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Truck Advertising Gets Tougher

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Ford’s 2010 F-150 sustained major damage in the new pole-impact test but protected a dummy well enough to meet the safety standard. COLLISION A 10-inch diameter pole slams the side at 20 m.p.h. In much the same way, lower grades on the safety report cards of new vehicles — an expected result of changes in the crash-test regimen used to rate vehicles under the government’s New Car Assessment Program — could incite serious hand-wringing by new-car buyers. The scoring system, which takes effect with 2011 models, is likely to sow confusion in dealership showrooms, where shoppers have grown accustomed to ...
system applies only to motion pictures that are submitted for rating. Other media (such as television programs and video games) may be rated by other entities. A voluntary system not enforced by law, it is one of various motion picture rating systems used to help parents decide what movies are appropriate for their children. In the U.S., the MPAA's rating systems are the most-recognized guide for parents regarding the content of movies, and each rating has been trademarked by MPAA so that they are not used outside of motion pictures. The MPAA system has been criticized for the secrecy of its decisions as well as for ...
Chaos Comes to Carroll is the ongoing saga of what occurs in Carroll County, Maryland during calendar year 2010 as a result of the county's graduation from three commissioners to five commissioners, all courtesy of the genius of one Delegate Donald Elliot, blessed be he for it as the chaos it will no doubt bring will convince voters of the need for Charter Government or at least Code Home Rule. Check my blog weekly for the latest news and fresh commentary. It's all Bloggers fault folks because I'm not accepting responsibility for anythig this week. Please continue with your patience for the 3 links above with ... market research, surveys and trends
Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
Every American, and increasingly everyone in the world, should have available to them the information presented in this excellent book about the methods of the fast-food industry. This is not a vegan or vegetarian slam against beef and poultry producers. Instead, it is a look at how the large fast-food industry has transformed our nation, and is transforming the world, as we enter a new century. Readers will love Schlosser’s easy writing style, even as they grapple with what his information tells us about the food world around us. This is an especially important book for every parent. Even if parents do not take their ... market research, surveys and trends


Ford F150 Named Motor Trend's 2009 Truck of the Year (The Torque ...
has announced the recipient of its 2009 Truck of the Year award and this year the redesigned 2009 Ford F150 receives the award. This year there were only 4 contenders for the award, the Ford F150, also redesigned Dodge Ram, Suzuki Equator and HUMMER H3T. Basically the choice for Motor Trend's editors was between the F150 and Ram since the Equator is basically a rebadged Nissan Frontier and well the H3T fill in the blank. Editors praised the new F150 for having low noise levels and high interior quality materials. Other standouts were the new features like the Tailgate Step, Box Side Step, and a stowable ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Truck Advertising Gets Tougher - News
Last year’s trend in truck advertising was outrageous feats of strength that brought us a Chevy Silverado heavy duty pulling a freight train, a Toyota Tundra towing a trailer over a giant see-saw and a Ford F-150 stopping a landing C-123 cargo plane. Then, each manufacturer sought to outdo the others to prove how capable its trucks were. This year, they're going with good old-fashioned smack talk. GM and Ford have signed up personalities as tough as the current sales environment to pitch their latest pickups. Ex-Oakland Raiders defensive end and NFL Hall-of-Famer Howie Long and chronically angry comedian Dennis Leary ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Bristol II: Kenseth - Friday media visit
Matt Kenseth, driver of the No. 17 Crown Royal Ford Fusion, sits ninth in the current NSCS point standings and is coming off a fifth-place finish last weekend at Michigan. He spoke to the members of the media after practice about returning to Bristol. HOW DO YOU FEEL FOR TOMORROW? "I don't know, we had a pretty good last practice. We seemed to run okay. It's a little different than it has ever been here. This tire, I think, has at least thrown us for a little bit of a loop, so I think the racing is gonna be a little bit different than it has been in the past with this tire. I know the truck race kind of was, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
All systems go for big motorway closure
Transport officials orchestrating New Zealand's biggest motorway closure have painful memories of one of Auckland's worst traffic jams, during roadworks on Mangere Bridge four years ago. These have loomed large behind a strategy of giving drivers plenty of warning about the closure of all southbound lanes across Newmarket Viaduct for up to 36 hours from 5pm on Saturday, September 4. "Lessons were learnt about building public awareness to suppress the [traffic] demand," Transport Agency regional highways manager Tommy Parker said in reference to the Mangere Bridge closure, when thousands of motorists stewed ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


1 Minutes of a Work Session of the Council of the Town of ...
advertising on the bus. He stated that several other localities are ... by Council but when it comes to the garbage truck driver or the street ... Manager Palmore stated that he feels overwhelmed now and it gets tougher and tougher ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Truck Replacement - The Port Authority of NY & NJ
The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (Port Authority) Regional Truck Replacement Program (TRP) is a special first-come, first-served limited offer to provide both grants and financial assistance to eligible truck owners to help purchase newer and more fuel efficient trucks. Applicants that are eligible to participate may receive a grant that will cover up to 25 percent of the purchase price of the newer truck and may also qualify for low-interest financing. What is the difference between the grant and financing options of the Regional Truck Replacement Program (TRP)? The grant portion offers up to 25 percent towards the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Topic1:Introduction, History of Advertising
Truck building factories from the war were retooled from military to ... Newer, tougher regulator offices were developed to demand higher standards. ... new media where viewers can interact with programming to get further information. ...
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Why do people do this?
This happens a lot where I live as its fairly rural and it is, people driving alone at 40 mph in a 60 mph clear conditions, then when they enter a 30mph zone they still drive at 40mph! It really drives me nuts, so why do they do it? Because they can, up North they do the same, heres one that always makes me wonder, 60mph zone going through a small village drops to 40mph for about 500 yards, next road sign is a round circle with black line diagonally through it telling them its back to 60mph BUT no, we continue along at 40mph, maybe they don't know what the sign meant? Here in the UK we should have a Minimum speed too, it ...
What do you think about distracted driving legislation and ...
Of course, I'm taking that out of context... However, a lot of people are making a lot of noise that seems to me to be nonsense. This is either a non-issue, or an issue that is way too narrow. Are these laws going to include having animals in the car, eating in the car, having children in the car, talking (without technology - you know, real talking) in the car, listening to the radio in the car, or playing music in the car? I have not heard anyone say how many accidents are caused each year by people reaching under their seat for a french fry they dropped, or (and I saw this with my own eyes) two people hitting each ...