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Special Report on

Policy on Commercial Sponsorship

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Table 1  Meta-analyses included in study and their respective coding, by subcategory, for financial ties, quality score, results, and conclusions   Characteristics of included meta-analyses The included meta-analyses were published from 1983 to 2004, with 50% published after 1996. Table 2 summarises the other characteristics of the meta-analyses. A substantial portion (49 of 124, 40%) had financial ties to one drug company. Of these, 9 (18%) disclosed such funding in the meta-analysis, 5 (10%) in the sponsored supplement, and 12 (24%) in the authors’ previous publications, whereas the rest had a mixture of ...
a former tsar’s estate, now a state-owned historical, architectural and nature reserve museum, located only 10 km south-east of the city center. Since its start in 2004, the Afisha Picnic has followed the concept that mixes professional music festival featuring performances of international artists and local independent musicians, and urban-style event with all sorts of entertainment, such as designers’ market, gastronomic area, games, movies, lectures and, on one occasion, even a dance floor on the rollerdrome. The festival is visited by 50,000 visitors that spread out over 1000 acres of land.
Health Research Policy and Systems | Full text | Improving the use ...
Department of Clinical Pharmacy, University of California, San Francisco, 3333 California Street, Suite 420, San Francisco, CA 94143-0613, USA 2  Department of Clinical Pharmacy and the Institute for Health Policy Studies, University of California, San Francisco, Suite 420, Box 0613, 3333 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA author email corresponding author email Health Research Policy and Systems 2006, 4 : 16 doi:10.1186/1478-4505-4-16 The electronic version of this article is the complete one and can be found online at: © 2006 Boyd and Bero; ... market research, surveys and trends
More nails in the coffin for acupuncture: and some bad journalism
The analgesic effect of placebo acupuncture is moderate but very variable as some large trials report substantial effects. The effect of acupuncture seems to be unrelated to the type of placebo acupuncture used as control. The results confirm, yet again, that there is essentially no difference between “real” acupuncture and sham acupuncture. All that talk about meridians and Qi really is so much mumbo jumbo. The average effect (the diamond at the bottom) is essentially zero. It has often been supposed that acupuncture is a theatrical placebo, but because of the placebo effect it produces more pain relief than ... market research, surveys and trends


Questions on the Independence and Reliability of Cochrane Reviews ...
Oct 25, 2006 ... only death or disability greater than 80 percent qualified for ... damage civil liability at between $2.5 billion and $4 billion if ..... Cochrane Collaboration's Policy on Commercial Sponsorship. Revised April 2006. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Latest Attempt to Discredit Vitamin Therapies: Is it Criminal ...
Managers of the I.G. Farben pharmaceutical and chemical cartel, sitting in the dock at the WWII Nuremberg war crimes tribunal. Charged with crimes including mass murder and crimes against humanity, thirteen of them were given prison terms ranging from eighteen months to eight years. In August 1947, two years after the end of the Second World War, twenty-four managers of the I.G. Farben pharmaceutical and chemical cartel appeared before an international war crimes tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany, to be charged with crimes including mass murder and crimes against humanity. The tribunal’s verdicts, delivered 11 months later, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Commercials in 'Mad Men' Style, Created for the Series
A commercial for Dove features characters in the mold of AMC’s “Mad Men,” Tad Winter, left, and Phil Smith, along with Nancy, a secretary. THE fact that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, the new agency on “Mad Men,” has landed the Pond’s cold cream account is not the only advertising news to come out of the television series this week. AMC, the cable channel that presents the show about the ad industry — and America — in the 1960s has made a deal with a giant marketer, Unilever , for a season-long sponsorship agreement. The deal, for undisclosed terms, is centered on six commercials being created in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Journalists, doctors, universities, and conflicts of interest: what an unholy mess
On July 29, the Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney held a workshop aiming to raise awareness among faculty members about conflict of interest issues. It is becoming ever clearer, however, that these are not only important issues for medical academics and clinicians more broadly, but are also relevant for public health professionals. And they are also timely for journalists and the media, especially given the controversy around the sponsorship of this week’s Walkley Foundation media conference by the oil giant, Exxon Mobil, a company which has been in the headlines for promoting disinformation about climate ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Dialogue 4: Review of Financial Viability COCHRANE COLLABORATION ...
Policy on commercial sponsorship. After a period of extensive consultation, there was overwhelming consensus that the Collaboration should ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Appendix IX Sample Sponsorship Policy - XX Parks & Recreation ...
created by this policy: Advertisements incidental to commercial sponsorship must primarily propose a commercial transaction, either directly, through the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Guidelines for Commercial Sponsorship
to adhere to a more restrictive policy, those requirements will take precedence over this policy. B) All commercial sponsorship must be identified. ...
Google Answers: Commercial Airline Pilot Training Sponsorships
I am looking to become a commercial airline pilot, but i do not have the funds required to cover the training costs. i want to avoid getting a loan from the bank because of the high interest rates. i have looked almost everywhere on the internet looking for a commercial airline that offers a pilot sponsorship that pays for all the training and in return i work for them for a certain amount of years, slowly paying them back. I do know that these sponsorships exist and a lot of airlines have stopped them recently, but there are some airlines that still do them. Which ones do? and how do i apply? Are there any pilot training ...
I have written a book on sports marketing and sponsorship, and ...
2) This is not really a fair use or a copyright infringement issue. What you are talking about are trademarks and they belong to the owner 3) and hence you would have to have the owner's permission to use them. If this was not the case, making products with the Nike logo such as hats and shirts would not be a problem. It is protection of the logo, and hence the brand, that is at issue and I think you will find it is an absolute. Now if you just call them by name and do not use their distinctive logos - that is not a problem. posted 7 months ago Business WRITER, Editor | Blogger | Strategic MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, B2B | ...