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Bankruptcy vs Judgement?

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This information deals with Chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy. Each state has its own bankruptcy laws, so you need to check with your state for details. Information dealing with Chapter 13 bankruptcy and consumer debt restructuring is not discussed in the following FAQs. The information contained in the following FAQs is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to be a legal opinion nor legal advice nor is it intended to be a complete discussion of all the issues related to the area of Chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy. Every individual's factual situation is different and you should seek independent ...
as a linear combination of other features or measurements. In the other two methods however, the dependent variable is a numerical quantity, while for LDA it is a categorical variable ( i.e. the class label). Logistic regression and probit regression are more similar to LDA, as they also explain a categorical variable. These other methods are preferable in applications where it is not reasonable to assume that the independent variables are normally distributed, which is a fundamental assumption of the LDA method. LDA is also closely related to principal component analysis (PCA) and factor analysis in that both look for linear ...
Liability vs. Regulation - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine
The difference is that I understand Frank's reasoning, whereas Frank seems hardly aware that there's another position here at all. Yup. Tony and Chad should read this a few times. The other position is dumb. It disingenuously ignores all the good, working regulation that exists out there. I just don't get the reason behind letting the oil companies do whatever they think is in their best interest, and then hoping litigation will account for any messes they make. It's just a plain, stubborn refusal to look at the world and address the facts in it because you care more about your precious antigovernment ideology. market research, surveys and trends
Viewtech/Viewsat auction
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Poll: Americans Split On Big 3 Bailout - CBS News
Congress is working overtime on a plan that will help the Big Three before the new year. A possible "car czar" may be appointed to ensure that tax dollars are well spent. Sharyl Attkisson reports. Timeline Stopgap Measures A look at the series of government moves to try and stem the financial meltdown. News Tools Poll Database Search for results from the latest CBS News national polls on the president, the campaign and more. (CBS)  While a majority of Americans believe that bankruptcy for U.S. automakers would have a major impact on the economy, they are evenly split about the prospect of government financial ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
billion, an amount which is now close to being reached if it has not already. ... to sell or securitize 75 percent of its settlement payments and retain the riskiest 25 .... Even if a large judgement is ultimately made against the cigarette ... damages awards from companies that declare bankruptcy; and the tobacco ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Oba assaults wife
Oluwadare Adepoju Adesina the Deji of Akure land, on Sunday evening physically assaulted one of his wives in a free for all in Akure, the Ondo State capital. Oba Adesina, accompanied by his latest wife, Remi Adesina, descended on Olori Bolanle Adesina and inflicted injuries on her. NEXT gathered that Olori Bolanle had been ordered out of the palace by the monarch, following a slight disagreement between the two. The traditional ruler then invaded the private residence of Olori Bolanle with stern looking people suspected to be thugs, who gave the hapless woman a thorough beating. The incident was said to have happened around ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Take smart steps before filing for bankruptcy
•Even if you can't afford to file for bankruptcy, you can ask a lawyer for some basic information. It's important to find out about the statute of limitations for the debt you owe. And you should ask if you are judgment-proof. "If you don't have any assets that a creditor or collection agency can go after, you may be judgment-proof," says Gerri Detweiler, personal finance adviser for "That means there is nothing they can get from you if they sue you or take you to court." If you're judgment-proof, you can write to your collection agency and say that you have consulted ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Ponzini - Order striking defendant's response to motion for ...
VS. AP NO. 01-ap-4039. JAMES A. PONZINI. DEFENDANT. ORDER STRIKING DEFENDANT'S RESPONSE TO ... Debtor's bankruptcy pursuant to 11 U.S.C. ยงยง 523 and/or 727. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
How do I collect on a judgement
to the parties. The losing party, the Debtor, has thirty (30) days to pay the Judgment.  The winning party, the Creditor, should first contact the losing party, the Debtor, to attempt to collect the judgement.  If the Debtor fails to pay, the winning party, the Creditor, may take steps to collect or execute the Judgment including:   In some instances, you may not be able to collect on a judgement.  These include if a judgement debtor has filed for bankruptcy or if the judgement debtor has filed an appeal and has stayed the judgement . SEIZING PERSONAL PROPERTY OR ASSETS: An execution issued out ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Enforcement of Judgment
creditors collect debt through use of the judicial process.  We offer a brief introduction to that process and two problems illustrating its use ( Problem.Enforcement of Judgment.1 and Problem.Enforcement of Judgment.2 ).       The unsecured creditor, whether consensual (e.g. by agreement) or non-consensual (e.g. by tort), may not simply grab a debtor's money or other property in satisfaction of debt. Such self-help would be conversion, subjecting the creditor to tort liability. Instead, absent an agreed resolution, the creditor must sue the debtor for a money judgment and, once judgment is ...
Bankruptcy vs Judgement? - Yahoo! Answers
Thinking about filing for bankruptcy. Im in debt $30,000 which is gaining interest. The debt is from 6 credit cards which have been in collections for 4 years now still in the sol limits. Just received a summons cant pay them off right now an the only settlement they are offering is to sign a judgment threw the courts agreeing to pay back in payments with a high interest. Which basically would be me agreeing to a judgment on my record. So Im considering filling bankruptcy. Any advise? What looks worse on the record a judgment or a Bankruptcy? Or I could take them to court an make them prove the debt see what the judge will say ...
Creditors and Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy vs. judgement, pat answer ...
QUESTION: My husband and I were defrauded in a real estate deal on an apartment complex and won a judgement against the seller.  Unfortunately, the property went into foreclosure and we now have the mortgage company suing us for a lot of money. We have no assets because we put everything into the property to keep it from getting foreclosed on.  At this point we don't know whether to file bankruptcy and make the mortgage company and lawsuit go away and ruin our credit or go through a lawsuit that they may win and then they would have a judgement against us and therefore ruin our credit.  Is one better than ...