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Special Report on

Trailer Trash Book

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meaning the beach clubs had little room for parties and dancefloors, as the sand had disappeared. I did get onto a couple of yacht parties - great food at the Countdown to Zero party - but, darn it, I left before Lindsay Lohan apparently fell up the gangplank. Style Star and Replay put on a euro-trashy bash, with lots of models and orange-looking Italian men. Lovely Natalie Imbruglia (above) did a surprise acoustic set. She's on fine form - generally, a little PA in Cannes heralds a good summer on the festival scene, so watch out for her. Even more of a surprise was that she gave way to Avatar and Girlfight star Michelle ...
What were they thinking? | Plot Monkeys
For a lot of people, today is an extra day off since the 4th fell on a Sunday. If that’s the case for you, I hope you’re doing something fun! My husband has today off, and we’re going to go and see the new Tom Cruise movie, KNIGHT AND DAY. Has anyone seen it yet? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it! As for the “What Were They Thinking?” topic of today’s blog, I was recently reading an article about some of the worst cookbooks ever printed, and I thought I’d share them with you guys because they really are off the wall and wierd. Hard to imagine there were buyers for ... market research, surveys and trends
Trailer Trash | Jason Solomons
div class="track"img alt="" src="" width="1" height="1" //divp class="standfirst"Your chance to buy a Stallone-stamped red ... market research, surveys and trends


Poll: Who Are the Tea Partiers? - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
Americans who call themselves supporters of the Tea Party movement express strong levels of anger toward Washington generally, and great personal antipathy toward President Obama specifically, a new CBS News/ New York Times poll shows. They are more likely to call themselves Republicans than independents. Despite those strong views, for most Americans the movement remains relatively unknown: most haven't heard of the Tea Party, and those who have are still unsure about its stances. Americans who call themselves "Tea Party members" in this poll: • Mostly consider themselves Republicans – not ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Poll: 14 Percent Of Americans Believe Obama Was Born Outside U.S. ...
Asked an open-ended question about where President Barack Obama was born, 14 percent of Americans say he was born abroad – giving an incorrect answer that shows how widespread the misunderstanding of his birthplace is nearly a year and a half into his presidency. Fully 68 percent of those surveyed in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll say, unprompted, that he was born in the United States, including 48 percent who accurately cite Hawaii. Another 9 percent say it’s their “best guess” that he was born in this country, bringing the total saying he is U.S.-born to 77 percent. Text continues after gallery … industry trends, business articles and survey research
New Fiction From 'Citrus County' Author John Brandon
Of John Brandon’s debut novel, “Arkansas” (McSweeney’s), a curdled tale of drug-running and violence, the San Francisco Chronicle said: “He brilliantly evokes the trailer-trash, time-biding cultures of the Southern states.” Brandon was picked as the 2009-10 John and Renee Grisham Writer-in-Residence at the University of Mississippi, and this month he’s publishing a new novel, “Citrus County,” a twisted coming-of-age tale set in his home state of Florida. Speakeasy asked the author to write something for us, and he offered an excerpt from a novel in progress, titled ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Lisa Jolley Stars In TRAILER PARK In Raleigh 6/30-7/11
Get ready for trailer trash talkin', astroturf lovin' and spray cheese eatin' fun when Hot Summer Nights at the Kennedy takes us down south and across the tracks for The Great American Trailer Park Musical (June 30-July 11) at The Kennedy Theatre in Raleigh. And a show like this needs some hilarious talent to bring it to life. Enter: Broadway funny girl, Lisa Jolley (Hairspray). With music and lyrics by David Nehls and book by Betsy Kelso , The Great American Trailer Park Musical is a hilarious tale that tells the story of Norbert and Jeannie (Jolley) who have been married for 20 years. With little electricity ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


2009 CE CAPI Interview Information Book (Consumer Expenditure ...
10 – Trash collection. CE-305 (4-1-2009). Page 7. 11 – Other (Specify) ..... such as for a boat or cycle – includes trailer for snowmobile or for moving, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cartoon-related Research at the Library of Congress: Caroline and ...
For well over a century the Library of Congress has maintained a strong collecting interest in pictorial humor and satire. As the Library's general collections have grown over time, so too have the cartoon-related collections become remarkably rich and comprehensive. Spanning four centuries, they range from seventeenth-century Dutch political prints to contemporary caricatures by David Levine, and include drawings for cartoons and comic strips, printed satires and caricatures, comic books, illustrated satirical journals, and comic ephemera. The Library acquired these materials ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Trailer Trash Talks Back: John Dufresne's Louisiana Power and Light
does, I think, create a space in which Trailer Trash, a term I would like to valorize, ..... of the subaltern when he tells the Great Book club ...
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Anyone know any trailer trash recipes? - Yahoo! Answers
I'm going to be hosting a trailer trash theme party soon and I need some food ideas. Can someone please help me out? Are there websites for this sort of thing? Where can I find them? A couple of things... Actually a friend gave me this cook book as a gag "White Trash Cooking" in the ref... Funny and to the point. Ideas: Spam Fondue One can of (Original) style Spam One brick of Velveeta Cheese (Regular) Style Coleman two burner camp stove One empty Folgers coffee can Two wire coat hangers Place Velveeta in coffee can and melt slowly. Straighten coat hangers and cut each in half to make four skewers. Stir Velveeta. Cube ...
Trashy Book Club looking for suggestions | Ask MetaFilter
Some friends and I are starting a super trashy book club, and are looking for suggestions for the trashiest books you can come up with. Already in mind: Valley of the Dolls; Flowers in the Attic; Go Ask Alice; Mommy Dearest; Chocolates for Breakfast. Looking for: Anything sordid and campy and ridiculous and obnoxious. Best still: If a cocktail would go with it. Even better: If there is some costume that might be worn to the book club discussion. Better than the best: If a movie was made of the book. Ugh, definitely The Doctor's Wife by Elizabeth Brundage. Sordid, yes; ridiculous, yes; obnoxious, yes. It reads like a ...