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Special Report on

Post Production Houses

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Editing, telecine, visual effects, animation, audio post houses, all featured here at The Inspiration Room. Use the form at the bottom of the page to add your company to this list or to change your details. 2 and a half D , Auckland 30 Second Films , Auckland 422 , Manchester 4 Stroke , Toronto A52 , Santa Monica Absolute Post , London, New York Airbag Productions , Melbourne Andromines de TV , Barcelona Animal Logic , Sydney Amsterdam Video , Amsterdam Andromines de TV , Barcelona Ascent 142 , London Asylum FX , Santa Monica AXYZ , Toronto Bean Colour , Sydney Beast Editorial , New York, Los Angeles, Austin Big Sky Editorial , ...
The first festival, held from September 13 to September 21, 1996, was also the first international film festival in Korea. The focus of the PIFF is introducing new films and first-time directors, especially those from Asian countries. Another notable feature is the appeal of the festival to young people, both in terms of the large youthful audience it attracts and through its efforts to develop and promote young talent. In 1999, the Pusan Promotion Plan was established to connect new directors to funding sources.
Anyone work in the Game Industry? - Harder Breaking in then I ever ...
This search bar is a powerful tool for navigating CAG. You can use it to find the lowest prices on games, trade-in values, search members, forum and blog topics, and much more. After searching for a game title, click the icon to pop-up a window with pricing information. After typing in what you are looking for, you can filter your results by clicking on one of the tabs that pops up from the top of the search bar. Looking for a game on a specific platform? Type in the platform name with the title! Example: guitar hero 360 You don't need to click a pop-up tab to filter results. Just type what you are looking for right into ... market research, surveys and trends
YouTube Goes 4K: Why?
The official YouTube blog post says that "the ideal screen size for a 4K video is 25 feet". Yes, 25 feet. That's 6 times your average Joe's 50-inch TV and most apartment walls are 10 to 14 feet unless you feel like finding an empty wall at Ralph's... good luck. Wait, here is an idea. You go buy a 4K Red One camera ($25-50K with lenses and accessories), shoot an awesome 4K video, upload it to YouTube and... watch it on your iPhone? Oh wait, it's less than 4 inches and you need 25 feet of real estate to view it. Then go to your nearest Imax theater - they should let you fire up your 4K YouTube ... market research, surveys and trends


Post-production house faces Wall St. test. | Media ...
The waters will be tested this month for Hollywood's privately owned post-production houses -- and for advanced electronics, some boast -- as Laser-Pacific Media Corp. carries out its first offering of stock to the public. Aiming to raise about $10 million on Wall Street, Laser-Pacific would join the rather slim ranks of public companies doing post-production, which involves developing, editing and a host of other processes for already-shot film. The Hollywood-based firm does this work almost exclusively for television productions. Credits include "Cheers," "Dear John" and "The Simpsons." industry trends, business articles and survey research
Australia/New Zealand Industry News « Real Film Career Forum for ...
INDUSTRY super fund Media Super will provide a $20 million revolving credit loan facility to cash-flow the contentious producer offset. “This is a big vote of confidence in the sector and in the viability of the film and television industry,” said producer Emile Sherman, whose Fulcrum group of companies will facilitate the finance through a special purpose vehicle with Media Super. One of the key issues the film and TV sector has had with the offset is finding the money to fill the 40 per cent of the budget before the government refunds that rebate at the end of the project (the government essentially ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Summer Post Production Sizzles in Ireland
Post production houses around Ireland are being kept busy as action wraps on dozens of sets around the country. IFTN caught up with a few of the post houses who drive the Irish editing force to talk about the projects they are currently working on and new directions being taken in the area of post production. Irish post houses are enjoying the very positive complaint of having an enormous workload. Following their recent merger Screen Scene and Ardmore Sound are currently pre-mixing and doing a final mix on John Michael McDonagh�s �The Guard� for Element Pictures and are looking at the sound editorial, recording foley and ADR ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Extreme Reach Completes Integration with Ad-ID to Streamline Management and ...
/PRNewswire/ -- Extreme Reach, Inc., a leading provider of digital advertising distribution solutions, announced today that it has completed the industry's first integration between a video ad management and delivery platform and Ad-ID, the ad coding system developed by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's) and the Association of National Advertisers, Inc. (ANA). The integration is designed to eliminate manual data entry steps and enable a more efficient ad distribution workflow.   The first company to begin using the integrated services was ad agency Team Detroit, Inc., on behalf of Ford Motor ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Indie Filmmakers Find Partner in Post Production at Monaco Labs
post-production houses, who can now afford powerful digital workflows with the needed feature sets for color grading and finishing a variety of formats, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics - Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting ...
NYC full service Post Production Company offers Final Cut Pro, AVID Symphony Nitris and Adrenalines, HD and SD Offline and Online Editorial options.  Your editors or theirs.  Expert Color Correction, Graphics, DVD Authoring, Design, Compression, packaging and printing, all format Duplication, Conversions, Closed Captioning (your master tape never leaves the facility), and Production Offices for rent.  They specialize in Network, Cable and Independent television Series, Specials Promos, and Documentaries.  Whatever your post needs are, no matter how large or small the project or ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Film Production Technology (A.S. Degree) - Arts & Entertainment AS ...
(Click this link to view the program guide in PDF format. The program guide outlines the course requirements for both the degree and the related certificate program). Certificate Program: This is a short-term program that can be completed in one year or less. It is designed to enhance your job skills and help you advance further in your career. (The required courses for the certificate program is included in the A.S. degree link above) Film - Motion Picture Post-Production (12 credits) Program Description: Sitting behind a desk, pecking away at a keyboard isn't what you'd ...
  1. profile image bwrweira While we're in Brighton we're also dropping in on some Post Production Houses... hopefully to a warm welcome!
Finder's fee vs back-end profits | Ask MetaFilter
I am producing my first feature film, and have been in contact with someone who is good at approaching brands/investors and selling the film. At first we (my business partner and I) simply offered him a finder's fee of 10% of all monies he brought in. Since this initial premise, things have become more complicated. He is now insisting that he receive back end points, the same as us. In other words, after the pie has been cut up and divided between investors, deferred compensation, deals with post-production houses, etc., there remains 27% of net profits. He is insisting that he receive the same as us, ie, 9%. Perhaps ...
What goes into becoming a movie trailer maker? - Yahoo! Answers
Im really interested in making movie trailers. i know someone has to make them but who? Do you need a degree in film editing to become a "trailer maker"? Where do they make movie trailers? Thanks so much for your help! Member since: May 24, 2008 Total points: 4715 (Level 4) The folks who put together the trailers are generally the same ones who are editing the movie. However, there is alot of input from the producers and marketing folks, because they want to make the trailer sell the movie. The editor sometimes works for the producer or the studio, some directors bring along their favorite. The trailers are edited whereever ...