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Special Report on

Brand Culture Shock

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the world’s largest manufacturing plant, this adage is adopted wholeheartedly… and literally to build brands. Drawing inspiration from the myriad of global brands that have made a name for themselves, and ones that understandably doing well in China , and have a strong brand recognition. As demonstrated impeccably by these car brands from China who are apparently smitten by Japan’s Infiniti ! (click on the picture to find out more info) Read more » Leave A Comment » Posted in Innovation & Brand Strategy with tags Brand Building , Changan , China , Geely , Innovation & Brand Strategy , Jincheng , Merry ,
Will Your Brand Survive the Culture Shock and Thrive on the Social ...
It seems like every day now I meet someone who is trying to make sense of the social web. Most folks seem to understand that something important is happening, but just can’t connect to the value of what they’re seeing. The social web is a vibrant new culture. Corporations, small business, and individuals are bringing their best to be a part of what’s happening. 47 million websites were added in 2009. The web is a new culture occurring in a new virtual space. Talking through a computer or smart phone doesn’t return the same results as talking in person does. It helps to start out knowing that. Anyone ... market research, surveys and trends
Overexposed: The Magical World of Corporate Culture Shock
Oh! So one of my bigggesssttt updates I need to address from the previous entry and forgot to do so is about the company’s corporate culture here at the Studios. I have been talking a lot lately with my roommate and several young co-workers about the environment and direction of the company, and it has always lead to some serious debate about future improvements. We talked about writing an email to the head of Walt Disney Pictures, the newly appointed Sean Bailey. Not sure if you readers are aware, but the company is entering a new and interesting phase. I call it “The New Regime”. Back in October, the ... market research, surveys and trends


Beijing stories on PSFK - the go-to source for new ideas
Artists use light, color, water temperature, and space to challenge the status of one’s relationship both with nature and one’s urban surroundings. Read more... By Laura Feinstein Last week PSFK sat down with prolific contemporary painter Kehinde Wiley to discuss his recent collaboration with Puma in honor of the World Cup year. Read more... By Sean Leow Citing a desire to raise the profile of a previously unpopular food, organizers in China recently launched the first ever chocolate theme park in Beijing’s Olympic Stadium. Read more... By Sean Leow Located near the former city wall of Beijing, Steven ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Outreach: Culture Shock - Comparing Consumer Attitudes to ...
Counterfeit in the fashion industry is rife the world over. Industry associations and governments spend millions on campaigns to deter consumers from buying fakes. But a message which works in one part of the world may fall flat elsewhere. Understanding consumer attitudes and cultural influences is critical to developing an effective campaign. Journalist Jo Bowman has worked with market researchers in Hong Kong and in Italy in surveying consumer attitudes. In this article, she takes a look at contrasting attitudes in these two very different cultures, and the implications for developing effective messages. Take two identical ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
All Advice Leads to Cochabamba, Bolivia
First came the sticker shock. The good kind, that is. A huge bife de chorizo steak and a bottle of Huari beer at Los Cocos, one of Guayaramerín’s finest restaurants, ran me just 60 bolivianos (or $8.50 at about 7 bolivianos to the dollar). A room at the Hotel Santa Ana, 50 bolivianos ($7). A moto-taxi ride clear across town, 5 bolivianos (70 cents). If the Frugal Traveler were a kid, I thought, Bolivia would be his candy store. But he is not, and so I slashed my daily budget from $70 a day to $35 a day for the week. Second came the culture shock. At Los Cocos, three parties of at least a dozen diners each were tucking into ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
MTSU football gets foreign feel in pros
Craddock, a former MTSU quarterback, led the Parma Panthers to a victory in the Italian Super Bowl in Milan. It ended his second and final season in the Italian Football League, as Craddock has accepted a coaching position at his high school alma mater, Briarwood Christian School, in Birmingham, Ala. Craddock tossed seven touchdown passes to break the Italian Super Bowl record in his final game. All professional football players in international leagues should be so fortunate. "I had already taken the job at Briarwood, so I knew the Super Bowl was going to be my last game in Italy. I loved my experience over there, so I ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Brand management as a culture clash
Senior partner of brand consultants Brandmeyer Markenberatung, Hamburg ... Almost worse was the culture shock in how they dealt with each other. As though ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
A Difficult Case
production line as a brand new model. There had of course ... There was certainly an element of culture shock to my unease. The training practice in Ipswich ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Culture Shock
In America, one would be hard pressed to find a town which did not support at least one McDonald�s, Burger King or Wendy�s. Pizza parlors are a necessity in college towns. Ice cream shops are abuzz with customers of all ages after dark. And hey, who ever heard of a movie without popcorn? The increasing visibility and importance of food in our culture has been a phenomenon. Food began as a necessity of life. It was the source of energy, which allowed the body to grow and prosper, and for hunters and gatheerrs to survive. In modern times, the role of food in everyday life has taken on a life of its own, from the blue-ribbon ...
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Culture shock! native speakers help me out of a sentence!? - Yahoo ...
All day and evening long on the Strip, one sees actual wedding parties, standing uneasily in the parking lot of the Frontier while the photographer hired by The Little Church of the West (“Wedding Place of the Stars”) certifies the occasion. “When I Fall in love It Will Be Forever,” the organist plays, and then a few bars of Lohengrin. The mother cries; the stepfather, awkward in his role, invites the chapel hostess to join them for a drink at the Sands. 1. Where are" the Sands" and "the Frontier"?Are they special locations in Las Vegas? 2.Why does the writer say it's "actual"wedding and how to understand the ...
Branding an acquisition | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
Has anyone had experience of deciding whether or not to change the name of an acquired business to the main brand name or to keep the existing name at least for a fairly significant transition period? What were the factors you considered and, if you decided to run the existing brand name for a while after acquisition, what was the most important factor in reaching that decision? Thanks for your help. posted 6 months ago in Business Development | Closed Share This President, N.R. Gordon & Company, Inc. see all my answers Best Answers in: Starting Up (4), Accounting (2), Public Funding (2), Corporate Governance (2), Small Business ...