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comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, in partnership with dunnhumbyUSA, an international leader in building sales and brand value for consumer goods and retail companies, today released the results of an early series of studies it has conducted into the effectiveness of online advertising in building retail sales of consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, revealing that the Internet can be as effective an advertising medium as television advertising. Over the course of twelve weeks, online ad campaigns with an average reach of 40 percent of their target segment successfully grew retail sales of ...
because individuals now have a means to exposure that is comparable in scale to that previously restricted to a select group of mass media producers. The communications audience has been viewed by some commentators as forming a mass society with special characteristics, notably atomization or lack of social connections, which render it especially susceptible to the influence of modern mass-media techniques such as advertising and propaganda . The term public media is less used and is defined as "media whose mission is to serve or engage a public." Marshall McLuhan , one of the biggest critics in media's history, ...
The Success Behind RSS | BlogSDN Articles
According to Technorati, there are over 15 million blogs as of July 2005. And during July, an average of 80,000 new blogs were created each day. If you own a blog, how are you going to promote it in order to stay ahead of the competition? Fortunately, there is a simple, yet very effective method: RSS directory submission. Submitting your RSS newsfeed to specialized news directories benefits your site in several ways. •  Regular posting : write quality content related to your niche on your blog. And try to post more regularly on your blog. If you are posting once a week right now, aim at doing to 2-3 times in a week time. Quality ... market research, surveys and trends
Announcing the new!improved! – Chuqui 3.0
site. After 3+ years of living with the old design, I was long overdue for a refresh, and I’m quite happy with the result. I’ve been researching this refresh for a couple of months as part of a larger look at whether I felt it was time to take the next step towards shifting my photography towards my goal of going pro — in fact the short answer for that is no, because I don’t want to take the time and energy away from the photography to work on the business, and there really isn’t any overriding reason why I should now (there’s a longer version of that answer, but it’ll have to wait for ... market research, surveys and trends


Online Advertising Trends Show Small Sites Holding Up Well Against ...
show that only savvy and well-focused small web publishers are making the best out of an overall decline in ad pricing due to a significant slowdown in the US economy. Before what is already impacting large and medium-sized web sites can affect your site too, it is good to look at the specific data emerging from these statistics while looking at the possible strategic ways out. PubMatic , a unique online service that automates and optimizes ad inventory decision-making for Web publishers , just released its second monthly PubMatic AdPrice Index , an industry-wide measure of online ad network pricing for publishers. The index ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Online Advertising Trends: The PubMatic AdPrice Index - June 2008
the index highlights the economic slowdown in the U.S which continues to affect the online advertising industry, with overall monetization dropping by 0.7 percent from last month after the previous month’s 23 percent drop. The June 2008 PubMatic AdPrice Index also revealed significant improvement in monetization for social networking and gaming sites, with eCPMs increasing by 66 and 51 percent respectively. While monetization for sports sites in May stayed relatively level, monetization for entertainment, news and technology sites continued to drop, by 11, 13 and 22 percent, respectively. Of large, medium and small Web sites , ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What Can Candidates Learn From Romney's Loss in 2008?
First, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney finished one and two in Iowa because they both spent a tremendous amount of time here. You can’t win Iowa without visits, lots of Iowa visits. We, like the folks from New Hampsphire, expect to be courted. In addition to his time here, however, Romney spent tons more money than Huckabee but still lost. Why? It appears that Romney spent money on three things, First, radio ads. Romney ran an ad touting himself as the next Ronald Reagan. It was a good ad and focused on reducing spending and taxes. The problem, in my opinion, was that the ad ran on WHO Radio which is mostly talk radio. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
CNET to the Rescue: What to get after E3
Josh is back from E3, with buying advice--including a laughable plastic laptop pad. Plus: we answer your questions on old and busted iPhones and iPods. And we get all networky. Listen now: Download today's podcast Subscribe:   iTunes (MP3) |  iTunes (320x180) |  iTunes (640x360) |  RSS (MP3) |  RSS (320x180) |  RSS (640x360) Josh's E3 takeaways and recomendations: Motion-control -Natal looked like the simplest with nothing that you need to keep in your hands -Very cool demos of PlayStation Move at the Sony press conference. 1:1 motion in Tiger Woods, and upcoming "Socery," which ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Podcast Value Chain Report - The podcasting value chain is ...
Advertising to be included as part of the show. Pre-production set-up, .... the site and individual episodes can be merged into a custom RSS feed. Promotion ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
RSS Feeds and Social Networking
RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, is an easy way to keep up with your favorite news and information. An RSS feed contains headlines, summaries and links to full news stories on . If you click an RSS link, you will see XML (or eXtensible Markup Language) code in your browser. This is to be expected, since you do not view RSS content through a browser. You view the headlines through an RSS news reader (also called an RSS aggregator). RSS news readers are small software programs that aggregate RSS feeds ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Where art and advertising collide | Harvard Gazette Online
Melissa Banta is curator of the exhibition "The High Art of Photographic Advertising," which runs through early October at the Baker Library/Bloomberg Center at Harvard Business School. I n one arresting image, a woman in a floor-length, lace dress poses on the arm of a chair. With its dramatic composition and use of light, the 1930s-era black and white photograph doubles as both a stunning artwork and an effective promotion for one of the country’s early advertising agencies, N.W. Ayer. The print is one of many in a new exhibition at Harvard Business School (HBS) that explores the intersection of art, culture, ...
How do I add Google AdSense to my RSS feed? :: Free Tech Support ...
Hi Dave. From reading your earlier postings, I see that you too have been approved by Google for their new AdSense for Feeds program. What I don't get, however, is how to actually add their adverts in my RSS feed. I'm running Movable Type: can you help me figure this out? Dave's Answer: While Google is the master of nifty new programs, I also find that I have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what they're doing, partially just because their programmers seem to know more about how to make my Web browser jump through hoops than anyone else on the Web! To get started, you'll want to log in ...
Is advertising evil?
I've taken a little heat for hosting advertising - is it a necessary evil? Or just a reflection of how the market should work? • Listen to the podcast: Is advertising evil? Transcript I'll be honest, Ask Leo! is an advertising supported site. On every page you'll find Google's Adsense. When I surf the web I find Adsense to be the most unobtrusive ads I regularly run across. As an website owner, I try to maintain that same nature, while still positioning the ads for maximum effectiveness ... and they are effective. The neat thing about AdSense is that once Google has an idea of what your page is about, ...