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Special Report on

The Future Of Advertising

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Please read my previous post to catch up on the story thus far. Last Thursday Steve Jobs lobbed the big grenade with a major public attack on Adobe's Flash. On Google and Branding A very interesting article on corporate branding by Al Ries from AdAge, spotted by Bob Sacks today, points to a factoid that took me by surprise. I think most of us Spawn of the Devil While reading YAP (Yet Another Piece) on what magazines must do to survive the changes in digital technology, radically titled "Magazines Require Innovation, The First Study of Magazines and their Web Sites Courtesy of a tip from Bob Sacks, and published in The ...
The Future of Advertising | Mother Jones
What always interests me about this observation is the implication that offline advertising is similarly worthless. There are certain types of advertising that get treated as content: People scan the newspaper for department-store sales, for instance. But an ad for Tide? Or Intel? You notice it, but you don't care about it. But everyone placed those ads so everyone kept placing those ads. And hey, having your brand noticed was worth something. Online, however, that "not caring" has become too undeniable. The tiny handful of click-throughs, most of them accidental, are almost an insult to the advertiser. The right comparison ... market research, surveys and trends
Dashal Interviewed About Advertising Agency's Use Of Social Media ...
Dashal was recently interviewed by Victoria Colon, a media consultant in Miami, Florida regarding social media and advertising firms. Here is the interview below. By: Victoria Colon Social Media is the name of the game. We have been featuring this medium in recent articles on the Blog and Newsletter. Some ad agencies have been able to embrace this medium successfully. We recently interviewed Nick Harrison, Creative Director at, a web development and online advertising firm in Los Angeles about the future of advertising in today’s economy and Social Media boom. 1.How do you see the future of advertising? Good question. ... market research, surveys and trends


The Future of Web Ads Is in Britain - New York Times
British marketers are embracing new techniques for the Internet. For example, Hewlett-Packard used an e-mail campaign in Britain, top, to try to attract potential customers to a Web site promoting its products. Online advertising is racing ahead in Britain, growing at a roughly 40 percent annual rate, and is expected to account for as much as 14 percent of overall ad spending this year, according to media buying agencies. That is the highest level in the world, and more than double the percentage in the United States. There are big differences between the advertising markets in Britain and the Unites States. In Britain, much of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Future of Advertising
The Empirical Generalizations in Advertising Conference brought together an outstanding group of researchers and practitioners in diverse areas of advertising who presented on 44 different papers that summarize rsearch-based knowledge in the field. What works? What doesn’t? Use the category bar on the right to go directlty to reports on some sessions of the conference (EG Conference Reports) or to more extensive notes on sessions (EG Conference Notes) Consumers who delete cookies from their computers can skew advertising data, said Gian Fulgoni, Chairman, comScore, Inc, reporting research based on their panel of more than ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Facebook walks a tricky line weighing privacy vs. profit
The social-networking giant's vast customer base — the equivalent of the world's third-biggest country, by population — freely shares personal information, which has reset the way many communicate and how advertisers reach them. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is betting that there's almost no limit to what people will share and to how his company can benefit from it. "Our incentive is to give people the exact controls they want, so they can share the most information," he says. "More and more people want to share information. That is where the world is going." But can too much ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The 'Others'
The last six months of jockeying between Google and Apple have put a spotlight on mobile advertising. The news has been such that one could be forgiven for thinking that these two companies have the only platforms needed to reach consumers on mobile devices. Both are certainly making significant investments to be consumers' platforms of choice. They have spent over $1 billion acquiring mobile advertising companies, and released new devices to create new product categories and distribution channels (e.g., Nexus One, iPad). Not surprisingly, such moves have attracted in-depth Federal Trade Commission investigations along the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Thoughts about the Future of Advertising
Aug 1, 2008 ... Rather than dreary, the future of advertising is bright and unlimited. As unlimited as the imaginations of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Advertising-Supported Media and the Future of Traditional Journalism
Dec 1, 2009 ... Advertising-Supported. Media and the Future of. Traditional Journalism. David S. Evans. University of Chicago, University College London, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Will the Future of Advertising Be a Blend of Old and New Media ...
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The Future of Internet Advertisng
I've been arguing recently with a partner who doesn't see information sides ever making money through adsense and ads. My response was that content portals (newspapers and magazines) have been doing so for a couple of centuries. Now that the real world media is losing ad money hand over fist to the internet, how do you see the future of advertising on the net evolving? I heard Google has started running ads based on cpm and not clicks. Will there soon be other services that place paid ads on this basis and not on user behaviour?   2:27 pm on Apr 30, 2007 (utc 0) cpm is nothing new. CPM based pricing is how it used ...