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Special Report on

Social advertising failings

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I’ve been invited onto the friends lists on Orkut and LinkedIn by several people that I don’t really know. I know who they are, but I wouldn’t exactly call them my friends. Some have commented on my blog once or twice, some I’ve commented on. A couple are people who live near me. I didn’t recognize most of their names — I had to look at their Web sites in order to figure out who they were. Part of me feels awkward when rejecting these invitations, but I think I should know you before I call you my friend. Random, one-tme interactions do not make friendships. Once at LAX I stood in the security ...
The novel critiques political art without an audience (or a wrong one) as well as proposes an answer to the presumption about novels' defeat to cinema. It is also de Veyra's class -cum-self critique concerning his and other writers' collective role within Filipino writing in English . His blog essay "Two fruits, one tree (or why there is no such thing as a national artist )" is another such critique on the arts languages of the classes. Although a self-confessed liberal , as a culture critic de Veyra has written blogs against state subsidies for the arts profession (including grants , artist residency ...
Anna McCarthy: Mad Men, Big Business
returns on AMC, it will be late November, 1964. And as the show's producers have hinted, the times they will be a' changing. The show has earned its popularity by faithfully reproducing the artifacts of the era and by effectively using events of the time--the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Kennedy assassination -- as backdrop. Still, we're unlikely to see the complexity of the Great Society era unfold on our TV screens over the next few months. Mad Men has never pretended to teach history; rather, what it does seem to want to teach us about is advertising history. The first season posed trivia questions about the ... market research, surveys and trends
Law at the End of the Day: Corporate Social Responsibility and ...
Larry Catá Backer's comments on current issues in transnational law and policy. These essays focus on the constitution of regulatory communities (political, economic, and religious) as they manage their constituencies and the conflicts between them. The context is globalization. This is an academic field-free zone: expect to travel "without documents" through the sometimes strongly guarded boundaries of international relations, constitutional, international, comparative, and corporate law. A recent opinion piece published by the Washington Post reminds us that, for some important political-legal cultures, the ... market research, surveys and trends


Aso Dissolves Japan's Parliament, Admits Failings (Update3 ...
dissolved Japan’s parliament, clearing the way for an Aug. 30 election that polls indicate will hand power to the opposition Democratic Party of Japan for the first time. Lower-House Speaker Yohei Kono announced the dissolution in parliament today to a chorus of cheers. Aso’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party , in power for all but 10 months since 1955 , will defend a two-thirds majority in the election. “The era of one-party dominance is over,” said Gerald Curtis , professor of Japanese politics at Columbia University in New York. “This is the first election since the LDP was formed when just about everybody believes that the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Springwise: Marketing & Advertising Archives
The “buy one, donate one” initiatives are coming fast and furious. Hard on the heels of our stories about two such efforts targeting children—namely, Happy Blankie and Whitten Grey's Project Little Grey Dress —comes news of one designed to help homeless pets. Launched this spring, the Plus One Movement from Canadian pet food maker Darford International aims to provide fresh, quality food to abandoned dogs awaiting new homes. How it works: Attached to every Darford box of treats and food is an extra meal of the company's Zero/G dog food intended specifically for donation to a dog in need. Specially designed collection ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Obama agenda: All about race…
With the conclusion (it seems) of the Shirley Sherrod story, the big papers all focus on the issue of race. Here’s the New York Times : “No matter how hard his White House tries to keep the issue from defining his presidency, it keeps popping back up, fueled in part by high expectations from the left for the first black president, and in part by tactical opposition politics on the right.” The Washington Post : “Two years ago, in a powerful speech in Philadelphia, presidential candidate Barack Obama warned that Americans will not be able to overcome their divisions if they continue to ‘tackle race ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Is Google launching a new rival to Facebook?
Rumours are flying on the internet that Google is about to go head-to-head with Facebook with a new social network called “Google Me”. If so, then it’s a confrontation that has been a long time coming between the two heavyweights of the modern internet. Their rivalry dates back to one of the first big public blows to Google. Back in 2007, the search engine giant was working on a large investment deal to partner with Facebook . But the deal, instead of going to Google, ended up going to Microsoft , who bought 1.6 percent of Facebook with a $240-million investment. Since then, Google and Facebook have outstripped all others ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Alcohol advertising: the last chance saloon
Jan 23, 2010 ... Sociability and social success—Advertising must not link drinking to the social ... two systemic failings. Firstly, the sophisticated ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
British Medical Journal
his editorial about the failings of the. National Institute for Clinical Excellence. (NICE), doctors have exceptional opportu- ... social and political context. For almost 20 ... ent on advertising, people's appetites as ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
2009 AEJMC Conference presentations - College of Journalism and ...
The Visible Hand: Failings and Opportunities in Government Regulation of Advertising, Broadcast and Newspaper Survival Bailing Out the Print Newspaper Industry: A Not-So-Joking Public Policy & First Amendment Analysis Clay Calvert 8:15 am to 9:45 am / 028 Magazine Division Refereed Paper Research Session: Health and Getting High: A Look at Magazine Coverage of Disease and Drugs Baby Boomers and Health: Eleven Years of Heart Disease Content in Mass Circulation Paula Rausch and Debbie Treise and Ronald Shorr Veterans Health System Fighting – or Fueling – the Fear? Breast Cancer Coverage in Consumer ...
Will a parent company be liable for its subsidiaries failings if ...
If Company A is a parent company and wants to create subsidiaries, what is the best way to create subsidiaries and keep the parent co. protected? Here are my quetions. 1) Should the parent company just file DBA's for the subsidiaries or should the subsidiaries become separate LLC's to prove their separate status. 2) If the parent co. just file DBA's, doesn't that mean the parent co. assumes all liability? 3) *IMPORTANT* If the parent company owns all the assets that the subsidiaries use (ie. computers, real estate, other equipment) and the subsidiary goes bankrupt, does the parent company have ...
Are you as productive as you would like to be, or are you tuned ...
Want more business? My engaging Social Media Relationship Marketing gets results! Christine at ChristineHueber dot com see all my answers I am as productive as I choose to be. posted 2 months ago Enzyme Counselor, Leadership Developer, Attitude Coach see all my answers I think that 99% of people could be more productive. I find myself tuning into the white noise more often than I would like, but less than most. Great pieces of advice in the article! These are principles that I've been implementing in my life, and has improved my business by leaps and bounds! -Brian Sullivan posted 2 months ago