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The question of compensation

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Workers die everyday in factories across China. Despite the appalling working and living conditions that contribute to these fatalities, factory owners routinely deny any liability and seek to avoid paying anything but token compensation to the victims' families. This practice is particularly prevalent where migrant workers are concerned. Factory owners and managers exploit the families' lack of legal knowledge and awareness of their rights, as well as their distance from the factory, in a bid to circumvent their own legal obligations. Victims' families are ignored, lied to, or harassed when they attempt to press ...
of a national government or state. Nationalization usually refers to private assets, but may also mean assets owned by lower levels of government, such as municipalities , being transferred to the public sector to be operated by or owned by the state. The opposite of nationalization is usually privatization or de-nationalisation, but may also be municipalization . A renationalization occurs when state-owned assets are privatized and later nationalized again, often when a different political party or faction is in power. A renationalization process may also be called reverse privatization . Nationalization has been used to refer ...
REVIEWS AND OPINIONS » Is Compensation For Colonization Of Africa ...
The question of compensation to African countries for being victims of colonization which occurred between the 18th and 19th century has been raised once again by some African leaders at the 64th Session of the United Nations General Assembly which was held in September 2009 in New York. This path was championed by the Libyan Leader, Muammar al-Qathafi who in an address on that occasion called on the colonial powers to pay not less than 77 Trillion US Dollars to Africa in compensation for the ‘evil’ effects of colonial system in Africa. This is not the first time such a question has been raised by the Libyan Leader at an ... market research, surveys and trends
Bhopal Tragedy: Suing US Corporations For Damages
Never in the history of India has a Group of Ministers (GOM) sat only for three days and took decisions on issues to redress human suffering and ecological damage, issues which had been neglected for more than a quarter of a century. Viewed against the dithering of GOMs on most issues, the record set by this GOM is Olympian.  The Group was commanded by the Prime Minister to report back within ten days and the ‘boys’ have done it ahead of the deadline. These are issues which have been devastating human lives and living ever since the Plant spewed poisonous gas in 1984. During all these years, they were treated with neglect ... market research, surveys and trends


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If You Are Looking For Quality Information Related To Alternative Energy Mutual Funds, Add This Site To Your Favorites Right Now, As We Update It Daily With The Latest News And Information Related To Alternative Energy Mutual Funds And Similar Topics. Enjoy The Site. The recent budget announcement has got people talking. As with most Government announcements there are always polarised opinions with regards to the issues that have, or have not, been addressed. With the latest announcement it would seem that the Rudd government has responded to the global financial crisis by restructuring the budget to focus new stimulus spending ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Andrew J. Hall - The New York Times
Mr. Hall's $100 million Phibro contract made headlines in the summer of 2009, as the Treasury Department pondered the question of compensation for the top earners at banks still dependent on federal funds. Mr. Hall's bonus for 2008, and a $30 million bonus to another Phibro trader, had posed a problem for the Treasury Department's pay czar, Kenneth R. Feinberg . Mr. Feinberg must approve the 25 largest pay packages this year at Citigroup and six other companies that received multiple government bailouts. The outsize bonuses have also been a political nightmare for Citigroup, in which the government took a nearly ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
India fury over US 'double standards' on BP and Bhopal
"It looks like Indian children's lives are cheaper than [those of] fish," Chetan Bhagat, the country's best-selling writer, said. "Obama should bang his fist on the table. If he can do that for fish, how about our kids? Or are they only Indians?" The Pioneer and Hindustan newspapers ran headlines last week repeating the charge that the US reaction to the Gulf Coast disaster, which has killed 11 people, and to Bhopal , where at least 15,000 died as a result of exposure to toxic gases leaking from a US-owned pesticide plant, was evidence of double standards. "Everything that Obama has said about ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Phase IV of Mau recovery to start soon
NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 12 - The Interim Coordinating Secretariat of the Mau Complex plans to embark on phase IV of the Mau rehabilitation in January 2011. The fourth phase which targets small scale legal land owners who were beneficiaries of the 2001 land excision is scheduled to recover 61,000 hectares of the Mau forest. Chief Coordinator of the Secretariat Hassan Noor Hassan who described the stage as an ‘enormous challenge’ also said that profiling of the small scale land owners would begin before the end of this year. “Phase IV will be all that land which was allocated in 2001 to farmers and it involves a lot ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Role of Compensation in Policy Reform
the question of compensation subsequent to policy reform, reforms that result in ... will raise the question of compensation if the underlying social ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Executive Compensation and Related Person Disclosure Transition ...
compensation or related person transaction disclosure for fiscal years for which the company previously was required to apply the old rules. Question 3 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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To answer the first question, we need first to determine the amount of ..... When the possibility of a tax-subsidized alternative compensation system is ...
What are the two types of economic efficiency? - Yahoo! Answers
The concept or the idea of economic efficiency is one but its applications are numerous. There are not simply two types of economic efficiency: depending on the context, there are many types of economic efficiency. In Economics efficiency is a general term encompassing the idea that a system proceeds with the minimum amount of waste. Efficiency is improved if the amount of "waste" or "friction" is reduced. The efficiency of an economy is used to determine how well an economic system serves society. A system can be called economically efficient if a. No one can be made better off without making someone else worse off. b. The most ...
Is This Career For You?
Medical transcription is the process of producing reports from dictation by medical providers of the details of patient office visits, clinical, radiographic and operative procedures, etc. Virtually every encounter a patient has in the medical arena is documented in some way. Most providers and institutions have formalized this documentation into the patient's medical record through dictation and subsequent transcription. In addition to typing the report into the desired format, transcriptionists also verify the dictation for accuracy -- both medical accuracy and English-language accuracy -- so that the final report is a ...