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Understanding Reach and Frequency

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Is it art or is it science? An advertising colleague and I recently got into this friendly debate concerning media planning and placement. He asserted that it was a science, citing the research component that is an essential element of any well-developed media plan. Acknowledging research as a vital step, I maintained that media management is an art. Certainly, undeniably, negotiating with media salespeople is an art developed and finessed over time. But the planning aspect is an art as well. Understanding reach and frequency and how to maximize the effectiveness of various media working together is an artful skill. And deciding ...
across the material. However, if the circuit is closed the energy will be quickly released. So in order to run an electric load (such as a light bulb) on a piezoelectric device, the applied mechanical stress must oscillate back and forth. For example, if you had such a device in your shoes you could charge your cell phone while walking but not while standing. The word is derived from the Greek piezo or piezein (πιέζειν), which means to squeeze or press. The piezoelectric effect is reversible in that materials exhibiting the direct piezoelectric effect (the production of an electric potential when stress is applied) also exhibit the
Understanding Perimenopausel Symptoms |
Some women may start to experience certain changes in their bodies when they reach their mid or late 30s. These changes may be symptoms of perimenopause, and they usually occur about 10 to 15 years before a woman stops menstruating. The perimenopause period for women and the severity of the symptoms vary from one individual to another. Perimenopausel symptoms are caused by hormonal imbalances in women who are nearing the age of menopause, and they can be subtle changes in the body or they can be so severe that medical attention is required. Here are some of the common symptoms that are associated with perimenopause: 1) Hot ... market research, surveys and trends
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Have you noticed that soon after learning a new study material you remember very little of it The less you have a chance to rehearse what you have learned,the greater the speed with which the newly acquired knowledge evaporates from your memory. It has long been known that repetitio est mater studiorum (Latin: repetition is the mother of learning). In other words,the best way to remember is to make repetitions of the learned material. However,you might find it quite frustrating when you have to repeat old subjects while your teachers or supervisors still want you to know more and more new material. When are you supposed to find ... market research, surveys and trends


Integrated Measurement in a - Nielsen | Home
billion, of the overall $32.2 billion market for the quarter. .... media can be captured by using the percent of GRPs delivered to the desired target. .... Understanding Reach and Frequency in a Cross-Media World. About Share Shift ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Yahoo! Network | Ad Network+Exchanges Guide | Advertising Age
Yahoo! Network reached each user more than 960 times per month, 30 times a day, giving advertisers more optimal frequency and exposure to higher scalability for targeting. (comScore, February 2010) The Yahoo! Network helps advertisers find the right audiences wherever they are on the Internet. Anchored by one of the biggest Web properties in the world and leveraging prime third-party data partnerships, Yahoo! is able to pinpoint deeply engaged audiences and find them wherever they go across its network of high-quality sites, with optimized frequency and sophisticated targeting capabilities. The Yahoo! Network offers a full suite ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How Long Does Your Ad Have an Impact?
If the speed and number of commitments for this year’s network TV upfronts are a bellwether for the economy, then better times may be on their way.  It is encouraging to see marketers increase their media spend and focus on messaging other than “buy now” and “we are having a sale.” Even though media spending significantly declined during the last two years, we experienced a continued acceleration in the evolution of how media is consumed. Time shifting, place shifting and device shifting are all themes we are becoming increasingly comfortable with.  Control continues to move from the content provider to the consumer, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Differentiating real-time from traditional BI
The customer has always been considered to be the king. Then one can also label the amount of information one generates from customer spending patterns and usage trends, as a veritable treasure trove. Businesses that need to reach out to a large group of targeted people do not need to look far because the mobile operators (apart from the BFSI sector) are the ones with these demographics. How a business goes about using this information to create potential avenues of revenue generation is the main question. Real-time customer intelligence can be one such solution. In a discussion with CXOtoday, Dr Vinod Vasudevan, Group CEO, FlyTxt market trends, news research and surveys resources


APAC Kinetic View - Impact on the opening of Circle Line (CCL) in ...
An opportunity-one that requires more than understanding reach and frequency. The fact is that while majority of Singaporeans reside in North South and East ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Electromagnetic Spectrum - Introduction
Hotter, more energetic objects and events create higher energy radiation than cool objects. Only extremely hot objects or particles moving at very high velocities can create high-energy radiation like X-rays and gamma-rays. Here are the different types of radiation in the EM spectrum, in order from lowest energy to highest: Radio : Yes, this is the same kind of energy that radio stations emit into the air for your boom box to capture and turn into your favorite Mozart, Madonna, or Justin Timberlake tunes. But radio waves are also emitted by other things ... such as stars and gases in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Advertising Reach and Frequency.
Reach and frequency can become more meaningful measurements for media planning if they are translated to an effective frequency concept. If we understand ...
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If you separate yourself from the herd and have a compelling message perhaps your prospects will listen. It’s all about relationship building and understanding what your prospects challenges, frustrations, pain points and successes are. Know your competition and how they sell. When I say know I mean know everything you can. 1. How much of an investment is their product? 2. What is the frequency of their face-to-face client visits? 3. What are their limitations and vulnerabilities? 4. What is the health of the corporation? 5. What is the nature of their relationships with their clients and prospects? 6. How quickly do they ...
Why is it impossible to reach the speed of light? - Yahoo! Answers
The appropriate Lorentz transformations must be applied to the length, time and mass measures to consider the energetics compared to the rest frame. For mass, the transformation appears as m = m0 / sqrt(1 - (v/c)^2) where c is the speed of light, m0 is the "rest mass" of the object and m is the mass of the object moving at velocity v. The relationship shows that at velocities very small compared to the speed of light, the term in the denominator is very close to 1. As a result, the error produced by using the rest mass instead of the actual mass is negligible, and consistency between relativity and classical mechanics in the ...