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Special Report on

The "Jingle Hall of Fame"

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While showering this morning an old radio jingle popped into my head.. "When the values go up, up, up... and the prices go down, down down.." I couldn't remember where that was from, though I realized later that what resurrected it was that I was thinking about getting dressed.. that was from Robert Hall Clothing, a popular chain store of my youth. The full jingle: When values go up, up, up, And prices go down, down, down, Robert Hall this season Will show you the reason: Low overhead, Low overhead. Apparently my subconscious thinks I need new clothes.. but never mind that: the only reason I was able to ...
I don't know if Ray was the architect of rock & roll, but he was certainly the first guy to do a lot of things . . . Who the hell ever put so many styles together and made it work?" Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
Electric Violin Guide | I Heart Content - Stringed Instruments
Ever thought that a guitar could be a lucrative investment than the stock market? Vintage guitars are always a hot topic in the collectibles market, and there are few symbols more recognizable to Americans as a rock star and his guitar. While a few months could save have purchased a guitar in the 1960s, some of these instruments are sold for a lot of money today. Recently, George Harrison's guitar a little under six hundred thousand U.S. dollars sold, for example. Eric Clapton Stratocaster favorite places from 1970, Blackie sold for almost one million. During a Celebrity Collectibles have good investment for years, ... market research, surveys and trends
Tips on Collecting Hall of Fame Vintage Guitars | How To Invest Money
Ever thought that a guitar might be a more lucrative investment than the stock market? Vintage guitars are becoming a hot item in the collectibles market, and there are few icons more recognizable to Americans than a rock star and his guitar. While a few months’ savings might have bought a guitar in the 1960s, some of those instruments are selling for big bucks today. Recently, George Harrison’s guitar sold for a little under six hundred thousand dollars, for instance. Eric Clapton’s favorite Stratocaster from the 1970s, Blackie, sold for nearly a million. While celebrity collectibles have been a good ... market research, surveys and trends


Car-Dealer Daughters Jingle Keys to Gender Gap | Womens eNews
Women have been slowly gaining ground in car dealerships and passing milestones. But in a field dominated by family-owned businesses it may be the next generation of daughters who really change the showroom. (WOMENSENEWS)--Cheri Fleming, the American International Auto Dealer Association's 2006 dealer of the year, runs an unusual showroom. The Valencia Acura dealership she co-owns with her husband in Santa Clarita, Calif., is what she calls "comfortable." Manicures are offered on Mondays. An esthetician is there on Tuesdays. "I love seeing a male customer relaxing in a back booth with a green mask on his ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Schwebel Baking Company Company Profile, Information, Business ...
Schwebel Baking Company is a large regional bakery based in Youngstown, Ohio. The firm produces 700,000 loaves of bread and packages of buns a day, along with bagels, English muffins, pita bread, and tortillas. Its products are distributed throughout Ohio and in parts of New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Schwebel's brands include Country Hearth, Roman Meal, Cinnabon, 'taliano, Millbrook, Vogel's, Fit for Life, Aladdin's, and Sun-Maid Raisin. Frozen bread products also are produced for sale to wholesale and foodservice accounts around ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
About The Real McCoy
UNSOLICITED OBSERVATIONS from The Man Cave with two puppies sleeping on the couch next to me. Paige is only 10 weeks old but already has learned to jingle the bells that Nadine hung on the sun room door to let us know she wants out (Paige, not Nadine). Unfortunately, Paige doesn’t just do it to go to the bathroom. She does it over and over because she knows she gets out of the sun room. QUESTION: Why is that the Milwaukee Brewers, situated in a smaller drawing area than the Cincinnati Reds, are averaging 35,000 fans at home with a lousy team and the Reds are averaging only 22,000 at home with a wonderfully entertaining a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Barry Manilow: 'It's all about the music'
Barry Manilow had pretty much given up touring. He'd had enough, he said, of the seemingly endless routine of hotel rooms, late-night planes and just being away from his home near Palm Springs. About five years ago, the answer appeared in a long-term gig in Las Vegas. He's currently playing at the Paris Las Vegas. But now he's taking a brief break from Vegas to make one-night-only appearance at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall.The lure? A chance to perform with a full orchestra. "Every time I make these records, then I go on the road with my band, my guys, and (we) try to emulate the arrangements, the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Spirit Lesson 3-2
Example of jingles: Locally, some of us remember the jingle, “Rosenberg's, .... Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Music contains lesson plans such as “American ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
State College Hall of Fame. Mr. Ti- ger is currently serving as Interim ...... Jingle and Fancy Shawl). • Teen Boys' Categories (Straight,. Grass, No. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Jake Holmes: Ad Interview
Ever longed to be a pepper? Or smiled at the antics of Zack the Legomaniac? Or considered going "Skippy-dippin'"? Blame Jake Holmes, one of the top jingle writers on the advertising scene today. the man behind insidiously catchy ditties for everything from deodorant ("Raise your hand if you're Sure") to the military ("Be all that you can be..."), this New York-based composer has probably authored more "hits" than Elton John, in the process becoming the only jingle writer ever elected to the Songwriter's Hall of Fame. The graying, fortysomething tunesmith didn't grow ...
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WikiAnswers - Where can you find the old spice theme song
The Old Spice jingle was written by Ginger Johnson (a.k.a. Austen Croom-Johnson). He wrote a number of very successful advertising jingles, including several for Coca-Cola. The whistling melody and harmonica playing in the Old Spice commercials was provided by legendary jazz guitarist, whistler and harmonica player Jean "Toots" Thielemans. As a harmonica player, Toots is featured on movie soundtracks like Midnight Cowboy and Sugarland Express . He also plays on and wrote the theme to PBS's Sesame Street and his whistling was featured in opening credits of The Andy Griffith Show /CBS/1960-68. In 2002, Toots ...
Manilow, Barry: Manilow TV jingles, hoover vacuum cleaner, fellow ...
What TV jingles were written by Barry.  I believe I read that the Band-Aid brand jingle "I am stuck on band-aid brand cause band-aids stuck on me" was written by Barry is this correct and if so what others did he write. thank you Answer As Barry himself said on the Ellen DeGeneres show today, he wrote the Band Aids song ("I am stuck on Band-Aid, and a Band-Aid's stuck on me"), as well as the State Farm song ("Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there"). The rest of the catalog requires a little digging. According to the liner notes of the original Barry Manilow Live album (Arista Records, ...