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Special Report on

Patent medicine broadside

patent medicine broadside special research report Photo by
of December 1844, Poe published his longest burlesque, “The Literary Life of Thingum Bob, Esq. Late Editor of the ‘Goosetherumfoodle.’” The late Professor Mabbott regarded it as “perhaps the most amusing of Poe’s satires (if the background is understood)” (l). The “background,” in Hervey Allen’s view, comprised his early life in Richmond and his relations with John Allan or father “Bob” in the tale (2). The burlesque is, however, chiefly a satire on editors and especially on ...
in the east. The inventions listed here were developed during the medieval Islamic world, which covers the period from the early Caliphate to the later Ottoman , Safavid and Mughal empires. In particular, the majority of inventions here date back to the Islamic Golden Age , which is traditionally dated from the 8th to the 13th centuries.
some trade cards and broadsides
This article discusses the history of advertising, especially focusing on trade cards and broadsides. It notes the products that were advertised and the images used, and describes some of the well-known lithographers. It originally appeared in the June 1942 issue of American Collector magazine, a publication which ran from 1933-1948 and served antique collectors and dealers. American advertising has always told a rousing story. What people had and what they could acquire. From the first issue of the Boston News Letter to 1942, this advertising has been an accurate, contemporary record. Type and pictures consummated merchandising ... market research, surveys and trends
New Drug Makes Women Crave Sex And Boosts Their Enjoyment Of It ...
for women promises great pleasure in the world’s bedrooms — and terrific profits for its manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim. Women who took the medicine, known as flibanserin, reported 22 percent more “satisfying sexual events” than those given a placebo in two clinical tests of 1,378 North American patients, Boehringer said yesterday at the European Society for Sexual Medicine annual meeting in Lyon, France. Pooled results from the two trials and a third European study show women who took the drug had more sex, wanted more sex and experienced less distress related to lack of desire. Boehringer plans to use the ... market research, surveys and trends


Bureau of Investigation
constituents (parts per million) of Sleepy Water as follows : Calcium sulphate. 18.36. Sodium chloride. 13.26 ... broadside called theHot Springs Nezvs, which is "distributed .... 1.0 percent. The government's findings have been essentially confirmed by ... acteristic of the "patent medicine" fraternity. A lack of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
AdweekMedia Forecast 2010
It's one of life's indelible truisms that the only good thing about hitting rock bottom is that there's no place else to go but up. And it looks like -- hopefully -- that maxim will apply to auto advertising for 2010 and beyond. Just in case 2009 wasn't rock bottom, it had to be damn close: Ad spending skidded to a halt with antilock-brake efficiency, falling 31 percent in the first half of the year alone. Meanwhile, two Detroit behemoths sputtered into the ditch of bankruptcy. In terms of sales, it was the worst time since World War II -- and back then, coincidentally or not, the Big Three were making bombs, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


she bought an 1862 broadside printed for Richard Kitson, owner of a machine shop in Lowell, ..... Mr. Helfand also gave a long run of the patent medicine ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Books and Journals - History of Medicine
The NLM historical collection of more than 600,000 printed works includes pre-1914 books and serials, thousands of pamphlets and dissertations, and pre-1871 journals. Material in the collection covers every area of the history of medicine and the health sciences in the United States and Europe, and substantial collections of Latin American and Asian publications. The historical book collection provides a rich resource for studying every aspect of medicine and health in the past, including related areas of social, economic, and intellectual history. The collection includes about 500 incunabula (books printed before 1501), some ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
RMC - Collections > Photographs & Visual Materials
In addition to manuscript and rare book holdings, Cornell's Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections has major holdings of visual materials. These collections include photographs, movie film and videotape, posters and broadsides, watercolors, prints, and other graphics. Photographic collections consist of still photographs: daguerreotypes, tintypes, stereographs, cyanotypes, cartes de visite and cabinet cards, lantern slides, and glass plate negatives, as well as modern prints and negatives. Specific collections of note are those of Arthur Allen (ornithology), Gerow D. Brill (China and the Philippines), Niels Douwes ...
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