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Education Law and Rules Links

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The AEIS reports pull together a wide range of information on the performance of students in each school and district in Texas every year. Indicators include TAAS performance, attendance rates, dropout rates, completion rates, and SAT/ACT test results. Actual Financial Data - Multi-year Table This table provides financial statistics of actual expenditures for all funds incurred for 2000-01 thru 2004-05. The information contained on this table is the statewide total expenditures, total operating expenditures, total ...
In 2007, China had 14,832 secondary vocational and technical institutions. About 19.9 million students were studying in secondary and post-secondary vocational institutions. 22,322 private training institutions. They offer on-the-job or part-time training for more than 8.8 million people In 2007, about 410,000 physically disadvantaged students were studying in more than 1,540 special institutes. 2,236 institutions of higher learning in 2007, accommodating over 18.9 million undergraduates and 1.2 million postgraduates About 700,000 Chinese students studying in 103 countries and regions. About 200,000 students from 188 countries ...
US Media`s Pro-Israeli Bias on Flotilla Slaughter
In promoting his 2008 book, "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid," Jimmy Carter said one reason for writing it was "to provoke (unbiased) discussion, which is very rarely heard in this country" on the question of Israel. In America, "any sort of debate back and forth, any sort of incisive editorial comment in the major newspapers, is almost completely absent....There are no significant countervailing voices" to deter Israel from getting away with murder, an illegal blockade, aggressive wars, and the most extreme crimes against humanity; its latest, of course, the massacre of peace activists taking aid to besieged Gazans. Besides ... market research, surveys and trends
Digital Society » Blog Archive » Firehose #9
(Feb. 26): The Performance Rights Act issue. A final GAO report “will include more extensive quantitative analyses of the relevant issues.”  Ars technica reviews the bidding at Performance Rights Act might shut down some radio stations (June 8). The Register, Prisoner of iTunes – the iPad file transfer horror (June 7): “[T}he bad news is that - in this iteration at least - the iPad is a conflicted machine. It's a media consumption device, and if it's just that it's an expensive one. . . . . But alongside this it has a capability as a productivity tool, and it's here that the problems start to tumble ... market research, surveys and trends


State and Local Government, Except Education and Health
Professional and service occupations accounted for more than half of all jobs; fire fighters and law enforcement workers, concentrated in local government, are among the largest occupations. Although job prospects vary by State and region, overall prospects are expected to be favorable. Employer-provided benefits are more common among State and local government employees than among workers in the private sector. Goods and services. State and local governments provide their constituents with vital services that may not be available otherwise, such as transportation, public safety, healthcare, education, utilities, and courts. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
CIRCLE - A nonpartisan research center studying youth civic ...
The November 2010 congressional election will be an off-year (non-presidential) election. The most relevant trend is youth voting in previous off-year elections since the voting age was lowered to 18. That trend is shown below. Regarding turnout in presidential elections, our fact sheet can be downloaded here (PDF) . It includes historical trends and  a 50-state breakdown. Below is a graph from that report, showing turnout by age since 1972. Youth (18-29) voter turnout rose to 51 percent in 2008, an increase of two percentage points from the 2004 Presidential election. In the 2008 election, the gap in turnout by educational ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Audit links to past KS GOP miscues
Amanda Adkins, chairwoman of the Kansas Republican Party, said Kris Kobach and Christian Morgan need to take responsibility for problems created during their tenures as executives of the GOP. Kris Kobach was the Kansas Republican Party's chairman during the two-year period the Federal Elections Commission focused an audit of the state party's business dealings. He said day-to-day financial decisions of Republican Party headquarters were the responsibility of Christian Morgan, who was its executive director. Kobach is now a Republican candidate for secretary of state. Christian Morgan, center, former executive director ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Christie Education Reform Links Student Performance And Teacher Evaluation
The winners of the Race would be those states that submitted the best blueprints for fulfilling the reform agenda, which includes a commitment to eliminate what teachers’ union leaders consider the most important protections enjoyed by their members: seniority-based compensation and permanent job security. To win the contest, the states had to present new laws, contracts and data systems making teachers individually responsible for what their students achieve, and demonstrating, for example, that budget-forced teacher layoffs will be based on the quality of the teacher, not simply on seniority…Indeed, the core of the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Education Law Research Guide*
Children with social disabilities - Education - Law and legislation ..... Topic > Education Law > Find Statutes, Regulations, & court Rules > Federal ... Not only does this site provides direct links to state education statutes, state ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
New Jersey Law
(at the State Library): Includes constitutional documents from the proprietary period and the Constitutions of 1776, 1844, and 1947. General Statutes of 1895 includes New Jersey Constitutional Convention Proceedings 1947 (at the State Library) Searchable and browsable, but to browse you must first get a search result, then follow link to table of contents or to prior or next page. New Jersey Constitutional Documents Online (at Rutgers-Camden Law Library). Includes proceedings of constitutional conventions of 1776 and 1844; proceedings and report of 1942 joint legislative committee, and other documents. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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What is Purpose of Education? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
Can any body define education ( word as noun and as verb) we have lots of definition of Adult education, child education, sex education, computer education, law education, machine education etc etc but never has any body defined Education it self and what purpose it fill in our life. why do we need education. Response, I have received to this question has been very interesting and diverse. I felt probably by giving this question, its own space for discussion, would do it justice. Now this question has its own group for those who are interested to enlighten and educate others with their writings on this subject. Here is the link ...
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