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from their massive and very expensive ($3.5M) ethnographic study of media consumption behavior. The researchers observed and recorded behaviors of 376 adults in four markets for the average period of 33 hours each or roughly two full waking days (or "three-quarters of a million minutes" altogether, as they prefer to put it.)  It looks like they used methodology and tools developed by Ball State Uni's Center for Media Design for its Middletown Media Study , which I've been following here closely since 2006. The press release is pretty celebratory throughout, starting with the headline "Most TV ...
(HDTV). Television systems are also used for surveillance, industrial process control, and guiding of weapons, in places where direct observation is difficult or dangerous. Amateur television ( ham TV or ATV ) is also used for experimentation, pleasure and public service events by amateur radio operators. Ham TV stations were on the air in many cities before commercial TV stations came on the air.
Free Poker Odds Calculator | UK Poker Player
One of the best online poker sites for the UK is offering all players a free copy of the excellent software just for signing up, there is no deposit needed to get it and it’s worth $99.99 but yours for FREE! Believe it or not, there are people out there who enjoy math. They get all teary eyed with nostaligic glee when the topic of E = mc2 comes up. They still have that digital calculator watch from the eighties hidden somewhere in their sock drawer. Non-linear equations are discussed in the same sort of hushed awe that the rest of us use when talking about the possibility of an afterlife, or Monday Night Football. In short, ... market research, surveys and trends
Rethinking blog networks and ethics « White Coat Underground
One of the wonderful things about blogs is their independence. Most are hosted by wordpress or blogger and there isn’t much advertising or sponsorship. Notable exceptions are blog collectives, such as ScienceBlogs and the Discover Magazine blog network . These networks have significant advantages, including technical support, increased reach, and collegiality (your results may vary). One of the potential disadvantages is advertising and sponsorship. Here at Sb, we’ve been very fortunate in that our content is completely independent. We control anything in the center column. The top and right however belong to ... market research, surveys and trends


Print is still king: Only 3 percent of newspaper reading happens ...
All generally accepted truths notwithstanding, more than 96 percent of newspaper reading is still done in the print editions, and the online share of the newspaper audience attention is only a bit more than 3 percent. That’s my conclusion after I got out my spreadsheets and calculator out again to check the math behind the assumption that the audience for news has shifted from print to the Web in a big way. This exercise was prompted by recent posts by John Duncan of Inksniffer , in which he argues that “internet metrics substantially exaggerate the importance of the newspaper web audience.” Duncan (who seems ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Tories up three in Guardian/ICM poll as Labour fightback stalls ...
's election chances, according to today's Guardian/ICM poll, which shows the gap between the two main parties has grown to nine points. Voters remain unconvinced by the Conservative alternative, with 29% thinking a clear Tory victory would be best. Only 18% think Britain would be best served by a strong Labour win this spring. Both groups are outnumbered by the 44% who want a hung parliament in which the government works with smaller parties such as the Liberal Democrats. Only 38% of people who voted Labour in 2005 want to see the party win a strong majority now, while 43% would prefer a hung parliament. One ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
mPower OTC BB XDSL to Conduct Investor Meetings in San Francisco and Los ...
LITTLE FALLS, NJ - July 19, 2010 ( Newswire) - mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTC.BB:XDSL), the developer of Smart Surface technologies including Power on Command� battery technologies and consumer products, has scheduled meetings with investors in San Francisco on Thursday, July 22, 2010 and in Los Angeles on Friday, July 23, 2010. The meetings will offer an opportunity for Company management to discuss mPhase and its business goals for the future. mPhase CEO Ronald A. Durando and CFO Martin Smiley will be discussing a range of topics, including the Company's patent portfolio potential and strategy as well as ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
News Briefs
Canyon Lake Community Church�s new preschool is in its final inspection stages and has received approval to register students. The preschool accepts children ages 2 to 6. Registration for half and full day programs will begin on July 21. The first day of school will be on August 23. Children do not have to be potty trained but there is an additional charge if they are not. For more information and registration, contact Preschool Director Cindy Begando at 244-1877, ext. 228. Men's suits needed       The Canyon Lake Community Theatre is in need of suits for its all-kids production of �Bugsy Malone ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Advertising Design - SYLLABUS UCLA Department of Design | Media ...
Design 189 / Special Topics in Design ... TA's office hours will be held at the DMA Lab on Thursdays from 12-2, or by appointment. E-mail address: none@ucla. ... Lecture: Main trends in advertising. Strategy, Period, Focus and. Themes. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
No. 9068-8425 Quebec, Inc., doing business as Bio Lab
The Federal Trade Commission charged a Canadian corporation operating in the United States under the name Bio Lab and its president with deceiving consumers through false advertising for their weight-loss and cellulite-treatment products in violation of the FTC Act. The FTC announced today a law enforcement action against No. 9068-8425 Quebec, Inc., doing business as Bio Lab, and its president, Jean-Francois Brochu. The FTC alleged that the defendants, using mainstream U.S. media, targeted U.S. consumers by advertising and selling "Quick Slim" - a purported weight-loss product which they claim causes users to lose ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
College of Communication | Undergraduate Catalog, 2008-2010 ...
The faculty has approval to offer the following courses in the academic years 2008-2009 and 2009-2010; however, not all courses are taught each semester or summer session. Students should consult the Course Schedule to determine which courses and topics will be offered during a particular semester or summer session. The Course Schedule may also reflect changes made to the course inventory after the publication of this catalog. A full explanation of course numbers is given in General Information. In brief, the first digit of a course number indicates the semester hour value of the course. The second and third digits indicate the ...
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How can I find a Google Apps Reseller in my region? - Google Apps ...
We're looking to implement Google Apps in our organization and are wondering if we can find a directory of resellers within the MENA region (especially the Gulf area). ABS operates from Shatha Tower, Media City, Dubai. It is owned by a group of businessmen from Cyprus, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Pakistan and Switzerland. Shareholders and managers have a wealth of senior level experience, in advertising, banking, IT, gold refining and real estate development. Activities of the company are: IT Consultancy - Software as a Solution (SaaS) is the future for IT management. Computing in the Cloud allows clients to reduce IT costs ...
What do people need to do to more effectively manage meetings ...
the greatest defficiency that hijacks even a important meeting is when the seniormost person in the room drifs into topics other than the agenda, and when timekeeping / goal of the meeting / persons attending it ( with clear reason to attend ad contribute) is lacking. posted 2 months ago Writer-Thinker-Motivational Speaker - Bahrain see all my answers Plan the meeting. Have a time-bound agenda. Ensure proper participation. Inform the participants of the agenda well in advance. Stick to the time table. Most importantly, before planning ask the question, "do we really need a meeting for this ?" Avoid meetings if the information ...