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Special Report on

Video Advertising Technology

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LiveRail AdServer is an industry-leading platform to manage, target, display and track advertising in online video. LiveRail’s next generation ad-serving suite empowers publishers and advertisers with the tools needed to effectively manage the monetization of online video. AdServer’s powerful, flexible tools maximize the potential of the video medium; freeing you from the constraints and complexities created by attempting to manage video advertising on legacy banner ad-platforms. From streamlined campaign management, automated video conversion, modern ad-unit support (such as overlays), simple integration and ...
develops technology platforms and delivers services for video advertising, namely broadcast, cable and online video. Spot Runner’s mission is to leverage technology and data to transform the way advertising is created, planned, bought, sold and optimized in order to maximize value, at scale, for media owners, agencies and advertisers.
REVIEWS AND OPINIONS - Mixpo's online video advertising strategy
Static display ads are generally ignored by the video consumer and have become increasingly ineffective with very low click-through rates. Online advertisers and brand marketers have been working on ways to make the advertising experience more meaningful for the viewer beyond the click. An approach that is both innovative and proven successful is online video advertising. Video ads are a way for viewers to engage with the ad and get the full brand’s message through a sight and sound. As an ad unit they offer value to the advertiser and control to the user experience on how they interact with the ad. In a recent Beet.TV video ... market research, surveys and trends
YuMe CRO McLernon Says Company's Brand Security Initiative Helps ...
It certainly feels as though I’ve seen this movie before. In 2000, when I was at CBS MarketWatch, we were breaking new ground with marketers and evangelizing a new advertising medium: online. We had to demonstrate the value of online advertising to marketers, provide them with guidance, and ultimately help them find ways to engage with their customers. Now brands are present on the web, but they’re still looking for guidance around new media. Our team at YuMe is fluent in video advertising – we do this every day – but it’s up to us to sell marketers on online video advertising. My experience in helping advertisers successfully ... market research, surveys and trends


Founded in 2004 by Chief Executive Officer Matt Wasserlauf, BBE is the digital media authority. The company helps advertisers, content producers and content distributors navigate the constantly shifting terrain in the online video space. BBE's large-scale, online distribution network delivers original and syndicated content in a highly targeted, measurable way, making the online video space safe for advertising dollars. BBE's online video network of over 2,400 web channel partners delivers content 24/7. Collectively, these publishers have the capacity to reach an enormous audience, carefully segmented by specific ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Xposition: Views on local, video, online advertising
The startup trains its website partners to sell ads, puts them into ad-sales networks with other local sites, and provides them with access to the best tools and technology. As part of its mission to find “world-class tools that [their] local blog and site partners can use to enhance the revenue potential of their sites,” GrowthSpur today announced its partnership with Mixpo. “Mixpo easily transforms the power of TV-style advertising into an engaging online experience that is interactive, targeted, and engaging. The result simplifies the process of delivering the right message to the right audience at the right ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Women This Summer Plan to Use the Web for Connections, News, Sales and ...
AUSTIN, TX, Jun 21, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- As summer begins, plans are heating up for vacations, movie watching and activities to keep kids occupied. Women -- the "Chief Household Officers" -- make 85% of all brand purchase decisions, so it's important for marketers to learn what they want online, where they find it and what ads they notice. To provide new insight on women's online summer plans, Unicast today announced the results of a national survey identifying the key activities, most popular web content, favorite ad formats and product advertising noticed by American women. Unicast is a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
YuMe Announces Proactive Brand Security Solutions to Prevent Undesirable ...
/PRNewswire/ -- YuMe, the leading video advertising technology company, today announced that it has added a powerful set of brand security capabilities to its ACE technology platform. The new brand security capabilities leverage YuMe's proprietary domain detection technology, which can collect detailed information about the in-page environment of a syndicated or embeddable player when it makes an ad request, even when the player is not associated with a companion banner. This industry-first capability—made possible by broad publisher adoption of YuMe's ACE technology—allows YuMe to prevent ads from running ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Microsoft PowerPoint - YuMe Video Ad Metrics_Dec09
YuMe Video Ad Metrics Report. December 2009. About YuMe. YuMe is a video advertising technology company that pioneered video ad delivery across all ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Motion Picture and Video Industries
Keen competition is expected for the more glamorous, high-paying jobs—writers, actors, producers, and directors—but better job prospects are expected for multimedia artists and animators, film and video editors, and others skilled in digital filming and computer-generated imaging. Small or independent filmmakers may provide the best job prospects for new entrants. Although many films are shot on location, employment is centered in several major cities, particularly New York and Los Angeles. Many workers have formal training, but experience, talent, creativity, and professionalism are the factors that are most ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fashion Institute of Technology - Course Descriptions
For Advertising and Marketing Communications, Fabric Styling, Fashion Merchandising Management, and Textile Development and Marketing students. Concepts, perspectives, and methods for the development and implementation of integrated marketing communications programs for producers, manufacturers, and retailers are analyzed and critiqued. AC 113 Strategic Planning for Integrated Marketing Communications 3 credits Prerequisite: AC 111 Students plan and develop Integrated Marketing Communications strategies in order to achieve specific marketing objectives. Through student agency teamwork, they make strategic decisions based on ...
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I am looking for examples of new or innovative online video advertising delivery models..l, Brightspot.TV and Adap.TV are examples that come to mind. I don't care whether it is advertiser, publisher or technology provider side. This is for a general roundup I am providing to a client. All suggestions welcome! Anyone who participates is welcome to the results of this section as well. Cheers, Mike Crosson posted August 27, 2007 in Web Development | Closed Share This Sr Solutions Engineer at Tremor Media see all my answers Best Answers in: Facilities Management (1), Advertising (1), Manufacturing (1), Starting Up (1)
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I think without question the best video blog online is that of Gary Vaynerchuck and his Wine Library: -- This site single handedly turned a million dollar business into a multimillion dollar business. And I'm not talking about 2million... The site has led him to speaking engagements, book deals and while running wine TV he also has spun off to start a modern media company with his brother. posted 3 months ago Partner at Grasp Creative Media see all my answers Best Answers in: Internet Marketing (3), Business Development (1), Mobile Marketing (1), Public Relations (1) Format: Talking head interview ...