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Special Report on

Sustainable Advertising Partnership

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Carlstadt, NJ, November 13, 2007 -- Pictorial Offset Corporation highlighted their environmental efforts during an Advertising Production Club of New York (APC) and Partnership in Print Production (P3) seminar on Monday, November 5, 2007 at The Yale Club in New York City.   Don Carli, Institute for Sustainable Communication, Senior Research Fellow, moderated the keynote panel, “Fight Global Climate Change by cutting through the Green Fog” which focused on sustainability issues in printing and advertising.  Speakers included David Refkin, Time Inc., Director of Sustainable Development; Gary Pawlaczyk, ...
prior to their unified structures. Both Unilever companies have the same directors and effectively operate as a single business. The current non-executive Chairman of Unilever N.V. and PLC is Michael Treschow while Paul Polman is Group Chief Executive. Unilever's main competitors include Danone , Henkel , Kraft Foods , Nestlé , Pepsico , Procter & Gamble , Reckitt Benckiser , Sara Lee and S. C. Johnson & Son .
Interview: Digital Footprints of Modern Advertising and Media
Who among us has not computerized our bills, thinking that reducing paper consumption was more Earth-friendly? Or increased accomplishing anything and everything by email that used to be done by snail mail? On a larger scale, media and advertising (and to some degree entertainment) has had the same idea, moving away from traditional print to digital delivery models. At the Sustainable Media Climate Symposium in Manhattan last December, Don Carli spoke about the new and somewhat controversial concept of ‘Tree Washing’ within the advertising and media industries, specifically the notion that modern technology use ... market research, surveys and trends
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There were hints during the panel discussion about ways that publishers might lower their impact in real - and even elegant - ways. The Bali-based Jewelry maker John Hardy calculated the impact of the advertising he purchases, and began a program to plant native bamboo plantations on a tiny Pacific island in cooperation with indigenous people there. He now can add a selling point to his jewelry, under the brand Sustainable Advertising , that is both attractive to customers and helpful to the environment. “We’re going from a world of conspicuous consumption to conscientious consumption,” Hardy said. Additional ... market research, surveys and trends


MediaShift . The Mediavore's Dilemma: Making Sustainable Media ...
concluded that the Internet and the proliferation of mobile media have unleashed a tsunami of innovation in the creation and distribution of information, a torrent teeming with hundreds of thousands of media channels and millions of media product choices. We also live in a world being confronted by an unprecedented array of environmental threats caused by human activities like agriculture, coal mining, oil extraction, industrial production, electricity use, transportation and deforestation -- all of which contribute to climate changing greenhouse gas emissions . A factor making the media game even more complex is the carbon ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Thad McIlroy - Future Of Publishing - The Future of Paper
It's Sunday, so a good day to keep blog entries light and fun. I should save serious for weekdays. I bought the June 2010 issue of ConsumerReports the other day. The Next Media Company The title of this blog is the same as one appearing today on Chris Brogan's thoughtful blog. After a brief intro he offers the following: The Next Media Company The Publishing Crisis Moves Down the Food Chain A front page story on most North American newspapers (and certainly all Canadian ones) is that AbitibiBowater, the world's biggest newsprint producer (40% It's Not Just Reporters Losing Their Jobs New York City, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Pepsi MAX Challenges Competition in Remake of Iconic 1995 Super Bowl Ad With ...
In a multimedia marketing campaign that launches today, Pepsi MAX boldly invites American consumers to taste for themselves that when it comes to maximum taste and zero calories, Pepsi MAX conquers the competition. That’s the message in a remake of the iconic “Diner” commercial that aired during Super Bowl XXIX, where two soda delivery truck drivers go head-to-head over a can of the best tasting cola on the market. In the 2010 version, the truckers are back; and they both want the zero calories and maximum taste that only Pepsi MAX can deliver. “We’re looking our competition squarely in the eye and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
MTC Invites Bay Area Residents to Shape Strategy for Expanding Public Involvement
/PRNewswire/ -- How can we get more people involved in shaping transportation policies and investment decisions? What will it take for you to participate in planning the region's future? The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has released its 2010 Draft Public Participation Plan and wants advice on these questions. The plan summarizes MTC's practices for providing the Bay Area's diverse communities with ample opportunity to get involved in the transportation planning process. Key elements of the draft plan include frequent consultation with advisory panels; mail and e-mail notification of upcoming ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Resources - CSBE Partners Energy Star Small Business program of ...
The Sustainable Advertising Partnership, a nonprofit organization with tools for promoting sustainability in the advertising industry at ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Netmark - Sustainable Development Partnerships
Malaria kills more than 2 million people in Africa each year. Between 300 and 500 million people suffer from malaria, the majority of which are young children; one out of 20 children in Africa dies of malaria before the age of 5. Families are often forced to spend approximately 20% of their income on malaria treatments, and public health institutions spend up to 40% of their budgets on outpatient malaria treatment. All told, in addition to the human loss and suffering, the disease results in an economic loss of $3 billion to African economies each year, slowing economic growth by approximately 1.3% annually. In 1999, the U.S. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MIT Communications Workshops
At this seminar, we learned what it means to think, act and design "green." Experts from the world of sustainability, graphic design, paper, printing and IT energy savings shared their knowledge on how we can make an environmental impact and still effectively communicate our messages. Below, you may download the speakers' presentations and watch videos of the day's sessions. If you would like assistance with producing a green publication, please contact the Publishing Services Bureau at or 258-9380. Program Redefining Green Don Carli, Institute for Sustainable Communication The meaning of ...
Can the employment relationship ever be a true partnership ...
Can the ermployment relationship really be a true partnership that is fair, balanced and rewarding for the employer and employee? Anything is possible, of course. I think that startups evince this type of relationship much more than established enterprises, where everyone is looking at the same distant (or hopefully not TOO distant) goal of success, and folks are more inclined to think in terms of 'we'. Lines of communication are not yet formalized, people are wearing a lot of hats, levels of reporting, SOPs and other attributes of a mature organization are not yet present, etc. Employees may be cherished components of ...
Why Business Plans Fail
The year 2000, with its record breaking highs and lows, has created unique challenges for new and existing ventures seeking to raise capital in 2001. Investors have become even shrewder and are far more discerning in selecting only ventures with attainable revenue models, real competitive barriers to entry, and strong management teams. Growthink surveyed venture capitalists, corporate investors and angel investors regarding what they are looking to fund and why in 2001. From these interviews, we identified the ten most common reasons why business plans fail to raise financing: