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Special Report on

TV Toy Advertising

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Got a question about a TV, print or online ad you've seen or about an ad campaign? Ask USA TODAY's Advertising/Marketing reporters. Each Monday, they'll answer a reader question on the Media page, . Send e-mail to: . The economy is anything but shipshape, but Royal Caribbean is introducing its first new ad theme in nearly a decade. On Monday, "The Nation of Why Not" will replace its "Get out there" theme. Royal Caribbean CEO Adam Goldstein says, "We are hoping the spirit of change that played in the election — more optimism and getting ...
to ensure they meet defined standards. These rules vary from country to country, with all advertisements directed to children banned in some countries.
Why Do Children Play? What Is A Toy? What Makes The Toy ...
Working with children, we ask the questions ourselves… Why do children play? What is a toy? What makes the toy interesting? What is a good toy? Children want incredible and exciting entertainment, the parents want a constructive and fruitful game, and children play because it is very interesting. The game is a training and preparation for independent living. During the game, the foundation for further development of the child is laid. The brain perceives the information in the first years of life the most intensively. Children play with what they like. Through their imagination the things are transformed into what is ... market research, surveys and trends
'Mad Men' season premiere review: 'Stop telling me what to do. I ...
is meant to state its ongoing theme — “Who is Don Draper?,” asked by an Ad Age interviewer profiling Don — I think it’s Don’s response that really gets us into the season in a more concrete, direct way. SPOILER ALERT. DON’T READ THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED ON TONIGHT’S MAD MEN . “What do men say when you ask that?” Don snaps back. Couple things here. Creator Matthew Weiner, who wrote this episode, was careful to use the word “men” in that line, because in the mid-1960s period in which Mad Men is set, it wouldn’t occur to him that ... market research, surveys and trends


Facts and Figures about our TV Habit
8) Percent reduction in the American homicide rate between 1993 and 1996: 20 ... 3) Number of TV commercials seen by the average American by age 65: 2 million. 4 ) Percentage of toy advertising dollars spent on television commercials in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
TV Facts and Figures About TV Habits - Statistics Factsheet Final.p65
Percent increase in network news coverage of homicide between 1993 and ... Number of TV commercials seen by the average American by age 65: 2 million. 4). Percentage of toy advertising dollars spent on television commercials in 1997: 92 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A toy collection that brings back memories
CHESHIRE, Conn. — With colorful cutouts of cartoon characters scattered across the lawn, it would be easy to mistake the Barker Character, Comic and Cartoon Museum for a day-care center. But “this is boomer heaven,’’ says curator Judy Fuerst. “Boomers bring their kids and grandkids, and then they come back alone to spend more time.’’ It’s not unusual, she says, for some visitors to spend the entire afternoon peering into the cases. And that’s just skimming the collection. The museum opened in a converted barn in 1997 with 50,000 objects. Now it displays more than 80,000 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Mum faces more fights over graphic TV ads
A Waikato mum has won a battle with TVNZ over the screening of graphic advertisements during a children's film but the state broadcaster has warned parents it will continue to show ads with "hazards attached". TVNZ will now put "graphic" warnings on Land Transport New Zealand ads so staff do not play them too early after Sarah O'Neill complained that her children watched a frightening car crash advertisement during Toy Story. But the network has stuck by its decision to play an alcohol ad and a promo for Desperate Housewives (again featuring a car crash) during another children's film. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Toy ads on television
that toys advertised on TV, like all products, are made to ... Act requires all toy advertising to be truthful and nondeceptive or misleading. Your comments ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Child Consumers and Misleading Toy Commercials
When I was a little kid, I can remember throwing a temper tantrum because my mother would not buy me a Barbie doll that I had seen on television.  In my mind, I had to have it because the t.v. ad had made the doll look so cool.  As I have gotten older (and stopped purchasing Barbie dolls) I have noticed that commercials aimed toward children are aired frequently.  This kind of advertising seems to be becoming a trend in toy advertisements for children.  By researching this topic, hopefully an audience of parents as well as adults with small children in their family will be able to more clearly ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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It cost on the lower higher average of £507 500, including billboards and all that stuff that is all i know now but i can get back to you. What is the average cost of a television in the US? As a guess, since there are so many different models available would be in the $800-$1250.00 dollar range on the average. Too bad the manufacturer's can't make a television as dependable and with the... What was the first television advertisment ? In Britain it was Gibbs SR toothpaste. Research your answer:   Our contributors said this page should be displayed for the questions below. ( Where do these come from ) If any ...