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Special Report on

Patient Recruitment Services

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PPD's clients can attract and retain qualified patients for their clinical studies with PPD's comprehensive patient recruitment, retention and telecommunications center services. Our global reach and knowledge of regulations and customs worldwide expedite the process of clinical trial patient recruitment. PPD understands the challenges and importance of a successful patient recruitment program and offers a full suite of clinical trial patient recruitment services . Fully integrated with PPD clinical operations, our in-house, dedicated patient recruitment managers have extensive therapeutic and recruitment experience ...
Patient enrollment is the most time-consuming aspect of the clinical trial process. The leading cause of missed clinical trial deadlines is patient recruitment, taking up to 30 percent of the clinical timeline. Improving patient recruitment rates offers pharmaceutical and medical device companies one of the biggest opportunities to accelerate the pace of clinical trials – making it possible to reduce time to market . As the number of patients needed for clinical trails rises – as safety and regulatory issues drive trends toward larger and longer trials – the demand for patient recruitment services grows. Clinical trials are ...
Jobmixter: 49 jobs - 21 April 2010
Required: Cpanel Management Wordpress Installation, Configuration, Maintenance Advanced HTML/CSS skills Entry Level Graphics Design Preferred Drupal Installation, Configuration, Maintenance and Custom Theme Development Wordpress Theme Modification Starter Position - $250 / month no experience needed Advanced Position - $300- $325 / month depends on experience Great employer - always pays - as many vacation days as you like (unpaid) Excellent work morale and great team spirit! Location: All cities - Nationwide Date: 20 April 2010 2.- Senior Web Developer - [ read more ... ] This is an exciting opportunity for a ... market research, surveys and trends
Excel Life Sciences and Investigator Support Services Announce ...
a U.S.-based, India-focused provider of comprehensive trial management services announces that it has formed a partnership with Chicago-based Investigator Support Services (ISS) to help biopharmaceutcal companies and CROs identify investigative sites in India for their clinical research studies. ELS has one of the largest networks of investigative sites in India with over 1,000 investigators and 700 sites. Each site has undergone an extensive due diligence visit and review by ELS to determine its experience and capabilities before they are accepted into the ELS network, enabling ELS to find the most qualified investigative sites ... market research, surveys and trends


News Review Week Ending April 3, 2010
A team of scientists including University of Utah researchers has discovered that binding of a potent inhibitor of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) to the genetic material of the virus causes a major conformational change that may adversely affect the ability of the virus to replicate. This discovery, published in the March 29 early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , provides a potential new target for structure-based design of new hepatitis C treatments. Hepatitis C is a major public health problem affecting as many as 170 million people worldwide, with 2 million to 3 million new cases ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
CROs evolve to a new level - Express Pharma
Contract research organisations (CROs) may be relatively younger than the pharmaceutical companies they partner with, but they have grown substantially to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them. And it now seems to be the turn of Indian CROs, with more drug development work flowing to Asia, reports Viveka Roychowdhury Ever since pharmaceutical companies started outsourcing functions, the effect has been almost amoeba-like; where each outsourced function grows into a company, and finally creates an entire industry with its own ecosystem. Pharma outsourcing started out in the 1980s, says Joseph Manoj ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Pharma using Facebook to find human guinea pigs
FORTUNE — Let’s say you’re one of the millions of Facebook users who logs into the site for a minute to reconnect with friends. Maybe you’re taking a break from a big project at work, or settling in for an evening of couch surfing. Maybe, sadly, you have cancer, diabetes, or some other ailment. That’s when you first notice it: A Facebook ad looking for people to take part in a clinical trial — in your age range, with your illness, living in your town. So how did Facebook know your medical secrets? They didn’t — until you clicked on the ad and told them. In the last two years, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Public service cuts will come: but how and where?
Politicians are promising that vital services such as schools and Surestart will be protected from cuts. Photograph: Christian Sinibaldi Nearly every day someone declares that the UK's finances are even worse than we thought, and that it is time to think the unthinkable about what we spend on public services and how we deliver them. While trade unions predict that frontline care services will suffer, politicians are promising that schools, rubbish collection and Surestart will be protected from cuts. Instead there will be a bonfire of the quangos, although some think this may, in reality, mean many organisations are slimmed ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jane Anderson 18 MAY 2010 Anderson Public ...
May 18, 2010 ... Established in 2009, CROče was the first Japanese CRO to focus on patient recruitment services. CROče specializes ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Global Head Patient Recruitment - Utah Economic Data Viewer
  Position Summary: The Global Service Head of Patient Recruitment is a global leader in developing and maintaining a long-term vision and strategy to grow Employers Patient Recruitment services to meet our customer needs by successfully managing the functions P&L while driving operational quality and efficiency. The candidate must have command of the shifting global Patient Recruitment market and have experience establishing, maintaining and conveying a long term vision and strategic integrated approach to service delivery across global sites through organizational design. The Global Service Head of Patient ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
5.0 RESEARCH SUBJECT AND PATIENT RECRUITMENT .... Examples of clinical trial listing services that do not need IRB review and approval include ...
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I would definitely exclude referrals relating to patients under federal healthcare programs from the scope of this question - there is federal law prohibiting fees for that type of referral, but I do want some broad perspective on whether state medical boards view referrals of reimbursement-ineligible patients differently, and if so, how?. I also know that not all states approve of practice management consultants including patient recruitment among their contracted services, but here again I am looking for those that have a different viewpoint, if any. posted 3 months ago in Health Care | Closed Share This Owner, Holistic ...
What E-Clinical Data Management (EDC) company has Oracle acquired ...
As Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Yin is responsible for the definition and management of Medidata's corporate strategy, including bringing together software, implementation, hosting and support services to address new and existing market segments and customer requirements. Prior to joining Medidata, Yin spent close to seven years at Pfizer in senior management positions, including senior director for medical policy, worldwide public affairs and policy where she developed, defined and led global medical policy related to the practice of medicine, patient-physician relationships and physician-payer relationships, and ...