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Special Report on

Tray Table Advertising

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Passengers have to keep the tray tables in their upright, locked position, during the beginning and end of their flights. That means an unimpeded view of the ads, which AirTran hopes will bring in millions of dollars in new revenue at a time when much of the industry has been reeling amid the economic slowdown. AirTran expects the ads to be on its 138 planes within weeks. Mother Nature Network, offering a chance to win a Royal Caribbean cruise, is its first advertising partner. US Airways has been placing ads on the tops of tray tables for years, but only on some planes. The five biggest U.S. carriers lost a combined $3.2 ...
were closed, and most US Airways management were laid off. America West CEO Doug Parker became CEO of the merged companies, and his management team remains in control. The merger was completed on September 27, 2005, and America West now operates under the US Airways brand, which was felt to be more appropriate to the combined airline's nationwide route network. A merger of the two airlines' FAA operating certificates occurred on September 25, 2007 (the USAirways Certificate survived), ending the 24-year history of America West Airlines. Beginning January 2006, all America West flights were branded as US Airways , along ...
US Airways slaps ads on first class tray tables, putting the ...
“A lot of people will think placing ads in first class is déclassé,” Mr. Ashley, who logged 75,000 miles traveling the world last year, said. “I think it signals that US Airways is not trying to position its firstclass travel as a premium product.” Gee that Mr. Ashley who’s quoted in the article sure makes a lot of sense!… In particular, I’d follow up to say that US Airways has thrown in the towel on selling seats in first class. If you’re crassly making the cabin a billboard, then you’re implicitly admitting that the first class cabin is only appealing to upgraders. ... market research, surveys and trends
A Captivating Audience at 30000 Feet
Recently my husband and I vacationed to Mexico. Having not been on an airplane in more than a year, I was shocked at the amount of advertising all around me, sky high at 30,000 feet. On the news almost every day we’ve been hearing stories about airlines charging extra for baggage, merging airlines and new rules and regulations inconveniencing passengers – clearly the airline industry is hurting and they are looking for new sources of revenue. These days it is the norm for airlines to sell advertising space on the interior and exterior of the plane, installing ads in hard-to-miss places. I read that US Airways said that it ... market research, surveys and trends


Brand Connections
ADVERTISING and eyeballs were two nouns linked in my mind well before Internet marketers started spouting them. I always associate them with the reference in "The Great Gatsby" to the dilapidated billboard with the all-seeing eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg - an image that literature professors swoon over, but which I tend to ascribe to F. Scott Fitzgerald's probably sipping immoderately from a flask of whiskey while spotting an actual abandoned billboard on a drive to Long Island Sound.   This, however, brings travel into the mix. Advertising, eyeballs and travel. Somebody has figured out that those three ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Inflight - Adrants
about six acres' worth. The delectable crop circle at left was created in a wheat field in Commerce City, so in- and outbound Denver International passengers can get a nice big eyeful of pie in the sky. For those that may find this particularly inspirational, a company called Circlemakers specializes in producing crop circles for brand names. Clients have included Microsoft, Nike, Greenpeace (nothin' like a single serving of in-flight guilt), Hello Kitty, BP, and The History Channel. Oh yeah, and there's also Ad-Air , a gigantorama billboard maker that's infinitely less creative than a crop circle, but it ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
On-Site Auction
Fantastic Biedermeier desk, Biedermeier table, Biedermeier chair, early drop-leaf table/turned legs, George III dressing table, Louis XV settee/2 chairs, more. Furniture Extraordinary 11-foot gilt 19th-c. American pier mirror, 19th-c. drafting table, Barbara Gottschalk chair, wine tasting table/leather top and pencil inlay, pair ribbon-back chairs, pair shield-back chairs, Glasgow desk 1910, sleigh bed, Hoosiers, Edwardian wardrobe, Victorian sideboard and others, Victorian rosewood couch, gun cabinet, marquetry pedestal, cast-iron base pub table, many day beds, Masonic officers’ chairs, marquetry Gallé ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
We will sell items from the late Paul More collection with additions all moved for convenience to Judi's Catering Banquet Hall, 101 Plaza Lane, located just off old Hwy. 231 South behind Centennial Plaza (from I-65 take Hwy. 38, exit West to Hwy. 52, then South to Hwy. 25 or Teal Rd., turn southbound past fairgrounds, then go to 4th stoplight from fairgrounds, go straight on old Hwy. 231 to Centennial Plaza). EARLY AMERICAN FURNITURE Diminutive Amish dry sink cupboard in original blue paint w/ open top w/ curved shelves, single raised panel door below, nice foot; Kentucky cherry sugar table w/ drawer and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


innovative advertising opportunities
Tray Table Advertising - allows for a key message that grabs the passenger's attention for at least 40 minutes during each flight and at all times if the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Microsoft PowerPoint - EWD Update 073007
Jul 30, 2007 ... •New airplane tray table advertising campaign that will run now through the end of September. Classic New Orleans cuisine, such as barbecued ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Integrated Marketing Communications Master's Degree Program | What ...
"Agencies that only want to do traditional advertising remind me of the railroad companies when the automobile came on the scene." — Bill Cleary, Co-founder, CKS The textbook definition of IMC: "The coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues and sources within a company into a seamless program that maximizes the impact on consumers and other end users at a minimal cost." Clow and Baack (2004). But what does that mean to you? It means society is changing. Fast. Old assumptions about the roles of advertising, promotion and media are fading. Ideas about how agencies should be ...
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In the article Airlines begin selling ads is the author showing ...
Tempe, Ariz.-based US Airways is adding destination-specific advertising and travel information to its online and printed boarding passes. There are five spots for ads on the boarding pass, including an in-house ad. US Airways currently advertises its airport clubs. The ads are sold by an outside company, Sojern Inc., which shares the revenue with US Airways. The airline would not disclose the potential annual revenue from the ads, but said it's 30% to 40% more than it receives from its tray-table advertising, according to The Arizona Republic. Delta was the first major carrier to start selling ads on computer-printed ...
I am looking for a hospital-style tray table. I've seend this used ...
I have chronic pain and fatigue that often leaves me in bed for long periods of time. So I have a bunch of things on the floor and on the side of my bed. But they fall off and get messed up if they are on my bed, and on the floor, sometimes I don't have the strength to reach down to them. I have been looking for a tray table like they use in hospitals. I'll describe it. It's on wheels, so it's easy to move in to the person in bed, and easy to move out of the way when not wanted. It has an adjustable height so it can be at a lower level for reading or a higher level for eating or having things ...