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Special Report on

The First Jingle

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The Germans call it ohrwurm. Here,it's known as the earworm -- the situation when a jingle or song gets stuck in a continuous mental loop and refuses to exit your head. You hear the song over and over and over again. So it is with me and Yael Naim's "New Soul" -- the very addictive sound track to the Macbook Air Commercial. For the past six weeks I have been dealing with this earworm. From a business perspective, is this a good thing for Apple for people to get an earworm from listening to their commecial? Will it make me more prone to buy the laptop or will I become so frustrated with the continuous loop ...
The “first” jingle & the practice of licensing « an intentional noise
As the story goes, General Mills were ready to shut down the Wheaties brand due to poor sales. However they noticed spikes in sales figures in certain areas – the same areas where a song about Wheaties was being broadcast on radio. This has then been considered to be the “first” jingle because it was created purely as a song to sell the brand, and it served no other purpose on the radio. However as you can see from the quotation marks around “first”, there’s more to tell. It’s true that the Wheaties jingle was the first song created solely to sell (at least to our knowledge in the 20th ... market research, surveys and trends
QuickCheck: Phil Gardner, KQXE Phoenix | 1977 |
Here’s a brief moment in time of a station I’ve never heard of before – KQXE. I had to look it up. There is apparently an FM station in Texas with those calls today, but in 1977, judging from this all-to-short recording, this was a kick-butt sounding hit radio station. The jock is Phil Gardner, a name which rings familiar somehow. Gardner is an excellent jock, does produced skits for his show as was customary for the mid/late 70s (kinda hokey by todays standards) and… The first jingle cut sings Phil Gardner Superstar! Is he? That’s for you to judge. And, was that a 70s Gwinsound or TM cut? ... market research, surveys and trends


Citizen Arcane: Archives
Determining the relative value of an amount of money in one year compared to another is more complicated than it seems at first. There is no single "correct" measure, and economic historians use one or more different series depending on the context of the question. Most indices are measured as the price of a "bundle" of goods and services that a representative group buys or earns. Over time the bundle changes; for example, carriages are replaced with automobiles, and new goods and services are created such as cellular phones and heart transplants. These considerations do not stop the fascination with these ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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Nov 17, 2007 ... raised over 1 million dollars for research of this dreaded disease. Walter competed and won as a ..... brown, 100 percent cashmere sweater .... Since the first Jingle Ball was held in 1994, we have given thou- ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Pooch caught in the cross fire over a crucifix
It all began with a crucifix. A rare beauty, it was made from weathered fence posts and held together with rusty barbed wire. My friend David found it in New Mexico, and offered it for my collection of crosses that cover a wall in my San Francisco flat. "Wait. You said that cross was for me!" chimed my best friend, Maile, whose wedding/fried chicken picnic we all happened to be attending at that moment. I bit into a drumstick to stifle my protest. Tres gauche to argue with the bride. Months went by. I forgot about it, until Maile and I hosted an art salon at her loft, and I spied the crucifix gracing her threshold. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Surprising names behind these famous works
Which late night TV personality co-wrote "It's Raining Men"? Who came up with the State Farm jingle before hitting the big time? And who was the kid lit superstar who penned Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue"? Here are the surprising names behind 10 famous creations. 1. "Respect" (Otis Redding) You have to respect Aretha Franklin's pipes, but she didn't pen her signature song. Crooner Otis Redding wrote the tune as a bluesy plea to a woman for his third record, 1965's soulful Otis Blue. Redding released the song as a single, and it even reached the top five on Billboard's R&B chart and number 35 on the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Welcome to Small Islands Voice, The People's Voice
The first Jingle Bell Fun Run was an overwhelming success. The community response was tremendous, with over 60 business ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Montana Arts Council: Jingle Dress
You can see these beautiful garments in motion during powwow season on the northern plains when Indian people all travel long distances to celebrate their culture's rich communal traditions, while renewing ties with old friends and going for that dance contest prize money! On a dancer in motion, the jingle dress gives off multiple waves of shimmering silver light and tinkling sounds.If the dancer is at rest, you see rows of shiny metal cones (often made from the lids of chewing tobacco or other cans) dangling from bands of different colored ribbons sewn around her dress. It is sometimes said that jingle dress ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Music alum is finalist in Oreo Cakester Jingle Contest | News at ...
FIU alumnus Tommy Pirone doesn’t dunk his Oreo Cakesters and he’s written a song about it that he hopes will be a slam dunk with snack cake fans. Pirone, who studied music technology and classical percussion at the FIU School of Music , is a semifinalist in Oreo Cakester’s Jingle Contest. You can hear Pirone’s jingle and vote on Facebook here. His video is the first one on the no-dunk side.  Voting ends Wednesday, May 5. Pirone is one of six entrants from across the country selected as a semi-finalist in the first-ever Oreo Cakesters jingle contest. Pirone, who proclaimed his preference for not dunking Oreo Cakesters in milk, is ...
  1. profile image biggirlmktg What's the first advertising jingle that comes to your mind?
  2. profile image beviesplace @sunriseon7 When I first heard the jingle for Tony Abbotts campaign, it immediately reminded me of the Gough Whitlam 'It's Time' from 1972
  3. profile image lynnkeefe @spazfox First Dethklok song for me was the Duncan Hills jingle.
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Pogo | Ask MetaFilter
There's a Pogo sequence in which Albert Alligator (I think) is trying to come up with an advertising jingle, and one of the several he writes ends "...They're gristle to your mill!" What's he advertising? What're the full jingles? This is has been weighing on my mind for a few days. man, if my dad were here, you'd have your answer in two seconds. Darn, I'm moving and I packed away my big Pogo book. If no one answers I can look it up in a few days. Off the top of my head, I think it was Truly Chooly Wummys (They're made of glue, they stick to you!) "Oh Roar a Roar for Alice, Nora Alice in the ...
Who are the greatest marketers of all times in your view ...
I would put Ernest Gallo and Albion Fenderson on that list. Ernest was the co-founder and Chairman of Gallo Winery, and starting in the early 1950's Albion was his naitonal sales manager and eventually Executive Vice President of Marketing. What they did was to build an entire industry in part through the effective use of marketing and advertising. Back in the 1950's wines were not widely available nor consumed in the United States. They got the distribution and then created the demand with slick packaging, point of sale pieces, in-store displays, radio ads, and television ads. Some of their ads (the Vangellis ...