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Special Report on

Technology-driven Outdoor Advertising

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The traditional media is suffering from fragmentation and audience erosion. Since the 1970s, the number of television networks has increased from the �Big Three� to hundreds. With the advent of HD radio, satellite radio, and other audio innovations, the number of choices in the over-the-air marketplace has multiplied exponentially. Magazine titles continue to increase as well. The end result is clear: fragmentation of media has made it more difficult for brands to reach consumers. With the Super Bowl as a possible exception, an advertiser cannot expect to reach a broad audience of Americans by simply ...
and is the major economic, cultural and educational center in the region. , the city's population was approximately 617,000 within a metropolitan area of 4,158,000. The Port of Seattle and Seattle–Tacoma International Airport are major gateways to Asia , Alaska , and the rest of the world. Seattle is on the I-5 corridor , about north of Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington and south of Vancouver in British Columbia , Canada . The city of Victoria , British Columbia's capital, is about to the northwest (about by passenger ferry) while the eastern Washington hub city of Spokane lies to the east. The Seattle area has ...
Top 10 Benefits of Online Marketing versus Traditional Types of ...
An old school marketing tenet says that you have to spend money to make money. Sure, when putting up a new business or expanding an established one, you have to spend on additional capital as well as advertising. But in the current state of economy, you have to think a lot before spending. So, when it comes to advertising in this technology- driven but sagging economy, it is best to put your bet on online marketing than traditional advertising types- and here are ten reasons why: 1. “Branding” is out, and measurable return of investment is in. Traditional marketing is great for building brand exposure, that is, if ... market research, surveys and trends
Adidas Women | Yoga Walk
Footwear is no longer viewed as a commodity that just offers protection for feet. What was hitherto considered a ‘Want' is today a basic ‘Need'. Today, the footwear trade is a vast and dynamic operation involving huge economies of scale. The low-cost countries are gaining foothold in international markets leading developed countries to import and outsource so as to meet their requirements. The athletic shoe segment is highly competitive in nature with the major players such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and New Balance striving to retain their market share and the smaller players such as Puma trying to gain ... market research, surveys and trends


Advertising - Hype: The Advertiser's Wet Dream
It is assumed that we all know what it is and that we all encounter it everyday as long as we see advertisements. Why do people refer to the hype element when they want to assess an advertising campaign? Do we live in a world ruled by hype? One of the definitions of hype by The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition (2003) goes thus: �Exaggerated or extravagant claims made especially in advertising or promotion.� In today�s advertising world, truth is as stretchable as a limousine. Hence advertising people are �forever sending the language, to say nothing of common sense and good taste, into ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Outdoor Advertising Industry Overview
The outdoor advertising industry will generate $14.3 million in state and local .... The number of automobiles, drivers and passenger miles driven in Florida ( by .... five” by 100 percent of the respondents. The data from this earlier ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Steroid Stocks: says:(OTCBB:CMDI)-(OTCBB:CRGE)-(OTCBB:KHZM ...
Founded in September 2000, China New Media Corp. is headquartered in Dalian, the commercial center of Northeastern China. The company owns and operates the city's largest outdoor media network encompassing over 600 bus shelters furnished with billboards and displays; 130 taxi stops with displays; and 13 large-size billboards, including 3 large-size LED displays at major traffic conjunctions. The company also furnishes more than 400 buses with advertising posters and 28 metro-trains throughout Dalian Metro Lines. China New Media provides comprehensive advertising services from art design to advertisement publishing, from ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Advertising career struck Joono Simon as an obvious choice
MUMBAI: Young people struggling with college, wondering what to do with their lives have it relatively easy these days. They either hit the internet or consult a career counsellor. But two decades ago, all one had to fall back on was a coterie of often drunk friends. It may not have been a failsafe strategy but it worked well for Joono Simon. After meeting a few people from advertising, a young Simon quickly abandoned plans for a post-graduation in seed technology. “They discussed ideas over few rounds of whiskey and rum. I saw the passion in their eyes about work and realised I hadn’t really seen that before,” he recalls. A ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Outdoor Advertising For Business Markets
Over the that last couple of years measurement of outdoor advertising has received much attention. Various technology driven solutions are being implemented ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
New Jersey - Outdoor Advertising Case Study - Real Estate - FHWA
New Jersey's Outdoor Advertising Program (ODA) is a centralized system administered by the Division of Outdoor Advertising, New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) located in Trenton. The Division is currently in the process of moving to permitting sign locations, rather than sign faces, in an effort to reduce the number of permits to be processed and maintained. There are approximately 12,000 active permits in their program currently. Permits are renewed once a year, all on the same date, and fees are based on the total square feet of sign faces at a permitted location. Locations are investigated by Division staff ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Print Advertising vs Online Advertising, Which has a higher ROI ...
Depending upon product or service do not overlook potential and power of Outdoor (Billboard) Advertising. Outdoor has good ROI. Outdoor can be market specific or national depending on your budget. Bill McInerney posted 1 month ago Hi there, This is a really tough question, as there are so many options out there for each when it comes to campaign building. I spent over 10 years in print media, particularly in the advertising department and sold both. And in my experience, you can measure online advertising much easier because of the pay per click options and click throughs but are people really looking at those ads around the ...
Question: Durable Films Market - for Bobbie
I am looking for backgorund info on the US Durable Films market Market Size/ Growth Key trends Key market segments (auto, electronics, power/ lighting, chemical, appliance, lawn and garden/ recrecationl) Key drivers/ barriers Durable films defined as "Roll label pressure sensitive adhesive constructions designed for longer term exposure to harsh environments. These constructions provide protection from solvents, temperature extremes, UV (light degradation), moisture, chemicals, abrasion, and other harsh environments for the life of the application" Key suppliers include - any info on their share, sales , ...