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Targeting and frequency capping

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Microsoft’s Atlas Institute The Planner’s DigiTal Dilemma: TraDiTional BranD meTrics for DigiTal meDia By Richard Huff, Microsoft’s Atlas Institute introduction Imagine you are a manufacturer of a new shampoo and your market research shows your key demographic is women between the ages of 18 and 24. Since that demographic group spends a lot of time online, you know Internet advertising should be a part of your media strategy. Although existing media planning tools may help ...
chain that has a function in the organism. All proteins and functional RNA chains are specified by genes. All living things depend on genes. Genes hold the information to build and maintain an organism's cells and pass genetic traits to offspring. A modern working definition of a gene is " a locatable region of genomic sequence, corresponding to a unit of inheritance, which is associated with regulatory regions, transcribed regions, and or other functional sequence regions ". 1 2 Colloquial usage of the term gene (e.g. "good genes, "hair color gene") may actually refer to an allele : a gene is the ...
Advertise on The Offside - The Offside - Soccer News and Opinion ...
Our network of over 70 sites spans the world of soccer (and travel) — keeping our footie fans up-to-date with scores and scandals (and helping independent travelers plan, dream and connect). Since BootsnAll started in 1998, the BootsnAll Travel Network has become the ultimate one-stop indie travel guide. That love for travel helped shape the beginnings of our soccer sites during World Cup 2002. We just can’t help ourselves when it comes to creating awesome football sites. After launching the incredibly successful World Cup Blog — which has received tens of millions of page views, and has been mentioned in high ... market research, surveys and trends
Telefonica launches global multichannel mobile ad platform ...
Amobee, the Silicon Valley-based global provider of mobile advertising services, is helping wireless carrier Telefonica monetize its assets through mobile advertising.� The majority of the launches � including Telefonica�s O2 businesses in Britain, Ireland, Germany and Czech Republic as well as in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Chile � are now live and actively serving brand campaigns. The remainder of Telef�nica�s Latin American carriers will begin accepting campaigns by year-end via the deployed Amobee platform. �Through Amobee, Telef�nica is now capable of dynamically ad-serving all mobile communication channels including ... market research, surveys and trends


The Planner's DigiTal Dilemma:
Although targeting and frequency capping promise a bright future of less media .... worse than the 7 million impressions on another site for their brand campaigns. It will ... the percent target reach and frequency, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Microsoft Advertising Institute The planner's digital dilemma ...
Although targeting and frequency capping promise a bright future of less media waste, ... For example, a media plan with 10 million impressions on a publisher's site that is said to have .... the percent target reach and frequency, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Apple iAds - What's the opportunity?
strategy director and co-founder of Lucidity Mobile, says Apple's new mobile ad network iAds is not a "silver bullet", despite offering the creativity, targeting and standards advertisers crave ... Steve Jobs, the talismanic CEO of Apple, launched the new Apple advertising service iAds in May. Apple believes they have created an advertising channel that "will combine the emotion of TV and the interactivity of the web". A claim like this made by anyone else would probably be dismissed as mere hyperbole. Apple, however, has a habit of shaking up entire sectors with their products (think Mac, iPod and the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
ClearSight Unveils New Audience Targeting Method for Display Advertising
ClearSight Interactive announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind audience targeting suite, ClearProfile, to enable brand marketers to greatly expand their Internet display advertising. Using ClearProfile, Advertisers will be able to identify and deliver banner ads to prospective customers based on proven offline demographic and psychographic purchase propensities plus geographic purchase intensities. “We’ve invested a lot of R&D to find a privacy compliant way to utilize for online advertising all the data advertisers and agencies use for TV, radio, direct mail branding and market-share oriented ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Product Spec Sheet
Demo, geo targeting and frequency capping available. • Click Tracking – DART. • Impression Tracking – DART. • Third Party Tracking. Video Dimensions: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
GAO-06-59 Medicare: Little Progress Made in Targeting Outpatient ...
Nov 10, 2005 ... Outpatient Therapy, Ranked by Frequency under Each ..... physical therapy and speech-language pathology cap in 2002 had it been in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Adnostic: Privacy Preserving Targeted Advertising
[16] Exelate targeting exchange. [17] Ayman Farahat. Privacy preserving frequency capping in internet banner advertising. In Proceedings of ...
Is there an industry standard for frequency capping? I've read ...
It really depends what you are buying and how much you are buying. For example, I would recommend a frequency cap on a network. In the late 1990’s, I used to use the old P&G traditional 3 time frequency cap but I found that increasing it to 5 or 7 did increased conversions. I would recommend checking out Atlas Solutions' "Optimal Frequency—The Impact of Frequency on Conversion Rates". (It is located in the middle of the page.) James PS – I don’t work or have any association with Atlas Solutions or Microsoft. I am always asked the same frequency question by my clients and I needed some research.
Frequency capping - DoubleClick Ad Exchange Help
Frequency capping limits the number of times your ads appear to the same unique user. You can specify a limit to the number of impressions you will allow per day, per week, or per month for an individual user. You also choose whether the cap applies to each ad group or creative. To specify a frequency cap, follow these steps: Sign in to your DoubleClick Ad Exchange account at at . On the All online campaigns page, click the name of the ad campaign you wish to edit. Click the Settings tab. Under 'Advanced settings,' click Edit next to 'Frequency capping.' Enter the number of ...