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Radio Jingles With Bespoke Music

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Music and new media production with composition, arranging, recording and post production of music, video and multimedia assets. Based in Dublin, Ireland. Arrangements On E! - Resource for songwriters and composers for leadsheets, arrangements and copyrights. BaerTracs Music Production - Music for film, CDs and the concert stage: score and audio samples, credits and contact information. Band Arrangements by Mike Rehill - Music arrangements, particularly for military band and pipes. Includes biography, song list, prices, and contact. Bauers, Brian - Original music and sound design for film, and other uses. Becker, Canton - ...
DAB Multiplex. The station won the prestigious "Station of the Year" award in the category for radio stations that serve between 300,000 and 1 million listeners at the Sony Radio Academy Awards in 2010, becoming the first BBC local radio station to win it twice (it was also victorious in 2007) BBC Radio Derby was also named Station of the Year in the 2009 BBC local radio station Gillard awards.
The Power of the Radio Jingle »
Jingles – sung promotional messages – have been part of radio advertising more or less since the industry was born in the 1920s. The two most common types of jingle are those used for radio station identities (think of “Bee Bee Cee – RAY-dio Twooooo!”) and those used in radio and TV ads for brand promotion known as “commercial jingles”. In this short introduction to the power of the jingle we’re going to focus on commercial jingles for brand promotion. If you’re creating radio ads for your business, you’ll find that adding a jingle gives them life and character, and makes your product and company name much more memorable. We ... market research, surveys and trends Forums / Classic Jingles / Hospital Radio Jingles
It's the one that goes "have you heard the news we've got something for you, so were glad your tuning our way, cos we're your friendly radio station, with music and laughter to brighten your stay. You can have a request, we give you the best in easy listening you can't go wrong....etc etc etc" and yes, i do know all the words! Anyone got it? "Have you heard the news, we`ve got something for you, so we`re glad you`re tuning our way, Because we`re your friendly radio station, with music and laughter to brighten your stay, You can have a request,. we give you the best in easy listening, you can`t ... market research, surveys and trends


Happenings November 2000
Many thanks to Hakan Widenstedt in Sweden and Jonathan from the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame, for alerting us to the following on the ReelRadio website : Richard Irwin writes: This interview is a gift from Pete Townshend to his friends and fans at REELRADIO. Pete visited the site, got caught up in the magic of a few classic airchecks, and wrote mean an e-mail. I didn't believe it was him and asked for an interview. He agreed. We asked Pete Townshend to talk about radio, Internet radio, and the Internet, which he did, most eloquently. I couldn't resist trying to make a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
BBC Radio Five Live - what should the new boss do? | Media ...
Van Klaveren is very much a BBC News man, currently its deputy director of news, under Helen Boaden, and its former head of newsgathering. Top of his agenda will be the station's move - controversial in some quarters - from London to Salford, due to be completed by 2011 . A close second will doubtless be an overhaul of the Radio Five Live schedule . But will it be evolution or revolution? As a regular Radio Five Live listener I think it sounds in fairly good health. The breakfast show won a Sony gold last year, Simon Mayo is imperious in the early afternoon and the sports coverage - dominating the weekend and weeknight ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Rob McCaffery's Jingle Trading List
Feb 17, 2010 ... 2004 - Bespoke Music. (MP3, 23:05). Radio Nova Ireland (Pirate) ... (MP3 , 3:09) Different copy, on-air jingles with Brian James VO ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Transmitter - You can be a good singer from now until
Apr 28, 2000 ... James A. Schulke, the father of "Beautiful Music," was a major force in the development of early television and FM radio. He ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
America's music, made me think about its beauty and meaning. ..... I did not hear any of [songs of the common people] on the radio. ... greatness, a hollowness that bespoke the unrealized ideals of the land and its people. ...... Guthrie's populist jingle is the national anthem," although he added, "the tune is a ...
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Can I use short clips of copyrighted music for multimedia ...
I have a question about the use of music in sales and marketing pieces. I'm developing a multimedia tour of our service, and want to use clips of music, similar to the ways radio show hosts use bumper music at the beginnings of segments. The presentation would be recorded as a DVD and given to a small number of prospects, fewer than 50 people. What needs to be done to be sure I'm using bumper music appropriately? Does it make a difference if the clips are used for a very small number of DVDs? Any tips are appreciated. posted June 12, 2008 in Business Development | Closed Share This CEO at see all my ...