINKSHEETS: NTMG) reports that it has begun preparations to establish a full camp at its Bullmoose Mine site in preparation for production in the coming weeks. The Company has assembled a work crew, equipment, provisions and a 10 man tent and has arranged and scheduled to be transported to the city of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories on June 28th. From there, the transportation of all personnel and equipment to the company's property and site of the mine will be via Beaver aircraft on June 30th. The crew will then setup the camp and equipment and begin ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Aerial advertising, predominantly by single-engine planes flying at low ... fly at low altitudes over the City's beaches adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FAA investigations of aerial advertising/banner towing accidents have revealed ..... When banner tow operations are being conducted along ocean front beach ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What is a meaning of term Jersey Shore?
The Jersey Shore is a term used in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States to refer to both the Atlantic coast of New Jersey and the adjacent resort and residential communities. Its popularity as a tourist destination is due in large part to the nearly continuous stretch of beaches along its length, classic themes (antique, quaint, and classic), and boardwalks filled with hundreds of rides. The New Jersey State Department of Tourism further considers the Shore Region, Greater Atlantic City, and the Southern Shore to be distinct, each having different character. The other three tourism marketing areas are the Gateway, the ...
What is bermuda triangle why are people not able to solve its ...
The Bermuda Triangle has a reputation for being an area where ships and airplanes disappear, often under mysterious circumstances. This reputation came to public awareness in the 1950s and became a household name in the 1970s, mostly due to "The Bermuda Triangle", a bestselling book written by Charles Berlitz. Various explanations for the apparent high number of disappearances have been put forward, ranging from the mundane to the hyper-fantastic. Skeptics contend that this region has a comparable rate of maritime and aerial incidents as any other similar sized region of the ocean. They point out that Lloyd's of London, ...