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Special Report on

When Brands Attack

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coffee products.  I just received a direct mail piece on Wednesday for McCafe, but I swiftly threw it in the trash.  Why?  Because my local McDonald’s can’t even get their standard products and service correct, so McCafe has no hope in my mind.  But I digress.  Back to branding … With the onslaught of McCafe marketing, I thought it would be interesting to see how McCafe is doing in Google Trends, which tracks the most searched for terms online, in comparison to its top competitors.  I got the idea after reading a post on the Official Google Blog  about the accuracy of Google Trends in determining past winners ...
When Brands Attack!! – 10 Promotional Stunts That Horribly ...
animated film, Cartoon Network hired ad reps Sean Stevens and Peter Berdovsky. The 2 men decided to hang electronic LED displays in several cities, each boasting a “Lite-Brite” depiction of one of the film’s characters. Citizens of Boston mistook the devices as explosives which caused the city to shut down major roads and bridges. Matters weren’t helped any when — during a post-arrest press conference — the 2 men opted to discuss wacky 70s haircuts instead of the controversy. McDonald’s Tainted MP3 Players In Japan — where even virtual pets have their own MP3 players — McDonald’s ran a contest ... market research, surveys and trends
Transmedia: From One Many
In the wrong hands, an emerging buzzword like “transmedia” could end up as Craigslist slang under either “auto parts” or “casual encounters,” especially for those who “like to watch.” A recent University of California, Los Angels and University of Southern California “industry symposium” attempted to clarify the term at a conference dubbed “Transmedia Hollywood: S/Telling the Story.” Despite its unfortunate title, which looks like something Roland Barthes might sneeze into, the conference put “top creators, producers, and executives from the entertainment industry” and “scholars pursuing the most current academic research on ... market research, surveys and trends


4th Quarter 2009
More Brands Under Attack Than Ever. Before, Hitting Record High in Q4 2009 .... percent from the previous record of 341 in August 2009. ... States continues to be the top country when it comes to hosting phishing sites .... Scanning and Sampling Methodology: Panda Labs gathers data from millions of computers ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Gartner Survey Shows Phishing Attacks Escalated in 2007; More than ...
STAMFORD, Conn., December�17, 2007 — Phishing attacks in the United States soared in 2007 as $3.2 billion was lost to these attacks, according to a survey by Gartner, Inc. The survey found that 3.6 million adults lost money in phishing attacks in the 12 months ending in August 2007, as compared with the 2.3 million who did so the year before. According to a survey of more than 4,500 online U.S. adults in August 2007 (which was representative of the online U.S. adult population) the attacks were more successful in 2007 than they were in the previous two years. Of consumers who received phishing ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A shift in meaning for 'luxury' as shopping habits change
Stephen Hundley loads a home made pizza into his outdoor artisan pizza oven at his home in Poway, Calif. Hundley cooks outside 3-5 days per week. Steve Hundley dumped his Jaguar convertible. He stopped taking Baltic cruises. And he stopped buying his wife pricey jewelry. But last year, just as the recession raised its head, the San Diego resident paid $6,500 for an outdoor artisan pizza oven. "We don't need the Jaguar or cruises to the Baltic," says Hundley, who at 56, is semiretired following a heart attack two years ago. "But cooking healthy food is a big priority." Americans are dipping their toes ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Special: National brands with regional tongue
There is an almost imperceptible change in the way TV commercials meant for the regional markets are made today. Compared to the late 1980s, or even the mid-2000s, quite a few -- though the numbers are still too small to cause too many ripples -- regional commercials are going beyond translated voiceovers and dubbing in the local language. Consider the 'Naaka Mukka' campaign for the Times of India's Chennai launch in 2008. The ad, which got national and international recognition (winning two gold Lions in Cannes in 2009), was created after much research into the local market. It was also global in the sense that ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Download the Brand Recovery Checklist - 10 Rules to Recover from ...
After watching so many brands, from mom and pop to blue chip, ... Before you can recover from an online brand attack you have to be aware that ... and does indeed care will go far when it comes to ensuring a solid online reputation. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Multiple Sclerosis Treatments for Acute Attacks Relapses ...
Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease that affects the brain and spinal cord and can affect the optic nerves. The disease damages myelin, which is the protective material covering the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. This damage produces changes in how the muscles respond to nerve stimulation by interfering with body movement and coordination. The damaged areas develop a scarring or sclerosis that continues to inhibit normal functioning. In some cases, the scarring heals and people experience more normal functioning for a time. However, over time the continual scarring can cause permanent damage to the motor ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
How to Save Your Brand In the Face of Crisis - The Magazine - MIT ...
When bad things happen, companies need the right strategy for talking their way out of a mess and avoiding a calamitous pummeling of their corporate image. Choosing the best response can spell the difference between a brand’s survival — even enhancement — and its irreversible tarnishing. In 2009 and 2010 , Toyota Motor Corp. was the target of much adverse media attention after a series of accidents due to sudden acceleration incidents and brake faults that led to deaths and injuries. What started as a smoldering issue in 2005 with incidents of unintended acceleration and consumer complaints about sticky accelerators culminated ...
What method is the best defense against dog attack and which ...
I am getting into the habit of jogging in order to lose weight. The problem is a lot of people leave their dogs unleashed in my neighborhood. I know if I cease movement, they will cease chasing me, but this is not always the case. Today I almost got mauled, but I was carrying pepper spray and I used it to avert the canine's attack successfully. This got me wondering about what other methods for self defense against dog attacks when I go for a jog? I know there is the ultrasonic repellent. I know there is pepper and OC spray. I also know there is taser. What other methods are out there? Which one is the best or should it ...
Homograph Spoofing Attack
This should be interesting! A recent topic from garrybetting was the perfect opportunity for me to don the "Tin Hat" but apparently it was not the right topic for discussing this. So, I felt a new specific topic just for Homograph Spoofing would be in order. With the approval of IDNs recently and now the testing phase, I do believe we as Internet Marketers and Webmasters are going to be faced with a new level of search sabotage and phishing that makes the current methods look like amateur stuff. IDN Domains are "Internationalized Domains Names", they make the use of special non-English characters possible (i.e. Umlauts like "�", ...