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Snooze admits to misleading advertising

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Are direct-to-consumer television ads the best way for consumers to absorb information? Maybe TV viewers don't even hear the laundry lists of potential side effects. Perhaps they are distracted by the accompanying scenes of happy people doing fun things or snoozing contentedly. The Food and Drug Administration has outlined a novel study designed to measure participants' recall and comprehension of risk and benefit information in television ads. The agency will produce ads for a fictitious blood pressure medication and recruit 2,400 participants to view them and report on the messages they take away. The study design ...
Guest post: Why I typosquatted and why it should be legal
Microsoft sued him and his company over his registration of Web addresses that were one or two keystrokes away from "" That practice has become known as typosquatting. This guest column is a reappropriation of a piece originally published at . I had an idea to start a Web-address consulting firm called Domain Name Consolidation Service, advising large corporations what kinds of URLs they should register. I thought it would behoove companies to avoid expensive and time-consuming efforts years later to obtain domain names from others who, by then, would likely have registered those ... market research, surveys and trends
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I am in communication with Mr. Pasik Esq., he is spending his own resources trying to institute various laws and programs to protect our children and vulnerable adults from sex abuse. I have done my due dilligence on this gentleman; he has an impeccable reputation in the legal as well as the Jewish community. I am urging members of our community to assist him in this noble and much needed effort. I'm a lawyer, and I've been active in trying to do something about the problem of sex abuse in our community. In person, on the telephone, and by numerous letters and e-mails with all of the major frum organizations, I've ... market research, surveys and trends


The BRAD BLOG : Zogby 'Exit Poll' of San Diego's CA50 Busby ...
Election Attorney Paul Lehto Blames Registrar Mikel Haas's Administration of Election, Refusal to Properly Count Paper Ballots for Discrepancy Says, 'Abuse of Discretion' Improperly Delayed Count of Paper Ballots, Creates 'Second Class Ballots, Voters' This just in from attorney Paul Lehto concerning the People's Republic of San Diego, where one of the country's most irresponsible Registrar of Voters, Mikel Haas, defied the California Secretary of State by refusing to count paper ballots as "normal ballots" on Election Night. Lehto says Exit Polling data commissioned from Zogby ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Consumer complaints about Modeling & Talent Agencies
Think your child is beautiful and talented? No doubt you're right but that doesn't automatically translate into instant wealth, fame and fulfillment through modeling or acting. And it most certainly doesn't mean that you should throw money at the supposed agents and schools who promise fabulous success for just a few thousand dollars. Fact is, modeling and acting are hyper-competitive businesses that take grit, determination and — often — more than a few insider connections. It is almost a certainty that anyone who claims to have the secret to success has a secret desire to get their hands on your ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


misleading advertising. Liability for the contents .... snooze, you lose. Why doesn't god just explain the whole thing to us in ... the pest control officer, admits defeat. Who should turn up but an odd young gentleman who calls himself ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional ...
of any advertising containing a false, fraudu- lent, misleading ... snooze dentistry, and twilight sleep. The terms sleep dentistry, snooze dentistry and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Milligan - Business Ethics
COURSE DESCRIPTION: A study of theoretical and practical problems of moral conduct in the field of business. The course emphasizes both the philosophical foundations of ethical conduct and the practical problems encountered in the day-to-day conduct of business affairs. Much of the study of practical problems centers around actual case studies. COURSE OBJECTIVES: To help prepare students to be ethical business and community leaders through: 1. Raising awareness of the ethical dimensions of common business practices 2. Examining these practices through the lens of a Christian world view 3. ...
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Why does Jill Biden get introduced as "Dr. Jill Biden" (PhD) while ...
Why does Jill Biden get introduced as "Dr. Jill Biden" while Michelle Obama, who also has a doctorate, is introduced as just plain "Michelle Obama"? Jill's doctorate is a Ph.D. and Michelle's is a J.D., but I don't think that should count. What do you think?  Discuss this question (19 comments) why can't I answer? Show all details , Hide all details  by u on Jan 21 2009 (18 months ago)  Best Answer Official Rating Typically, as a form of respect, lawyers have the title Esq. appended after their last name, such as:   Michelle Obama, Esq.  
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