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Chances are pretty good today that somewhere a cop is also checking your speed, as Yakima County’s law enforcement agencies are teaming up to put extra emphasis on monitoring the Valley’s streets and highways for speeders. The Yakima County Target Zero Traffic Safety Task Force, comprised of seven agencies, began overtime patrols today on city streets, county roads and federal highways. The emphasis will continue every weekend through Aug. 1 and will include Washington State Patrol aircraft at times, said Edica Esqueda, the Yakima County Traffic Safety coordinator. It also will involve about 25 officers being paid ...
" broadcasts in 1972. WNAC's news director moved to Philadelphia in 1972 and took the theme with him. The song is arguably one of the most recognized news themes, especially in the northeastern United States . The theme is still used to this day by WPVI, which is now owned by Disney . It has frequently remastered the theme to make it sound less dated. In the current version, the bongo drums are downplayed, the brass instruments updated, the "hippie singers" replaced by string instruments, and the bass has been enhanced; in addition, the pitch has been raised a semitone (only the most famous portion has been ...
"(N)O Canada!" by Stephen Marche | The Walrus | July/August 2010
hen the Conservative government proposed changing a single line of our national anthem this past spring, the outrage was ferocious enough that the idea was shelved in less than forty-eight hours. The prime minister’s spokesman couldn’t back down fast enough: “We offered to hear from Canadians on this issue, and they have already spoken loud and clear. They overwhelmingly do not want to open the issue.” I can only surmise that Olympics-fuelled patriotism was blinding a large and vocal swath of the country to the fact that the national anthem doesn’t need cosmetic surgery; it needs a complete ... market research, surveys and trends | United Nations Executes Kinder Surprise Jingle Writer
Freelance jingle writer, Hans E. Gruber, penned the notorious tune in 2006, but it wasn’t until 2008 that Kinder Surprise manufacturer Ferrero , concerned that the footage for their latest ad campaign “..wasn’t ‘catchy enough to bring in the ‘annoying little shit’ demographic’ decided to push it ‘..way over the top’ with Gruber’s lyrics and music. The rest is history.” The lyrics: “To make a lovely surprise, You take a day without a surprise. You become the surprise, (Sing this bit through a traffic cone) “And here it is, the surprise of the day!” market research, surveys and trends


local stuffs list: local stuffs
I began publishing g's digest on the blog on Sept. 30, 2006. g's digest was a collection of news commentary, poetry, calls for action, etc. that i'd been sending out by email for 5 years, since Sept. 11, 2001. Starting in July 2007, i start using it to put up my local stuffs lists in an archive and link to other sites i've made or am interested in. blogging will make it possible to add photos, links, and room for your comments. 1. Invitation to 2005-2007 CIBER Interdisciplinary Research Projects 2. 'Aunty' Genoa Keawe dies 3. da lolo paka - more comment 4. Endangered Wolves Need You to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Smart Borrower Blog -
Even though long-term mortgage interest rates have been at all-time record lows for weeks, very few borrowers were taking the bait. At least until this past week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. Last week, home loan applications rose by 7.6 percent based on the MBA’s seasonally adjusted index. Home purchase applications rose for the first time in five weeks, after dropping to a 13-week low the previous week, and refinance applications jumped to their highest level in over a year. Mortgage giant Freddie Mac reported last week that the average rate on a 30-year fixed rate loan sunk to... Read full article » industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hernando County club happenings for July 21 and beyond
11494 Cortez Blvd. Bingo, 4:30-10 p.m. Thursdays; food available. Dinner dance, 5 p.m. Fridays; dinner choice is half a baked chicken, country fried steak, fried Alaska pollack, fried shrimp and a weekly special; the cost is $10 plus tax; music provided by Take Two. "Wings and Things" offered 6-9 p.m. Saturdays; music provided. Dime Jingle games, 10:30 a.m. Mondays; bring 14 dimes and two quarters. For members and their guests. (352) 596-2582. Genealogy Society of Hernando County: Share and discussion meeting, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, LDS Family History Center, 21043 Yontz Road. Visitors welcome. Kathleen Marsh, (352) 796-1623. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Fitness pro uses exercise ball, music to help students stretch
"Shift your toe and where do you go, to the buttocks, Botox for the buttocks," said Stellner as she instructed her BALLean class. Rapping comes to her as easily as cueing the next exercise. Stellner, 50, is a south Charlotte fitness professional with more than 30 years of experience. She has taught group exercise at the Levine Jewish Community Center and the Harris YMCA for 16 and 10 years, respectively. She owns Body Tune, an in-home personal training company, and she is a married mother of two grown children. Not only has Stellner been teaching group exercise classes since she was 18, but she also is a professional ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Value Pluralism and Liberal Politics
Apr 21, 2010 ... e.g., between the notable literary achievement of Hamlet and the nominal virtuosity of the jingle-writer— undermines the intuition that the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Governor Makes Appointments to State Boards - Sean Parnell, 10th ...
June 15, 2010, Juneau, Alaska — Governor Sean Parnell today announced his appointments to the Alaska Commission on Aging, Alaska Community Service Commission, Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board, Aviation Advisory Board, and Water and Wastewater Works Advisory Board. Alaska Commission on Aging Governor Parnell appointed Marie Darlin to the Alaska Commission on Aging. The 11-member commission makes recommendations to the governor and Legislature regarding legislation, regulations and appropriations for programs and services that benefit older Alaskans. Members are appointed based on their knowledge of and demonstrated ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Jake Holmes: Ad Interview
Ever longed to be a pepper? Or smiled at the antics of Zack the Legomaniac? Or considered going "Skippy-dippin'"? Blame Jake Holmes, one of the top jingle writers on the advertising scene today. the man behind insidiously catchy ditties for everything from deodorant ("Raise your hand if you're Sure") to the military ("Be all that you can be..."), this New York-based composer has probably authored more "hits" than Elton John, in the process becoming the only jingle writer ever elected to the Songwriter's Hall of Fame. The graying, fortysomething tunesmith didn't grow ...
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Advertising: Jingle Writing, Radio, jingle company
I'm a talented composer who is looking for a home with an ad agency or jingle writing company. What is the best way that I can go about doing so. I'm from Michigan. I know that my skills are more than sufficient to contribute to make a company successful. My studio set up is fully capable to handle any task form long distance, if needed. Please Help! Answer Start here � I believe that you will find some resources here. My recommendation is to make some appointments and do some visits - only to scope out the industry and what ...
Which show did the jingle for Oshikuru Demon Samurai appear on?
Best end credit: “Boogiepop Phantom was depicted as Oshikuru: Demon Samurai.” (UPDATE: An eagle-eyed reader — thanks Annie! — noticed that Oshikuru: Demon Samurai also made an appearance on Big Bang creator Chuck Lorre’s other CBS Monday show, Two-and-a-Half Men, suggesting the two shows exist in the same fictional universe. Does this mean Sheldon and Jon Cryer’s Alan Harper could actually meet some day?)  by Sasuke on Oct 06 2009 (9 months ago) Oshikuru: Demon Samurai is a fictional anime series based on the comic series of the same name. It is about a teenage boy in a futuristic society who is ...