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Special Report on

Wisconsin Advertising Project

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Ken Goldstein is a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and director of the Wisconsin Advertising Project. Goldstein received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and combines his academic training with an ear for real politics and an impressive set of political contacts and experience. He is the author of Interest Groups, Lobbying, and Participation in America, published by Cambridge University Press. His research on political advertising, turnout, campaign finance, survey methodology, Israeli politics, and presidential elections has also appeared in The American Journal of Political ...
The Bankers' Latest Scam
Of all the devious tricks practiced by the financial industry—hidden fees, usurious interest rates, and incomprehensible contracts that take advantage of consumers—the campaign strategy for 2010 has to rank right up there. As the banks begin pouring cash into Congressional elections, they are targeting members of Congress who support consumer protections that could cut into their bottom line. But here is the kicker: Opponents of financial reform are tarring members of Congress who want to regulate the banks as tools of Wall Street. This Orwellian tactic is designed to confuse voters. In effect, the banks are running against ... market research, surveys and trends
mccain outspends obama in wisconsin tv advertising
Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain outspent rival Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama by $35,000 in television ads airing in Wisconsin in the week following the Republican National Convention, according to a Wednesday report. The Wisconsin Advertising Project shows Wisconsin as an increasingly important battleground state as the candidates continue their spending efforts to fight for the win in the state. According to University of Wisconsin professor Ken Goldstein, director of the Wisconsin Advertising Project, the significance does not lie in who is outspending whom, but where they are spending.  market research, surveys and trends


Over $15 million spent in presidential TV advertising since ...
Sep 17, 2008 ... presidential campaigns spent over $15 million on television advertising. Almost all (97 percent) of the airings in support of the Obama ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
General election campaign advertising surpasses $50 million in ...
Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are airing more advertisements in more media markets than their counterparts did during a comparable period in the 2004 election campaign, according to a University of Wisconsin-Madison study. From June 3, when the primary season ended, through July 26, the two candidates have aired more than 100,000 ads, while only 77,000 ads were aired during the same time period in 2004, the Wisconsin Advertising Project found. McCain's campaign has spent just more than $21 million on television advertising since June 3, while Obama has spent more than $27 million. Interest groups have ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
WMEP Assistance Generates $164 Million in Economic Impact for Wisconsin ...
)--Successful efforts to fuel business growth contributed to financial gains reported by state manufacturers assisted by the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) . “The services provided by WMEP in the areas of lean and business planning have been very beneficial, especially during the recession” WMEP services generated an economic impact of $164 million with 973 jobs created and retained during the past fiscal year. Increased and retained sales account for nearly two thirds of the total impact. During the past five years, WMEP-assisted ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Blue Ridge, in Glover Park, Switches Focus from Wine to Beer So long, $50 ...
the Glover Park restaurant that had in one short year seemingly lost everything: its high-profile chef, its cache, maybe even its commitment to farm-to-fork sophistication in a neighborhood that was content with pizza and burgers. I was taken aback by what I saw: a wall of craft beers sealed behind a glass enclosure in the bar area. A minute later, the waiter dropped a weighty binder on my table, its pages listing nearly 100 different beers, from a New Holland Full Circle kölsch to Troegenator double bock. On a follow-up visit, I spotted a little chalkboard outside the place. The sidewalk sandwich board wasn’t tempting me with a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Pres. TV advertising spending continues to grow; Over $28 million ...
Oct 8, 2008 ... the Wisconsin Advertising Project. “The campaign is being played on the .... The University of Wisconsin Advertising Project is affiliated ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Bush, Kerry Gear Up for Final Days of Campaign
National polls show a statistical dead heat between the two major candidates with less than two weeks to go until the 2004 presidential elections. President Bush and his Democratic challenger, Senator John Kerry, face a competitive and dramatic final stretch of their election campaigns. The last of three presidential debates concluded on October 13 with a debate on domestic issues in Tempe, Arizona. The debate demonstrated the marked differences between the candidates and signaled the beginning of their final drive to Election Day on November 2. The candidates reached a nationwide audience during the series of debates, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Wisconsin Advertising Project
Since 1998, the Wisconsin Advertising Project (WiscAds) has undertaken research initiatives to document how candidates, political parties and special interest groups communicate with voters. Initially, WiscAds studied campaign advertisements in the nation’s 75 largest media markets by collecting and analyzing all political advertisements aired on broadcast and cable stations. For the 2002 electoral cycle, the project increases in scope to the 100 largest media markets. This unique database, which has been made possible through a relatively new technology developed by the Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG), now contains ...
How does the Algonquin College (Ottawa, ON) Certificate in Project ...
I ask because the PMP designation seems to carry a higher cachet in Ottawa, because of the value placed on it by the federal government. Thanks, Jennifer Location specific: Ottawa, Canada Area posted 9 months ago in Certification and Licenses | Closed Share This I need to preface this by saying I'm not overly familiar with the Algonquin program. That said, PMI requires 35 hours of formal project management education, and 4,500 - 7,500 hours 3-5 years-ish) experience in project management before applying for and writing the exam. So even someone with a new PMP designation is guaranteed to have both education and experience ...
How to Measure Your Social Media Advertising
Brands can benefit from advertising in social-media space. The approaches offer a means to engage consumers, enhance brand reputation and image, build positive brand attitudes, improve organic search rankings, and drive traffic to brand locations, both on- and off-line. The steps in any advertising campaign will begin with setting campaign objectives and end with assessing the effectiveness of the strategies and tactics to determine the degree of success in accomplishing the stated objectives and to inform the next campaign. The challenge is to develop a set of measures to assess success and plan for future ...