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Persuasion in Advertising

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Being a selling and advertising expert is something paradoxical. The original part of the paradox is that you should be able to hear the world "no" without picking it personally. Of course that is harsher than it sounds because "no" is just not a word we want to hear when we're writing a transactions pitch. Persuasion Advertising Your first feeling at hearing the word is a feeling of dread. It's like someone has punched you in the stomach or told you that all your hard work is worth nothing. However, we must be okay when the word "no" is spoken, because there will always be those who use it.
The commercial was a popular, financial, and critical success, boosting sales during the period in which it ran, and receiving more awards than any other campaign in 2002, including a Cannes Gold Lion , an Epica Award and several prizes from the D&AD Awards.
An Era of Apologia Advertising - Elemental Communication
I recently hosted a discussion on “Persuasion in Advertising” and showed a few examples of current ads, to draw out a point on how advertisers deploy pathos to move audiences. As the discussion moved from Tiger, to Toyota to GM, one participant asked a great question: Why is there so much apologizing going on in advertising? The simple answer is that it’s a sign of the times. But what are the specific factors precipitating this new trend in advertising? The surge in this “sorry” state of affairs is a response to economic shifts, changed consumer attitudes and a reconfiguration of the political ... market research, surveys and trends
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This chapter opens up with Luciano Benetton, the owner of the United Colors of Benetton franchise, and many of his controversial advertising campaigns. These are often classified as shock advertising. Shock advertising uses images that are emotionally powerful, or shocking, to sell products and gain media attention. This idea highlights the fact that, in communications, the fields of advertising, public relations, and journalism are very closely related. In all of these lies the idea of persuasion and propaganda. Persuasion, which is a socially acceptable way of attempting to change individuals’ attitudes, was first ... market research, surveys and trends


Persuasion - AEF
Advertising is about selling. By nature, advertising is neither neutral nor objective. Pleading its case through the strongest, most persuasive means, advertising informs, entertains and sells. Occasionally, it even inspires. If advertising is about selling, then persuasion is how we get there. BACKGROUND Consumers are not persuaded by illogical or irrational promises and can see through ill-conceived ideas. You might be surprised to learn that 80 to 90 percent of new products launched FAIL. Smart marketers hold the utmost respect for their ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Essays and Papers on ADVERTISING Research Papers, Essays, and Term ...
Infomercials are a powerful form of advertising. Not only do they educate the public about new products, they entertain. Once the domain of low-cost advertisers, the informercial format is now used by such retail giants as Panasonic, Apple Computer, and Sears. Infomercials are long-form, or program-length, commercials. They generally last for 30 minutes, in contrast to short-form commercials which average 30 seconds. Infomercials address a need in the marketplace because some products cannot be sold properly using the short-form commercial format. Infomercials give the marketer the chance to discuss the merits of a product ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Social network Foursquare tells friends, advertisers where you are
They can find you through the global-positioning system (GPS) chips in your smart phone if you've logged on to the Foursquare social network and "checked in" at a local business location. On Foursquare, a ping is a brief "I'm here" message, while a shout is a text message. "I've got about 150 friends and mutual acquaintances on the service," said Shawn Horton, 24, of St. Paul, Minn., a dedicated user of social media. "You just let your GPS phone say 'I'm here'." But New York-based Foursquare, a hot new social network that claims 1.5 million users nationwide ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Tampa pitchman off to Cannes to prove he's 'greatest' salesman
Call me thick as a brick, but Tampa's Eric Polins stands on the edge of greatness. He's six days away from competing in Cannes, France, for "World's Greatest Salesperson," having out pitched nearly 230 global competitors for a finalist shot at the title offered up by giant New York advertising icon OgilvyOne Worldwide. And to what does Polins owe his success thus far? Selling a lowly red brick. More on that in a moment. Salesmanship gets a bad rap. Without it, commerce stalls. The economy grinds to a halt. Capitalism collapses. Truly great salesmanship, mastering the art of persuasion, is a dwindling art. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


EMOTION AND PERSUASION IN ADVERTISING: WHAT WE DO Ai~DDON'T KNOW ABOUT AFFECT1. Michael L. Ray, Rajeev Batra. Stanford University caveats in each case). ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Tobacco advertising and the art and science of persuasion
which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. There has been a great deal of tobacco control literature over the past decade regarding how advertising is used to persuade consumers to purchase tobacco, and ultimately to become loyal brand smokers. In a similar manner the literature increasingly describes methods to "counter advertise;" i.e., to use advertising in an attempt to persuade individuals to quit smoking, or better yet, to not initiate smoking. The article by DiFranza and Pollay in this issue of journal raises an intriguing question: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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WikiAnswers - What is an example of propaganda in advertising
Propaganda is different than persuasion. A propagandist is only interested in achieving his goals. Persuasion involves a dialogue between two parties. If I'm attempting to persuade you, I make my goals clear, state my case, listen to your concerns, adjust my goals as necessary, etc. Ideally, both sides win. That's not the case with propaganda, which is one-sided with the goals of the propagandist concealed. A propagandist attempts to achieve his goals at all costs. First answer by Themarketingarm . Last edit by Themarketingarm . Contributor trust : 67 [ recommend contributor ]. Question
What is the basis of persuasive communication? What is persuasion ...
Persuasive communication has been re-defined several times since the era of Aristotle in which he looked at persuasion from the criteria of pathos (emotional appeals) , ethos (credibility), and logos (logical appeals). As we struggle to make meaning and forge our personal identity and create a life worth living...what other criteria might be added to the mix? What makes persuasion a success in new marketing, new media, and new pr? What shapes our consumer, political, and personal choices? (affiliation and identity, Maslow's Hierarchy, Cult of Personality, design, Anything from Ogilvy) I'm interested in any and all ...