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Special Report on

Washington State Apple Advertising Commission

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Wikibooks modules use wikilinks rather sparsely, and only to reference technical or esoteric terms that are critical to understanding the content. Most if not all wikilinks should simply be removed. Please remove {{ dewikify }} after the page is dewikified. The apple is the pomaceous fruit of the apple tree, species Malus domestica in the rose family Rosaceae. It is one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits. The tree is small and deciduous, reaching Template:Convert tall, with a broad, often densely twiggy crown. [1] The leaves are alternately arranged simple ovals 5 to 12 cm long and Template:Convert broad on a ...
Constitutional Law Prof Blog: Wisconsin Diploma Privilege and the ...
As most readers are aware, Wisconsin is the only state in the union with a "diploma privilege," which means a graduate from a Wisconsin law school is automatically admitted to the Wisconsin bar upon law school graduation.  A group of plaintiffs filed a class action challenging the diploma privilege.  While the district court granted a motion to dismiss the case, yesterday the Seventh Circuit reinstated the action.  In an opinion by Judge Posner, the panel ruled that the action should not have been dismissed as the record was insufficiently developed on the curricula at the Wisconsin law schools.  Judge ... market research, surveys and trends
ED Ky. Discusses Split Re Whose Viewpoint Should Be Considered in ...
In actions in which a plaintiff is seeking declaratory or injunctive relief, the amount in controversy is measured by the value of the object of the litigation. Hunt v. Washington State Apple Advertising Commission, 432 U.S. 333, 347 (1977) ; see also Columbia Gas Transmission Corp. v. Meadow Preserve York, 2006 WL 1376912 (N.D.Ohio May 18, 2006) . Here, the Plaintiffs are seeking monetary damages and declaratory relief. Thus, for purposes of determining the amount in controversy, the Court must consider not only the money judgment sought but also the “value of the object of the litigation.” Hunt, 432 U.S. 333; McNutt v. General ... market research, surveys and trends


Hunt v. Washington State Apple Advertising Commission
all closed containers of apples sold, offered for sale, or shipped into the State to bear "no grade other than the applicable U.S. grade or standard." N.C.Gen.Stat. § 106-189.1 (1973). In an action brought by the Washington State Apple Advertising Commission, a three-judge Federal District Court invalidated the statute insofar as it prohibited the display of Washington State apple grades on the ground that it unconstitutionally discriminated against interstate commerce. [p336] The specific questions presented on appeal are (a) whether the Commission had standing to bring this action; (b) if so, whether it ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
432 US 333 Hunt v. Washington State Apple Advertising Commission ...
Appellee, a statutory agency for the promotion and protection of the Washington State apple industry and composed of 13 state growers and dealers chosen from electoral districts by their fellow growers and dealers, all of whom by mandatory assessments finance appellees operations, brought this suit challenging the constitutionality of a North Carolina statute requiring that all apples sold or shipped into North Carolina in closed containers be identified by no grade on the container other than the applicable federal grade or a designation that the apples are not graded. A three-judge District Court granted the requested ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Senators grill Google, Facebook, Apple over privacy policies
WASHINGTON — In a sign of Congress' seriousness in passing legislation to shield consumers' personal Web browsing history and other online information from misuse, members of a key Senate committee on Tuesday questioned representatives of Google, Facebook and Apple about recent high-profile privacy lapses and expressed alarm about the state of privacy protections on the Web. The hearing before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee came on the heels of privacy miscues involving all three Silicon Valley companies: Google's collection of unsecured data from private Wi-Fi networks, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Intel Corporation; Analysis of Proposed Consent Order to Aid Public Comment
SUMMARY: The consent agreement in this matter settles alleged violations of federal law prohibiting unfair or deceptive acts or practices or unfair methods of competition. The attached Analysis to Aid Public Comment describes both the allegations in the complaint and the terms of the consent order -- embodied in the consent agreement -- that would settle these allegations. DATES: Comments must be received on or before September 7, 2010. ADDRESSES: Interested parties are invited to submit written comments electronically or in paper form. Comments should refer to "Intel, Docket No. 9341" to facilitate the organization of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Washington State Apple Advertising Commission, 432 U.S. 333 .................... ........2. *Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife, 504 U.S. 555 . ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FTC Closes its Investigation of Google AdMob Deal
The Federal Trade Commission has closed its investigation of Google’s proposed acquisition of mobile advertising network company AdMob after thoroughly reviewing the deal and concluding that it is unlikely to harm competition in the emerging market for mobile advertising networks. In a statement issued today, the Commission said that although the combination of the two leading mobile advertising networks raised serious antitrust issues, the agency’s concerns ultimately were overshadowed by recent developments in the market, most notably a move by Apple Computer Inc. – the maker of the iPhone – to launch ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Does state law currently overrule federal law? - Yahoo! Answers
Recently I have been hearing that something was passed that made state law overrule federal law. I can't find any info to support this. Anyone know? (As I mention in most of my posts, don't respond if you are planning to insult.) Thank you very much Chris! 1 year ago Nope - the Supremacy Clause of the US constitution holds that all federal laws trump state laws unless the federal law is unconstitutional. The process of a federal law overriding a state law is known as "preemption." As to the comment below - it's simply wrong. Even where strict (and arguably better) state regulations exist, the federal ...
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"eBay is suing Craig Newmark and Craigslist's chief executive Jim Buckmaster for "unfairly diluting" eBay's interest in the popular classifieds site..."   Hubble: Internet Reachability And Monitoring in Real-Time For Black Holes on the Internet "A research project at the University of Washington spots sections on the Internet that cannot be reached for several hours."   European Politicians Vote To Reject Anti-Piracy Plans "European politicians have voted down calls to throw suspected file-sharers off the net. The idea to cut off persistent pirates formed part of a ...