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Royall Advertising Agency Press Releases

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At this year’s IFA trade fair in Berlin, Philips Research will present its new online research environment – SimplicityLabs. This virtual environment allows people worldwide to experiment with new software-based product concepts in the comfort of their own homes. An extension of Philips’ consumer-focused research, SimplicityLabs enables Philips Research to harness end-user feedback at a very early stage in the innovation process and validate new concepts in a way that is fast, efficient and cost-effective. How it works For each selected ...
in that it is the Saltire which is the correct flag for all individuals and corporate bodies to fly in order to demonstrate both their loyalty and Scottish nationality . 1 It is also, where possible, flown from Scottish Government buildings every day from 8am until sunset, with certain exceptions. 2 According to legend, the Christian apostle and martyr Saint Andrew , the patron saint of Scotland, was crucified on an X-shaped cross at Patras , (Patrae), in Achaea . 3 Use of the familiar iconography of his martyrdom, showing the apostle bound to an X-shaped cross, first appears in the Kingdom of Scotland in 1180, during the reign of
Flag of Scotland
The Scottish heraldic term for an X-shaped cross is a 'saltire', from the old French word saultoir; meaning a type of stirrup. In heraldic language, it may be blazoned azure, a saltire argent. The tincture of the Saltire can appear as either silver (argent) or white, however the term azure does not refer to a particular shade of blue. uv flashlight Throughout the history of fabric production natural dyes have been used to apply a form of colour, with both the type and variety of raw materials being available locally, together with fashion trends, accounting for variations in colours. In the case of the Saltire, ... market research, surveys and trends
the brief version of what i have found about the causes of the ...
A small central government means to let the sum total of power and access to manipulate resources rest in the hands of a few key people who act as autocratic dictators for all. Their decisions become the final arbitrator of all decisions, policies and choices emanating from them, such that if there is an inherent flaw in their thinking, knowledge, skills or policies, they become enacted throughout the system. That is a crevasse that moves as an acid into the very heart and foundation of the system to crumble it wherever it touches (goes). Not only is that not a democracy, it undermines the very tenets of that democracy including ... market research, surveys and trends


Dunkin' Donuts | Dunkin' Donuts Introduces Brand's First Dedicated ...
Dunkin' Donuts announced today the brand's first dedicated Spanish-language television ads targeted to Hispanic customers, to air in four markets, New York, Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia. A total of four new original ads will air during the coming year "Dunkin' Donuts is expanding nationally and our store presence is increasing in markets where there is a large Hispanic population," said John Gilbert, vice president of Dunkin' Donuts marketing. "Although the brand has strong national recognition, our stores are located primarily on the East Coast. As we grow nationally, we intend to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Final - Feb 26-27-2001 Minutes
Feb 13, 2002 ... Ms. Julia Royall, Health Information Program Development, NLM .... activities as press releases have always been approved at the Department, ... million (a 12 percent increase over FY 2002). ..... CDC is clearly the lead agency in these matters, NLM has yet to work out its role with that agency. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Cefic review 2006 - 2007
Jul 17, 2007 ... Agency in Helsinki are the focus of Cefic's ..... press releases, please visit our website ...... campaign in Spain consisted of advertising .... Sven Royall (Shell), PC Product Stewardship ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Two Charged with “Golf Cart Leasing” Fraud Scheme - Federal Bureau ...
Steven M. Dettelbach, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, today announced that an information was filed today against Robin J. Flaum, age 47, of Sylvania, Ohio, and Daniel W. Sandwisch, age 43, of Maumee, Ohio. Flaum was the President of Royal Links USA, Inc. (RLUSA) while Sandwisch was a co-owner of RLUSA. Both Flaum and Sandwisch were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud in connection with a scheme by RLUSA to defraud golf courses and leasing companies throughout the United States. RLUSA was headquartered in the Toledo, Ohio, area and was established by the defendant, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
HighWire Press Releases
"HighWire has released the full results and analysis of it's Fall 2009 librarians' survey on eBooks. The report, by Michael Newman, Stanford University Biology Librarian, draw together responses of 138 librarians and underscore the significant growth they expect in ebook acquisitions and point to their current preferences and possible trends." [+] more Press Release , 3 March 2010 HighWire Launches Fresh Image SUMMARY: "HighWire announces the launch of its updated website. As the premier online hosting platform and source of the original content for nearly 1300 scholarly publications, the HighWire ...
What should a good CV look like when it is used by a company to ...
We are setting up a new CV system. CV's are added to bids and proposals to win (local and international) projects with (engineering business). What should a good, selling CV look like? What should it contain and what not? posted 11 days ago in Business Development , Resume Writing | Closed Share This Resume Writer - Storeyline Resumes see all my answers Best Answers in: Resume Writing (1), Staffing and Recruiting (1) A good CV should contain quantified results - big wins and sales achievements for sales people, design innovations or large projects for engineers, anything that shows you have a sucessful staff. If you are ...
What's the best way to submit a press release to the newspapers ...
Visit the websites of traditional media such as radio, tv, and newspapers, and see which reporters are covering stories similar to the subject of your press release or your industry. Send the release directly to them. Most of these outlets also have a general news e-mail address you can send it to, as well. - Do the same thing with trade/business news publications - If it's a major announcement check the websites of media outlets in Cleveland, Pitt, and Buffalo and send it there as well. -Your best bet for an online distribution service would be PRWeb or PRNewswire. No need to use both. One will be fine. -Post the release ...