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Nielsen Online's innovative suite of Internet media and market research products help publishers and brands understand, measure and respond to online consumers. Proprietary tools, syndicated services and custom analytics provide actionable insights to help you differentiate your product, site or brand, target your audience, define your business objectives and power your online strategy. Examine Web audiences by site, demographic profile and behavior Identify your target audience, where they go, and what they do online Optimize your online advertising strategy Evaluate your competitors' strategies, site traffic and ...
Established in 1908 as the Pretoria campus of the Johannesburg based Transvaal University College, the university has grown from an original 32 students in a single late Victorian house to approximately 39000 in 2010. Since 1997, the university has produced more research outputs every year than any other institution of higher learning in the country, as measured by the Department of Education's accreditation benchmark. Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
Dispatch Now 24/7 » Blog Archive » Circumcision death toll now 40
This is just ridiculous, its our (abafazi) children that are dying and we no suppose to say a thing. Stop something when it does not work. The authorities have been at this for years and instead of improving more children are dying. THIS IS AN EMBARASSMENT AND EXECUTION.      Why not simply criminalise initiation? If the practitioners are following all the proper practices and procedures, then there should not be so many deaths. There shouldn’t be any deaths at all. If mutilation and death are part of the initiation tradition, then it is a tradition long overdue for abolition. Legally nobody is doing ... market research, surveys and trends
Increase Productivity by Creating PHP Helper Functions « L'oeil ecoute
Every workman needs a good toolbox, and web developers are no different. PHP helper functions are designed to speed up and homogenise repetitive tasks, and make your life that much easier. This first tutorial explains how to make link helpers that will improve your methods for adding hyperlinks and mailto links in your web applications. Yes, there’s nothing quite like awesome, time-saving devices that make lives easier. There are many useful tools out there that can improve your workflow, from CSS grids and layouts to fully fledged content management systems and frameworks. This tutorial, however, is going to delve into the ... market research, surveys and trends


Trends: Media lifestyle
"'Reilly and Associates, my all-time favorite tech-book publisher, has just launched Roughcuts, a service that sells you access to tech books as they are being written; once the book is done, you get a copy of it, too. This is an amazing idea: many of O'Reilly's books cover brand-new technical ideas for which little or no documentation exists; putting even rough editions of their material into readers' hands while it's being finalized is a brilliant way to extend and increase the value of O'Reilly's titles." Boing Boing New 3D Barcode able to Store Videos for Mobile Devices . ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
In the Media Broadband Population Data
With government shutdowns of Western internet services dominating the headlines, companies are reminded of the challenges of doing business in China. But it isn't only the Chinese government causing problems for Western companies. Based on recent market research of China's expansive online population, fundamental differences in the profile of Chinese netizens contribute to the difficulties of marketing in that country. Understanding these differences is the first step to a successful strategy. Read the full article .   05/29/2009 MarketingVox: Mobile Inet Access Up 36%; Still Dwarfed by China Mobile internet access ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Custom Publishing 2010.cdr
Website: CUSTOM PUBLISHING 2010. Lead Sponsor: Associate Sponsor: Media Partner: Endorsed by: OF SOUTH AFRICA ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
za IO a
za. IO a. EN OR ANALYSIS. -. ESTIMATES PRIOR TO IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS. ...... are custom designed with relatively sophisticated coding and sorting features as ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
African Media, Journalism, and Mass Communications
in sub-Saharan Africa covers 17 countries, describes changes & developments in the African media since 2000, identifies future actions with the greatest impact on developing African media. "AMDI was launched by the BBC World Service Trust in January 2006, in collaboration with DfID and the United Economic Commission for Africa,..." Based in London. or Examples of reports. Nigeria report (88 pages in pdf ), Senegal report ( 89 pages in pdf) . African Press Organization - APO Source In English and French. Database ...
Specification: Third-party data feed documentation - DoubleClick ...
Creative designers can opt to include some data from a custom API server and make it available as an ad element in a dynamic creative. At the ad impression time, a request will be made to the custom API server, which returns content in an extended Atom format. This data will be processed by the dynamic ads server and provided to the dynamic creative. Optionally, impression context data (or context signals) can be provided in the request to the custom API server, so that the API server can provide content more relevant to the current impression. In the DoubleClick Dynamic Ads UI, the user can define the custom server target URL. ...
rewrite to allow dot in it
Note that your script will now have to properly handle requests for robots.txt, sitemap.xml, favicon.ico, and all image, css, media, and "document" requests, unless you also exclude those from this rule. I suspect you'll want to do that... Also, if this is all you've got in your .htaccess file, you may want to consider adding the 'standard' domain and index-page canonicalization redirects that we discuss here on a daily basis, so as to preclude duplicate-content problems before you get them. A few basic access-control rules may be in order as well -- For example, make sure that your .htaccess file itself is ...