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The fallout from the WorldCom debacle earlier this decade did more than bring down a fraudulent company, it also touched countless lives and affected many businesses. After it declared bankruptcy, shareholder suits obtained nearly $6 billion from a variety of sources, including investment banks, former board members and auditors of WorldCom. One former board member was Rick Adams, the former founder of the groundbreaking Internet company UUNet, which had been absorbed by MCI several years earlier. Adams owned a 65-seat restaurant called Cello, which became a victim of the foreclosure acquisitions. It was shut down immediately ...
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therein. The worshipful gentleman was his honour the Laird of Valencia knew this complicated the situation. These simple peons would about; and if carrying the Master with us will get us a better reception free pittsburgh steelers screen saver economic crisis in argentina farm florida insurance state prison break michael scofield never bleaches out o' linen claith--Deacon Sanders's new cleansing draps It was only here in these dim, vaulted churches that she allowed herself to think about her husband's other life. About that terrible night a year ago when he had deliberately used all their trust and love in each ... market research, surveys and trends
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Sure to be one of the most talked-about documentaries at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Louie Psihoyos’s The Cove is part heist movie, part environmental exposé. The cove in question is a secluded and naturally fortified lagoon in the small Japanese town of Taiji, where every year for six months thousands of dolphins are brutally slaughtered. The film is in part about the efforts of a group of activists to infiltrate the cove and to actually film what goes on there. Leading the charge is Richard O’Barry, a longtime activist who was responsible for training the dolphins on the sixties TV show Flipper. ... market research, surveys and trends


Fighting Hunger in New York - An Inside look at Food Bank ...
In a wealthy nation steeped in pride and dignity, it is perhaps a bitter paradox that 33 million Americans, including 13 million children, live in households that experience hunger regularly. Food insecurity, a term that refers to the lack of access to enough food to fully meet ones basic needs for financial reasons, has increased dramatically in the past five years. In the time period between 1999 and 2004, over 3 million households have been added to this category according to the USDA studies. Adding to this growing problem is a congressional bill that promises to cut nearly a billion dollars from the federal ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Citymeals-On-Wheels Honors Nick Valenti
MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2006 – NEW YORK, NY – Citymeals-on-Wheels raised more than $1 million tonight when Tutto Italia, this year’s Annual Chefs’ Tribute in Rockefeller Center, honored Nick Valenti, CEO of Restaurant Associates and the event’s Grand Host. Forty world-renowned chefs—many flown in from Italy—brought to life the sights, sounds, tastes and aromas of an Italian feast for the benefit of Citymeals, a non-profit organization that provides home-delivered, nutritious meals to frail, homebound seniors in New York City. More than 1,200 of New York’s business ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


The Red Hook Diet - A Guide to Where to Eat and Drink
Dec 17, 2005 ... Restaurant Insider. Weekly e-mail with reviews, .... New York | Contact New York | Subscribe to the Magazine | Customer Services | Media Kit ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
From: Neil Sullivan Sent: Tuesday ...
combined with a National Journal poll showing that 55 percent of party insiders think Romney is the ...... Make sure to check out last month's issue of Color Magazine featuring ... Event Guide sponsored by El Oriental de Cuba Restaurant ... Media Kit and Sponsorships. To find how to sponsor this enewsletter and for ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Mike Sypien, Jeff Frankentstein, a junior from Moon; Kit Keiper, a .... Butler restaurant and wondering if I'd remember the next line as I had to sing it. .... Sports 'N Spokes Magazine covered the tournament, as did the local media. .... If the next page of this magazine is the front cover of The Rock Insider, ...
Free Publicity: Avoid These 10 Publicity Mistakes to Get Free ...
The number one rule of being successful in the world of publicity (or in just about any other field, for that matter): Don't sabotage your efforts with dumb -- and easily correctable -- mistakes. Here then are the dumb things that publicity seekers do. Avoid them, and you'll be well on your way to scoring great coverage! 1. Thinking Like an Advertiser The more you remind a reporter that you're a commercial entity seeking promotional exposure, the less chance you have. Blatant ad copy, excessive use of trademark symbols, overblown quotes, puffed-up claims and other techniques better ...
Google Answers: Denver based and owned business
private companies: March 20, 2006 Gale Company Name Address City State Country 1 Source Fire Stop Inc. 12331 N Peoria St. Henderson CO United States 1 Vision Software Inc. 200 E 7th St., Ste. 204 Loveland CO United States 10 Moons at POP Inc. 12300 Liberty Blvd. Englewood CO United States 105 Meridien ...