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Shaker Recruitment Advertising and Communications

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So you've decided to move forward with running a search engine marketing campaign - now what? Which search engines should your advertisements appear on? There are hundreds of search engines that exist to help navigate the wealth of information that is available online. So before you run a campaign, it is imperative that you take a step back and review all your options - something that Shaker can happily help you with. In part two of this series on search engine marketing (SEM), I will examine some of the players in this high-stakes venue by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of top search engines, as well as ...
is the art or profession of combining text, pictures, and ideas in advertisements, publication, or website. At its widest definition, it therefore includes the whole history of art , although painting and other aspects of the subject are more usually treated as art history .
Transcript of Competiting For Talent Podcast
My associate her at Shaker, Account Manager Chris Greene, asked if I could blog a written transcript of my first Recruiter Earth podcast. Hope this reads as well or even better than listening to the podcast--- This is my first program on Recruiter Earth. I’m very proud to have been asked to host a new RecruiterEarth program. I have found over the past year that being one of the 13,000 plus members of Recruiter Earth to be a valuable and enjoyable part of my day. Hope with this program I can make a constructive contribution to the content on the site. Before I go any further …. to quickly give you an idea of my perspective about ... market research, surveys and trends
Chicago Area Jobs
offer several thousand job listings each in the Chicago area. Here is where Careerbuilder can excel through Tribune Company’s partial ownership, providing co-posting with the Chicago Tribune . Employers who advertise their job openings in the Tribune also do so on Careerbuilder, with the opportunity to choose access to its voluminous resume database. In the last seven days alone well over 3000 jobs were posted on the Tribune / Careerbuilder sites. The Chicago Sun-Times , the "other" daily, is part of Sun Times News Group, which includes dozens of other daily and weekly papers in the area. The Daily Southtown, for ... market research, surveys and trends


Recruiting Fly Blog: October 2008
site Simply Hired recently launched its new page geared toward Canadian users. The site is expected to include over 150,000 job announcements gathered from a variety of job boards, content-based websites, newspapers, job organizations and company career pages throughout the country. Currently this job search site has over seven million job announcements listed for locations all over the world. “The launch of the Canada website is an integral part of Simply Hired’s effort to expand our mission in building the largest worldwide job search engine.” said the site’s co-founder and CEO Gautam Godhwani in a recent press release. “We ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
DCI: Ken Shulman - Technology Changes Nature of Recruitment ...
ohn Doe and Rob Deer, top-flight medical technicians at County Hospital in Bigtown, USA, are both looking for new jobs. On Sunday, John Doe scans the Bigtown Bulletin 's classified page and sees an opening in management at Bigtown Health. He prints out a cover letter and resume and drops them in the mailbox for Monday morning. But a day earlier, Rob Deer sees the advertisement on the Bulletin 's online recruitment site, and sends his resume in by e-mail. He also performs a keyword search in the Bulletin ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications helps companies, from the smallest businesses to the largest corporations, attract and retain top talent. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
recruitment advertising; layoff or termination; rates of pay or other forms of ...... establish communications with all involved parties early in the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Virtual career fairs display appeal in weak job market
The recession has been especially miserable for the job market, which means it may be time for job seekers to turn to virtual career fairs, according to Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications Inc. and InXpo Inc. Earlier this week Oak Park-based Shaker, an advertising agency that aims to help companies with their external and internal communications, in addition to their hiring efforts, announced a partnership with Chicago-based InXpo, which specializes in setting up private virtual events. Shaker’s relationship with InXpo began in 2008, when, one of Shaker’s clients, hosted two virtual career fairs on ...
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Can you reccomend a media buying company for recruitment ...
I am looking to review the companies that we currently use to place our recruitment advertising. Can anyone reccomend agencies or companies that have a good understanding of the recruitment industry and can provide good rates. Thanks in advance Sulu Thanks for the responce Richard, but mainly I am looking at print advertising. posted 1 month ago in Staffing and Recruiting | Closed Share This Senior Recruitment Consultant at Hays IT see all my answers Response is very good... Print's a complete waste of money. For the same dollar you'll get 50 times as many (and better qualified) views on Monster or Jobsite... posted 1 ...
Advertising: Getting geared up for a portfolio school, visual ...
I graduated from a pretty good private university about 8 months ago with a degree in Communications. The more I look at seriously breaking into the industry I get the feeling that honing my craft at a portfolio school is the way to go. I think I have some potential to make some great work, but I'm not sure where I belong. I can write, but I think I have a fairly good eye for design too. Should I pursue the way of the art director (if anything at all)? Do these kind of schools expect your sample submissions to be groundbreaking, or do they just look for that potential 1.21 gigawatts of greatness? If you have any suggestions ...